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Law closes illegal immigrant driver's license loophole

So what's the policy here in North Carolina regarding illegal immigrants and driving privileges? Up until a month ago illegal immigrants could get a driver's licenses in North Carolina. State legislators recently passed a law that closed the last loophole that allowed illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. That law tightened what a person is required to show at the DMV to prove citizenship status. Now a person has to have a social security number or visa to be in the US. Rep. Carolyn Justice helped push through the legislation that tightened the requirements. Opposition groups argued illegal immigrants need to be able to drive so they can keep jobs that legal citizens don't want to do, like in farming and construction. But Rep. Justice told me today that she doesn't buy that argument. She questions whether employers truly need illegal immigrants or just like having them on their workforce because they'll work for less money.

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If you're making $80 a month....

....why in the world would you have a baby? I'd suggest that you move down there to take care of their problems, rather than inviting them up here to become OUR problems. We have enough leeches sucking the system dry already.


I hate to sound hard hearted but if they are not here legally then they should not be here at all. For a change let their own government take care of them.


"Opposition groups argued illegal immigrants need to be able to drive so they can keep jobs that legal citizens don't want to do, like in farming and construction." Um excuse me? First of all there are a lot of people that would work these hard labor jobs but they actually want to get paid a decent wage.Illegals will work for a LOT less than minimum wage. Second point that I have is this,if you are an illegal in this country then you aren't even supposed to GET HIRED. There are laws against giving illegals in this country employment.Why are they driving to these jobs anyway because they aren't supposed to be working there in the first place!!!!!!!!!!

Kudo's for Carolyn!

I'll agree to that, she has helped do what the voting public wanted her to do. Keep up the good work!

good job caroline justice.

good job caroline justice. AMERICA SAYS THANK YOU

Caroline Justice

I'll second that!!! Thank you!!!

driving illigals

For all of you that are commenting about the "illegals" driving, How would you feel if you went to their country (retirement or just a vacation) and they were saying things about you like what you are saying about them? And how would feel if you went to their country and they told you that you could not drive on their roads because you were not a citizen to their country? To you it would more than likely seem a little STUPID for someone to tell you that you can not drive on their road because you were not born there. In my opinion, it is the same as saying if you were born in North Carolina you can not drive on the roads in New York, South Carolina, ect.

You win the award...

....for most uninformed and ignorant post of the year. First. they can drive here legally.....**IF** they come here legally. People visiting the United States can legally drive in the United States if they have obtained an International Driver's Permit in their home country before coming here, have a valid license from their nation of residence,and have a valid visa or legal right to be here. How do you think visiting tourists can rent a car and tour our National Parks, or go to Disney World? How do you think LEGAL migrant farm workers can drive trucks laden with produce in California's Imperial Valley? Second, I assure you that if you somehow sneak into France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere else, you will NOT be issued a driver's license until they see your immigration documentation - exactly HOW did you get in the country? Have you ever been overseas, or driven in a foreign country? I'm sorry if we're offending the sensibilities of illegal aliens and the "saps-n-suckers Americans" who think we should have totally open, uncontrolled borders, but if non-citizens want to drive in the United States, the first requirement is that they come here legally.

It is my business

When my taxes pay for these roads, IT IS MY BUSINESS. And I don't think they should be able to wear-n-tear on the roads without me wanting them there. When they put my family at risk, IT IS MY BUSINESS. When they break laws put in place to keep all peopel safe, they should not be on our roads. And if you think they should then you are a blithering idiot, go find your village and stay there! And just for your information, Mexico and other countries south of the border DO NOT let just anybody drive there. You cannot get a liscense in Mexico unless you are a citizen there. Kinda smart I think. Wish the American people and politicians would wake up to this bright idea. Just for the record, I think you should be able to execute illegals caught causing a death in a DWI accident. Not slap them on the hand and send them back to Mexico or wherever to come back and do it again.

what the??

do you want to "execute" drunk drivers that are underage and aren't supposed to be drinking and kill someone too? or are you just biased against illegal immigrants? and why shouldn't they be there if YOU don't want them to be? i'm not sure i want you on "MY" roads either....... and what do you mean by this?: "When they break laws put in place to keep all peopel safe, they should not be on our roads. And if you think they should then you are a blithering idiot, go find your village and stay there!" go find your village???


Guest20 you are an idiot. If you are American we need to deport your sorry a@# to Mexico. If you went to other countries without permission as they do here you would not have to drive because you would be in jail or deported instantly. We are being invaded. The illegals are breaking the law and getting away with it. How is it when I go to the DMV if I don't have every paper in order I dont get a license renewed or tag but someone without proper ID or citizenship can? It boggles the mind. We as Americans should be able to stand in line at the DMV and everyone that does not show proper citizenship be loaded onto a bus and hauled back to their country. If you follow the rules and do it the right way come on in... But if you jumped a fence get the hell out.....

Illegal Immigrant Loophole

"Opposition groups argued illegal immigrants need to be able to drive so they can keep jobs that legal citizens don't want to do, like in farming and construction". The above statement in the original news report is so lame, who ever made that statement should take a look at the unemployement rate in North Carolina. My husband works construction and the illegal immigrants are taking over the jobs, because subcontractors are hiring them over American citizens. The majority of SUBCONTRACTORS pay them less than American workers that USE TO DO THE JOBS. They do work, but it is not quality work. You can't hang, tape and put the final coat of mud on sheet rock in one day and expect it to be a quality job. For the cost of housing in this area, buyers sure are not getting what they are paying for. It all boils down to the majority of subcontractors putting more profit into their pockets, when hiring illegals. There is something wrong with this practice of American citizens having to compete with ILLEGALS for jobs. We need more people like Rep. Carolyn Justice in office. Remember at first they only did the farming jobs, now it is the construction jobs, is your job next?????

Take the mask out

Come on people, even if all the illegal alliens are deported tomorrow, you will still look for ways to degrade the Latinos, this is not about illegal alliens, this is about ignorance,prejudice,racism and lousiness. All of you please take your mask out.

"ignorance,prejudice,racism and lousiness"

That's a two way street guest44. When you don't have a legitimate point just scream "ignorance,prejudice,racism and lousiness". Works for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.


Seems like you need to do a little soul searching on yourself.

Guest44, Spanics like you

Guest44, Spanics like you are not Latinos. Go to buy a book about the Romans and you can learn about the Latin History and where this civilization came from and who the Latinos are. Stop insulting the glorious language and culture of the Italians. Your Ibero-Indian family doesn't belong with civilized culturally White Europeans.

Uhhhh I am astonish

Which one of the Italians your are talking about, the one that practices the famous Roman Orgy's? or the ones that served as Romans soldiers? or the one that participated in the Catholic inquisition? or the White-European German Nazi's? or the two Europeans nations where the 2 WW started? ooh sorry I'll prefer to be an Ibero-Indian but by the way my ancestor are from Germany, I speak English, Spanish, Italian and will like to learn some more languages. I think when you get to know other cultures gives you an opportunity to get to reach more people, diversity and be a little be more happy than people living anguish just to think that somebody is different. Some of your reply are base on just stupid words that mean nothing to people with culture, so from the outside world and even for people living in our state and other parts of the country I'll repeat that again you look like ignorant, prejudice, empty. Even more sad is the fact that some of you called yourself "Christians". And by the way this message is only directed to whoever qualified as an ignorant, so difference of opinion does not make you an ignorant. So I'm fine with those who disagree but are informed, educated and open minded.

are you sure?

Are you sure that you fully understand the topic of what originated here? Techanically if you are born here then you are a citizan, no questions asked. most of the Illegals that are here come alone just to have their children here. once they have thier children here in the us, then they can be deported, not think about if 10,000 children were born here of illegal decendant 20 years ago. then these are the so called illegals that are being hired now, they are not illegal and because they have lived in poverty the same as any lower class white american has he or she is willing to work for less. i am an american born and raised here. there is no question to my legality, but as ive been a teacher ive seen children grow up with nothing not even parents, and they are legal. most quit school because they have to get a job at 16. they pay taxes and still are treated, like shit. they are working hard for what they have and are paying the price to have the freedom that you so much enjoy. you cannot blame all hispanics who are taking your jobs for being illegal. baybe if you got off your lazy ass and away from your computer and worked an 40 hour week or more then you wouldnt have to complaine so much about someone else with more heart, and more work ethic taking your job, which wasnt yours to begin with. techanically some of you make a good point but i want you to be sure that when you say illegals that you are not including the hispanic americans who are born here and follow every rule that we do. to every 2 illegals there are at least 10 that are legal. because they were born here.

What does take the mask out mean???

Are you sure you did not mean take the mask off??? This has nothing to do with ignorance,prejudice,racism and lousiness (whatever that means). It has to do with illegals immigrants, not just latinos. If they are not willing to take their turn to get here legally than send them back. I am so tired of people like you turning everything into a racial problem. I have read all of the replys and racism never once entered my mind. What I read was people that are tired of illegals being allowed to get a North Carolina drivers license. Which by the way is a priveledge earned by legal immigrants and citizens of the United States. Get off the racist bandwagon, I am tired of hearing it!!!!

I can't believe someone

I can't believe someone would actually defend ILLEGAL immigrants. They are not suppose to be here. Get rid of them. Driving is a privilege, if you are not a citizen then you don't get that privilege. Illegals should have NO RIGHTS!!! I don't understand why this is even a discussion.


How about closing the loophole on the border they keep going through to get here?

why does the goverment not

why does the goverment not want illegal immagrants in the us.....when all they want to do is work to send money to their family in mexico. you know if it wasn't for immagrants there woundn't be any body to actually do farm work for so little money. but we will see when all of this is over, what happens! the immagrants are actully giving americans to have a chance to go to college. and not forcing them to start off a job in the fields. tell me this who is going to be in fields as hot as it is. i bet nobody. so why not vote for atleast some of the immagrants to have some kind of temperary job here in the u.s?

why not let them stay!!

do you really believe they would work the fields if they were legal? no they would be out getting the rest of your jobs!!! people wake up, we have enough people to have to worry about than some illegal immagrant. lets worry about our own people!!


You don't even know who they are? they do not pay taxes, they change their name every so often, they purchase fake id's and suck up our medicaid etc. They have 9,000 children WE have to pay for and yet they drive nice cars! come on, as far as working, my mother and grandparents worked on a farm. It's our fault for letting this generation slack otherwise they would be working. oh how times changed!

I think Guest 20 and 44

I think Guest 20 and 44 should be awarded the idiot medal of the year. Where in the hell are you all from, Mexico?


Thank you Rep. Justice for this! This is a small step in the right direction that this country needs. Now, let's get serious and go after the local companies that hire them and are the illegal criminals accomplices in the defrauding of the federal government and the people!



Law Closes Loophole

This is long overdue. If you're not here legally, you should not be operating a motor vehicle. The statistics speak for themselves. Look at the number of accidents, caused by illegal immigrants, which result in serious injury or death. We won't even go down the "Insurance" what's insurance which is the normal response when an illegal has operated unsafely on the roads. Now, perhaps they can start requiring "all" applicants to take the driving exam in English. Let's face it, south of the border, any of us Gringos would face much tougher laws. By the way, Mexican laws do not allow illegals and they are quickly and swiftly returned to their country of origin. There's a thought; let Congress enact immigration laws which mirror the country from which the immigrant is leaving.

How quickly they moved on

How quickly they moved on this....Dah!

Every American Citizen Needs To Read This!!!!!!

Immigration is a very touchy subject when it comes to the almighty dollar. Driving is a priviledge that should be reserved for Americans. And what is an American you might ask for those illegal immigrants that are logged in and reading my response and those individuals that crusade on their behalf. Well, let me give you an example straight from Mr. Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907. "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself/herself to us, he/she shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man/woman because of creed, or birthplace, or orgin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man/woman who says he/she is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one FLAG, the American flag...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people." This makes me proud to be an American and what this country stands for. Any time I think of illegal immigrants it just gives me a bad taste in my mouth. I better stop before I write something that may make me seem to be a racist which I'm far from being. It's that so many politicians turn a blind eye to the fact that this is an issue that should be dealt with, but are afraid of the repercussions. To those AMERICANS reading this, God Bless You and your family and if you have a family member in the US Armed Forces may they have an Angel looking over them to keep them out of harms way.