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Law enforcement: Wal-Mart rumor is urban legend

READ MORE: Law enforcement: Wal-Mart rumor is urban legend
SHALLOTTE -- Rumors about gang initiation rituals that target women are circulating in Columbus and Brunswick Counties. Every person NewsChannel 3 asked told a different version of this rumored ritual. The basic premise is that gang initiates need to kidnap and harm a single white woman in a parking lot or gas station in order to become members. Law enforcement officials in Columbus County called this an urban legend. They said the rumors about such incidents have been flying around their area for the past two years. They said they've never responded to such a call. On the other hand, law enforcement officials in Shallotte said that Columbus County advised them to keep an eye on their Wal-Marts. Police Chief Rodney Gause says he's not taking the concerns lightly. "At this point in time what we've received is rumor, but we are stepping up in all our parking lots in all our businesses, especially Wal-Mart, Belks and some other stores. But the only thing we've done is step up high visibility, making sure we're walking employees from the store to their vehicles at night, and patrolling the parking lot." Gause says he's not too worried about the rumors -- but it's better to be safe than sorry. The popular urban legend web site notes a similar ritual known as Wal-Martyred. It applies to gang initiates in the Memphis area killing a woman and small child at a Wal-Mart. says the rumor that such a thing happens is false.

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You buy your underwear at

You buy your underwear at Wal-mart?!? ewww gross. I knew there was something I didn't like about you. Do you wear their velcro shoes as well?


I laughed at the ending to your post, thats a first. Scally has fallen into your trap? Hummm....maybe I am next.....Bahahhaaa I must tell you that I will never agree that you know it all due to the fact that my Daddy (he is 78) holds that esteemed position. Truth be told several of your posts had me wondering if it was my Dad writing it. The only reason I know that you are not him is because he does not shop at Wal-mart either. You don't like kisses?.... scrooge. How about a (((HUG))) then? :)

I assure you he is much

I assure you he is much older than your father (78) I read in another post somewhere that he was Jefferson Davis's campaign manager, hence all his years of wisdom and the velcro shoes :)


You are a hoot!! Seriously. See ya at Mayfaire.

Are you sure you don't have

Are you sure you don't have a closet full of blue vests with yellow smiley faces on them?


Commonsensenotcommontoday you Truth-Hurtz and Guesty should all get together I bet you'd be the best of friends, if you are not already the same person


Nope, I'm only one person and that is guesty. I guess you are starting to realize your way of thinking is archaic and backwards. Don't worry; we'll still pay enough in taxes for you to get your check.

How Ironic

So my thinking is "archaic and backwards", you say, and I guess toting my gun around town like the wild wild west is forward progressive thinking. I guess you must be one of those "south will rise again" good ol boys that still thinks women and people of color should know their place, btw born and raised in NC so no I'm not a yankee. :)

yes it is

Yes, sw that is exactly your thought process. Yes, taking the steps to protect myself and loved ones is progressive thinking. I refuse to lay down or take one in the rear from criminals like you seem to be willing to take. Yep, woman and 'people of color' do have their place, right next to me! I'm also a NC native.

Ah! I see that you fall.....

...on the Ron Paul "it's all a big conspiracy" side of the spectrum. You figured it all out. Actually, there are only two people on these boards: I'm every single other identity except you, Scally Wagg. For example, on the "Kids neglect schoolwork to subsidize substance abusing bums" story, you can plainly see that I can't decide if I'm a conservative old hermit or a soccer mom who oozes with excitement every time I see that cute lil' John Edwards come on the news. BTW, you've probably insured that Truth-Hurtz and Guesty will hate you until the day you die...

But wait

If you are everybody else, who am I? Damn, SW figured it out. He/she should be elected sheriff because he/she is full of great ideas (Look at the stolen tv chase story.) I won't hate SW, it would waste too much of my effort one somebody so meaningless to me. I do get a chuckle out of his/her point of view.

Hate is such a strong word

Hate is such a strong word to use for a gun toting old man. I probably won't be able to sleep tonight. By the way meeting me to discuss local politics is an open ended invitation. Let me know........

I think i'd almost rather be

I think i'd almost rather be kidnapped or killed than to have to shop at Wal-Mart. It's definitly an urban legend, just like the one about Wal-Mart selling American made products.

I specifically look for made

I specifically look for made in USA, NC, and local items, and buy them weekly at Wal-Mart. Even local produce and food products. You obviously don't shop there. Quit spreading ignorance. And aren't you lucky that you make enough money to shop at the expensive grocery and department stores. Some of us don't have that luxury. Seems those stores often don't carry many domestically manufactured products either.

I am lucky, but that doesn't

I am lucky, but that doesn't mean that people who make less money and HAVE to shop at Wal-Mart deserve crappy service and products that fall apart as soon as they leave the store.

Sony's break once leaving

Sony's break once leaving the store? Panasonic? GE? They carry the same products any store would, what a ridlicious comment. Some people.

But when the news posts this

But when the news posts this information.. stupid moronic people go out and complete tcopycatshe act thinking they are cool.. Comeon... don't let all the law enforcement secrets out the bag... it inspires psychotic copycats.... Really... I will be more cautios about my wife going to Wal Mart over this story.. True or not... why bother taking the chance...................

This exact premise, line for

This exact premise, line for line, was in an episode of 'The Shield'. Good episode too!