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Local students petition bowling alley to go smoke free

READ MORE: Local students petition bowling alley to go smoke free
A group of local students wants a local bowling alley to stamp out smoking. The bowling alley's owner worries that losing smokers will also mean his business will be losing money. The local youth group organization is Question Y, which promotes tobacco prevention in the community. The group is presenting the case for going smoke-free to the owner of Cardinal Lanes Bowling Alley. John Russell, Laney High School Student, said, "It's not very pleasant because of the smoke. It's just not fun to be around." New Hanover High School student Kaitlyn Reynolds said, "This is a very youth friendly place and usually they have birthday parties that are like two hours, and two hours of exposure is an irregular heartbeat, so we just want to bring awareness to him." Armed with a petition with more than 150 signatures of people wanting the bowling alley to go smoke free, the group is hoping the owner will change his policy. Cardinal lanes owner Ron Schnell doesn't smoke, and says he would love to go smoke free, but when it comes down to dollars and cents, going smoke free doesn't add up. "There's no question your business will decrease. If you can sustain the hit long enough, typically most centers take three to five years to recoup back to where they were, but long-term after that typically you'll do as well or better, but that adjustment period is tough," said Schnell. Schnell said his business is moving in the right direction by designating three days out of the week where no smoking is allowed before 6 p.m. The students hope he'll continue to head in a smoke-free direction -- not just some days, but everyday. Schnell hopes the state will mandate every public venue be smoke-free so it will make the transition easier. The three bowling alleys in Wilmington all permit smoking.

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Smoking is not a right...clean air is!

It is absolutely right that private businesses have the right to decide what to do. it is also the right of consumers (smokers and non-smokers alike) to influence the owners of companies based on their preferences. Second smoke is not an issue of courtesy. Putting it in the far corner is not going to help since that is the equivalent to a no peeing section in a pool. There is currently no safe way to have a separate smoking section. I've spoken to other alleys that admit $400 a week in savings when they cut out smoking because of not having to clean up after the cigarette mess. Smoking is deadly to the smoker and those around them. It kills business...literally.


If he is paying $400 per week to clean behind smokers, I sure would love to have the cleaning contract with him.

Do Gooder's

I hope you and the poster you responded to are being sarcastic. If not, we have a rough road ahead. God help us from those who wish to control our lives. Hopefully you two are both trolls!

Follow the lead

People need not worry about losing business if you go smoke free. Especially if you are a bowling alley or any other bar establishment for that matter. Look at California, New Jersey, and New York. All are smoke free and from what I've seen they still have thriving bar scenes and bowling alleys. If people still want to smoke set sothing up where they can step outside and burn one.