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Local woman: My drink was drugged

READ MORE: Local woman: My drink was drugged
WILMINGTON -- A New Hanover County woman says she has no doubt someone slipped a drug in her drink while recently out in downtown Wilmington. Rape prevention educators say this is a real threat locally and it's happening more often than it's being reported. Courtney Ryan set out for a fun night out with girlfriends. It didn't turn out that way. "My friend went to the bathroom and I just remember her coming back and handing her drink back to her and that's the last thing I remember of that night," Ryan said. "The next thing I remember is waking up Sunday morning and I was still not normal, I still felt drugged and I went into the bathroom and I was sick." Ryan remembers turning her back on her drink only once throughout the night, which she thinks may have invited someone to make a move. Her husband Kevin picked her and friend up downtown and at first just thought his wife was extremely drunk. Kevin Ryan said, "She was unresponsive, had no equilibrium, loss of all motor skills, lost the ability to community effectively." Ryan says drinking has never caused her to act that way. She said she had four drinks in the four hours she was out. "The what-ifs could happen to another girl, and that's what scares me the most, anything can happen and it's really, really scary." Rape prevention educator Shemekka Miles said, "It's prevalent and it's here and it's real and more people need to get an understanding of what's going on and the dangers of it." The Coastal Horizons Rape Crisis Center had six suspected or confirmed drug facilitated rapes reported to them in November and December of 2007. To help prevent this Miles is working closely with several downtown bars. Among other things, bouncers and bartenders are trained to place coasters over unattended drinks. The Reel Cafe is one of the establishments on board. Reel Café bartender Jay Jenkins said, "Just looking out for the groups of ladies and things like that, so they can go out and have a good time and not worry so much about that and help educate them as well about not leaving your drink unattended." While Ryan was one of the lucky ones -- and was not assaulted -- she doesn't want what she went through to happen to anyone else. "Just because something sexually didn't happen wrong to me, doesn't mean I still wasn't violated," Ryan said. Ryan is so concerned about this incident she created a blog for people to anonymously write in about similar situations:

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Member of the Giggle Crew

Why is it that when something happens to a woman, there is alway someone out there who figures out a way to blame her? Can't anyone ever just be supportive of their ability to go public with the information? I am not sure how this is her fault. It isn't like she made plans to go out and get drugged. How much sense would that make? People need to realize that in todays world, things have changed. A woman's life doesn't always have to revolve around her husband. If she chooses to go out and enjoy an evening with friends, than so be it. She should have the right, and more importantly feel safe when doing so. Times have changed, and so should the stigma against women. Those of you stuck in the past need to question the fact that drugging people unknowningly is the real problem. I am certain that if this happened to you, you would be just as angry. Not only that, you would feel violated. Thankfully nothing happened, and that is the good news in all of this. So with that, lets stop being negative and praise her for getting the word out there. If one person reads this and gets her message, than I say "thank you" for that!!

She asks for this to come to her

In my country this could not happen for we do not allow the alcohol. But to be out with other men close by without her husband the woman would be stoned. But here is America and you will not do that now but her husband and father must beat her for the shame she has brought to the family.

Sounds great

Yea, your country sounds like a really great place to live. Do they have electricity there yet? How about indoor plumbing? You are a tool.


Your country sounds like a backwards third world country where misinformed religious zealots rule.


What Country are you in? Hmmmmm??? If you are in America.... get out. God bless America, and the alcohol and women God gave us.

Go Home

I don't care what they do in your country. If your country is so great back there. Women may be property where you come from but not in the USA. THIS GIRL DID NOT ASK FOR ANYTHING BUT A NIGHT OUT WITH FRIENDS!!! GO HOME!!! Posted by a 100% American Man!!!


We don't live in the dark ages here. Ever here of woman's liberation?

My daughter

My daughter is a smart enough CHRISTian to keep herself out of places such as downtown nightclubs where booze and scantly clad women are the only thing keeping these establishments open. And my daughter does have girls nights and weekends away from her husband with her girlfriends. They have found so much more in life than to go and get drunk in a bar. It is senseless and ignorant people who go to a bar to get drunk anyway. Maybe one day you will find Jesus and you will see all the positive things in life to do on a girl's night out besides stray from your husband and get drunk with other men flirting on you. At least your sinful band of sisters is on here offering you non-moral support..


"My daughter is a smart enough CHRISTian" Oh boy. My entire living family and I are atheist. Parents, sister & family, son & family and my wonderful husband ..... NONE of us drink or do drugs or go to bars. WHAT does being a so called christian have to do with this at all? Just another outlet to cram your fantasy beliefs down others throats. FYI I know many people I will call alcoholics, weekend drunks that do regular alcohol binges. ALL of them claim to be just as christian as you. ALL of the young people that I know of that frequent the bars downtown claim to be just like you as well. So, as far as I see it your daughter is smart enough to avoid these places and her religion has nothing to do with it, besides that she is married and apparently a grown woman so do you really have a clue what goes on with her? Only what she tells you Mom, she wouldn't want to offend your delicate christian sensitivities.

I thought Christians don't

I thought Christians don't judge other people. Isn't that a sin? Your church that you attend every sunday must be proud to have you as a member.

Having a few drinks does not

Having a few drinks does not classify you as a drunk. Lady, you really are quick to judge and I'm sure if this had happened to your daughter, you would not be saying what you're saying! Since you're NOT paying attetion, this drug can be slipped into any type of drink...causing the same effect. In all seriousness, paying attetion to the actually situation. She was NOT drunk....She WAS drugged! She did not ask for it and nor did she deserve it. Being married, going out with friends or the fact that she is a pretty girl does NOT give the right for someone to violate her. I personally think you are ignorant to write something so ridiculous! You should probably say a few prayers to God and ask for his forgivenss.


you and jesus can K.M.A. well mostly you. I am tired of your "christian" attitudes towards life. Why dont you just crawl back in to that hole you live in and stay there. It was the christians that ruined society with their smug ways. It was the cristians that mass murdered so many people based on a belief. Personally if you guys spent more time trying to better the world rather than condem it, this place would be wonderful. If you didnt know the christian belief system has been flawed for centuries, hell you probably dont know what you believe in now, or the validity of your own beliefs.

the words of god.....well, in a distorted kind of way

Wow, flirting with men? I didn't see that in the article. Oh, you're just judging and drawing conclusions based on no facts at all...that seems reasonable. I'm sure Jesus would approve of that. Your daughter sounds like the most perfect person on earth, congrats! That must be pretty rewarding for seem very selfless. Guess what though? People are still putting date rape drugs into drinks (not just at bars either). Some people are getting hurt because of this too. What would Jesus think about those tactics? Better yet, leave him out of it. Isn't that just wrong? You probably aren't interested in thinking for yourself though so you better ask god for the answers before you respond.

Re: Your daughter and others who quote Jesus

IF you are the CHRISTians you purport to be you would not be posting such judgemental remarks. Judge not, lest ye be judged.... Your tone and thinly veiled vitriole is hardly Christian. Where is your compassion?


How negative is your comment? CHRIST forgives, and does not judge. Meanwhile you are here posting as a Christian. I think you may need to study a little harder and hear the word of GOD yet again, because you seem to have missed the message. GOD does NOT get involved in crimes such as this. I'll say a prayer for you tonight!

Courtney, please ignore all

Courtney, please ignore all those idiots out there who write such ridiculous stuff. With that being said, "batman" you need to grow up and take a look into reality. I personally think you wrote that to get a rise out of it. OR better yet are you the guy that slipped something into her drink???? I hope that you stay single for the rest of your life. You don't deserve a good woman (like Courtney). Oh and batman, I have some shirts that have to be sewn...could I send them your way? You truly are pathetic! I can't believe some of these people. I don't care what sex you are, color, religous background, etc....There is NO REASON for someone to slip something into someone elses drink for "their" pleasure. It's wrong! And I applaud Courtney for coming forward with her story. Let's hope that her story raises some eyebrows! This is a serious matter. To all of you "negative" people....GROW UP! Let me ask you something...what if this was your daughter, your wife, your girlfriend, your sister? Would you still be making the same remarks like you did? I don't think so. Think before you speak!

Jesus is the answer

Find Jesus and maybe you won't find the need to stray from your husband and drink the devil's brew in an unsettling atmosphere. When you play with sin, sin will find you. God Bless You and thank the Lord nothing did happen to you.


Why don't we get off the comments about her not being at home with her husband or the fact that she was actually drinking alcohol!! Didn't Jesus turn water to wine ("Devil's Brew?")? The real point is that she was drugged. Just because she was downtown and drinking doesn't mean that it couldn't happen to the "Good Christian". Wasn't Tylenol found to be tampered with a few years back? Weren't needles found in unopened Pepsi cans? That was not alcohol related. Someone could just as easily drug your food or drink anywhere for any reason. Kudos to her for having the strength to confront what happened to her knowing all you idiots that would make her out to be the bad guy.

It can happen ANYWHERE!!

This can happen anywhere....not just at a bar where alcohol is served. I believe wholeheartedly that there was something put in a drink from Taco Bell that I went to recently. It hit me all of a sudden and I felt like I was drunk. And I don't mean a "buzzed" drunk....I'm talking about the world spinning so fast you feel like you are going to fly off. I work security and I have to wonder if the uniform didn't have something to do with it..... But this just goes to show it can happen to ANYONE, ANYWHERE!!

Jesus turned water into

Jesus turned water into wine. He probably did not support people getting drunk, but this Wilmington girl was not drunk. It is only the devil's brew when it consumes you instead of you consuming it. I don't think she was straying from her husband either. Be careful what you think and what you write. Jesus is watching.

I'm Catholic and the priest

I'm Catholic and the priest drink wine at mass, so are trying saying their sinning?


How much? Like a bottle or two? 3 or 4 glasses? I Hope they don't drive!

Some of you are just out of control.

If a women wants to go out and have a "girls night" that's absolutely fine. To the idiot that stated not to get smashed if you husband. First off if you knew how to read she said she had 4 drinks in a matter of four hours. By personally knowing the victim she doesn't lie, ever. Second off if you were happily married or even had a boyfriend or girlfriend, you don't have to tote them around 24/7, and EVEN if her husband was there, doesn't mean her drink couldn't be spiked. Also if you read some of the stories below your comment you would also attend to the fact that some the girls had there boyfriends and husbands with them too & they were still drugged. Don't blame the victim for something they didn't do wrong. This happens everywhere, and should be taken seriously. "Only liers accuse others of lying."

I agree with what you wrote.

I agree with what you wrote. This is extremely serious. I don't understand how you people can comment on this and be so rude. My sister was out this last Friday at a bar in Tempe AZ and her finace was with her. She was drugged. This is serious. It makes me sick that some losers out there are drugging innocent people to get what they want.

I commend her

I commend her, not only for coming out with her story, but for also putting up with all of these ridiculous comments. Regardless of her marital staus or how much she drank or where she was...she brought light upon a subject that many think "won't happen to them." People can be too trusting and that's all she was trying to point out. Take care of yourselves people and don't be so quick to judge her for making something so close to home.

Courtney was not asking for

Courtney was not asking for a commentary on her lifestyle, but to help other women, (like yourself), be aware of a possible dangerous situation they could unknowingly find themselves. You are the reason women do not come forward when they are drugged, attacked, or worse, raped. Shame on you for your unrealistic outdated views. Have you ever heard of the phrase, "New Women"? (It was coined in the 1920's). The only way your opinion makes sense would be if you are a man. Then again, are you?

A Very Proud Older Brother

My name is Geoff Allen and I am Courtney's older brother. I couldn't be prouder to have Courtney as my sister, especially now. She has married a great guy in Kevin, works and goes to school full time and lives a very active life. When she called me to tell me what had happened, i was appalled. The first step was to get medical attention, after going to 3 different places for a toxicity screening, nothing was done. Apparently no one in the area has those facilities...She went to the news with her story to let people know that these things are happening in your community. How horrible and archaic is it when a girl and her friends can't go out without some scumbag trying to drug and rape her?

Geoffrey Allen

She's hot too!!!....the whole situation sucks and it's sad that you cannot go out for a drink without worrying about something like this happening.

It takes a brave person to

It takes a brave person to tell this story and subject themselves to the rantings of some of our less intelligent citizens. Her point is, for those going out, "be aware". The bars can't moniter this even if they put cameras all over their establishments and hired more security personell. It is extremely difficult to expect any outside agency to stop this illegal drugging. It falls to the potential victims. And they need to know this is a real threat. Thanks, Mrs. Ryan!

I don't think the bartenders

I don't think the bartenders are completely innocent.