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Local woman: My drink was drugged

READ MORE: Local woman: My drink was drugged
WILMINGTON -- A New Hanover County woman says she has no doubt someone slipped a drug in her drink while recently out in downtown Wilmington. Rape prevention educators say this is a real threat locally and it's happening more often than it's being reported. Courtney Ryan set out for a fun night out with girlfriends. It didn't turn out that way. "My friend went to the bathroom and I just remember her coming back and handing her drink back to her and that's the last thing I remember of that night," Ryan said. "The next thing I remember is waking up Sunday morning and I was still not normal, I still felt drugged and I went into the bathroom and I was sick." Ryan remembers turning her back on her drink only once throughout the night, which she thinks may have invited someone to make a move. Her husband Kevin picked her and friend up downtown and at first just thought his wife was extremely drunk. Kevin Ryan said, "She was unresponsive, had no equilibrium, loss of all motor skills, lost the ability to community effectively." Ryan says drinking has never caused her to act that way. She said she had four drinks in the four hours she was out. "The what-ifs could happen to another girl, and that's what scares me the most, anything can happen and it's really, really scary." Rape prevention educator Shemekka Miles said, "It's prevalent and it's here and it's real and more people need to get an understanding of what's going on and the dangers of it." The Coastal Horizons Rape Crisis Center had six suspected or confirmed drug facilitated rapes reported to them in November and December of 2007. To help prevent this Miles is working closely with several downtown bars. Among other things, bouncers and bartenders are trained to place coasters over unattended drinks. The Reel Cafe is one of the establishments on board. Reel Café bartender Jay Jenkins said, "Just looking out for the groups of ladies and things like that, so they can go out and have a good time and not worry so much about that and help educate them as well about not leaving your drink unattended." While Ryan was one of the lucky ones -- and was not assaulted -- she doesn't want what she went through to happen to anyone else. "Just because something sexually didn't happen wrong to me, doesn't mean I still wasn't violated," Ryan said. Ryan is so concerned about this incident she created a blog for people to anonymously write in about similar situations:

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So Sad

So sad.... It's so sad you feel the need being a married woman and having to go out and get drunk instead of being with your husband. Why bother getting married if you don't want to go out with your spouse? What kind of drugs were they since you are so certain you were drugged I am sure you went to the hospital to get a tox. screen or perhaps it ws an excuse because you got hammered on strong drinks.. I would imagine your spose must be very proud. There is an old saying that remains very true... "If you lay down with the dogs.. You're gonna get fleas.. " Point? GO out to party spots and expect as unfortunate as it is for things like this to happen. Next time take your husband and at least he can protect you becuase apparently you cannot protect yourself.

Sorry to inform you, ma'am,

Sorry to inform you, ma'am, but the era of prohibition and wives as full time cooks has ended. Women, married or single, tend to go out with friends to bars(imagine that!).Regardless of her martial status and whether or not her husband was there, the fact that this HAPPENED is what appears to be going over your head, or to be quite blunt, you are CHOOSING to ignore. Take the time to read a book, look at a news paper, or better yet watch the news and learn that this is happening throughout the WORLD, let alone our country. Suppose this is happening to single women? How are they to protect themselves? Please, do the world a favor and think before you use the internet as your vessel to attack innocent women who deserve your support.

You are missing the point of this entire situation

Your comments suggest that you have a lot of animosity towards people who like to go out and socialize at popular locations. I hope that you don't have children, I can only imagine the kind of cold calculated response they would get from you if they ever found themselves in any kind of trouble. Also, you are clearly skeptical of people's integrity. Sounds like you have a very serious problem trusting others. You don't even know this girl and you are very quick to judge her. What exactly are "party spots"? You mean places where people like to unwind and have a few drinks? The real issue is that people do put things in drinks to knock them out and take advantage of them from time to time. Married or if this woman does as you say and stays at home, by your logic the problem is solved? Get real. Better yet, get off your high horse and wake up...

So sad....

So sad...that you have nothing better to do than make ridiculous comments about this girls character and marriage. The article is about rape prevention and awareness not about the rights and wrongs of marriages and people. Thanks for taking a self righteous moment to show your ignorance. You should be a marriage counselor! This can be your tagline...."Spend 24/7 with your spouse or get drugged and raped!!"

If she had been home with

If she had been home with her family it would not have happened would it. Where was her husband. I don't see anything wrong with a girl's night out, but why don't you go somewhere other than a bar. I am sure there are other places that could be more fun.

wow your brilliant

The fact that she's married has nothing to do with the fact she was drugged, does she have ANYTHING to do with the fact she got drugged NO? EVEN if she WAS drunk is it HER fault someone DRUGGED her? No. Your a biased person and should feel ashamed by your reaction. Her husband could have been out with his friends? She didn't go bar hopping to get with random guys she was celebrating her friends acceptance to the masters program in college.

Its so sad that you think

Its so sad that you think woman don't go out and have fun with their friends. I didn't realize that being married you have to stay at home with your husband, and aren't supposed to go out with out him. Shame on me, because I go out with my friends once a month as does my husband. I guess we shouldn't have gotten married...or have had our children. Geez, maybe I should hire a bouncer when I go grocery shopping since my husband doesn't do that with me either. People need to know what is going on so they can protect themselves. As we have read, it happens to MEN AND WOMEN. If no one knows, how can it be stopped?

To those with ignorant, naive comments....

Sounds like you might be the fleas in our world - making such remarks..... First of all, to state you are not allowed to go out with your friends because you are married is by far just a stupid remark. Hopefully, this person just thinks it's funny to post statements like this for their own immature enjoyment and don't actually believe in the substance of their post. Regarding Courtney having an alcohol problem - another stupid comment. Four drinks in four hours is nothing. Regardless, she is obviously a responsible person as she arranged for someone to pick her up rather then drive on a night she planned to drink. This is commendable in itself - how many of you drove after drinking when you shouldn't have? Regarding comments of her getting tested - how do you know she didn't attempt to? Perhaps she tried and was unable to due to the institutions inability to do such screening. Let's not jump to the conclusion that she did not seek medical assistance the next day. Were you there? Those who post such ridiculous, accusing comments trying to pick apart or mock the person who was brave enough to come out with such a story, only takes away from the seriousness of such a situation. I can only assume you are young and immature to make such remarks. I am CERTAIN that one day YOU (rather than Courtney) will look back on your comment with regret realizing how dumb and naive you were to write such a thing. This is a serious matter that deserves serious attention. To those who continue to post negative comments, grow up - you are no better than the people who are drugging people's drinks just to get off. To those who are supportive, you are the kind of stong, positive people we need in our world.

Welcome to 2008

I guess you feel women should stay at home and tend to the kids huh? There is NOTHING wrong with a woman going out with her friends to a nightclub/bar occasionally. Times have changed noroofie only insecure men are scared to let their women out of the house without a chastity belt. This women has enough courage to bring to light that this kind of thing can happen to warn others. Yet you turn it around and make her the villain, that's the same logic as saying a rape victim asked for it because she dressed too provocatively. Why don't you join the rest of the world in the 21st century.

I am sure all of you are

I am sure all of you are good christians and attend church on Sunday after you have been partying on Saturday....I hope you don't wake up too late to see the light.. BYW I wouldn't dream of going to a nightclub with or without my husband...If a married woman or single goes in a bar it says in big bold letters I AM AVAILABLE....You people just don't get the point...and don't tell me you don't talk to other men while in the bar. Bet you would be screaming mad if you caught you husband talking to some other woman in a bar while you were at home..

Good Christians...know the

Good Christians...know the difference between right and wrong. WRONG someone drugged her drink. I'm happy you are intelligent enough and such a great Christian to figure that out.


it is so sad that the only thing ignorant people are focusing on is the fact that she is married......hello she was drugged!!!!!! Wha difference does it make where she was or who she was with? does that excuse the fact that it happened? do you not really that this terrible ordeal has nothing to do with alcohol they can spike your water...the drug is clear!!! this is why she didnt come forth and go to the hospital because of the ignorant people that make comments like some of you! I dont understand!! How many of you go to Port City Java and leave your late unattended? How many of you go to McDonalds and leave your food unattended to go get a refill of your drink? How many of your kids go to school an d they leave there drinks unattended? how many of you have went to a holiday party for your job and left your drink unattended or accepted a drink from a co-worker? how well did you know them? this is why the indiviual felt "cocky" enough to do this becuase he/she knew that if her case ever made it to trial that there will be some no nonesense person(s) like yourself on the stand who will only be thinking that why wasnt she taking a sew class, why is she going out with her friends, where was her husband instead of why did this person poison this victim!! Come on people let us not loose focus of this issue! just because you are married you are not going to loose yourself and her race, gender, martial status has nothing to do with the situation at hand....she was drugged and she is a VICTIM!!!!

Drugs in Drinks

I work in several nightclubs and oversee security. Our policies are simple. Unattended drinks get trashed. If we catch you attempting to tamper with a drink we hold you and your fine drug until the police arrive and then you can spend the remainder of your night out on Blue Clay Road. Don't give these perverts a chance to drug you.

We did the same thing

When I was a bouncer at a bar back home, that was our policy...any unattended drinks were discarded. Some were upset that their drinks were thrown out, but I would rather them be upset with me than be drugged.

Interesting Slant

It is interesting that you would give the names of the restaurants that served bad food, didn't meet the grades and such but will not post the name of this establishment that she was drugged in. Are you that protective of this particular bar? Or is it that you all of the downtown places to be penalized under this stigma. Name the place so we the public know what places are presumably safer.

Re: Interesting slant

The name of the establishment is irrelevant and should not be published. The point is not to destroy a local establishment and possibly ruin the livelihoods of many people. It is not the establishment that is to blame - it is the sick predators in our society. The reality is that there are NO "safe" establishments. This could and does happen anywhere and everywhere that food and beverages are served and left unattended. Parents should make their children aware of this danger as well. Kudos to you Courtney for bringing this important subject to light.

Used to work downtown/beach

Used to work downtown/beach in the nightclub/bar business and unfortunately this kind of thing happens at a lot of bars, be it downtown or at the beach. Ladies never leave your drink unattended there are a lot of creeps out there. To any guy that has to use this kind of trickery to bring a girl home, this is rape and you are a coward. If I ever saw anything like this I would have beat their a%$!

My friend went to the

My friend went to the bathroom and I just remember her coming back and handing her drink back to her and that's the last thing I remember of that night," Ryan said. if courtney was so cautious and handed her friends drink back why didnt her friend hand courtneys drink back or carry a pad lock and a cover for drinks just laying around while you do the labamba on the dance floor i would have for my pepsi or orange juice as a designated driver , not a drinker sorry ,first of all thats not much of a wife to go out on the town drinking with girl friends why not go to a bingo or sew or find a computer game or learn a musical instrument ,something productive instead of a down town bar drinking night with girlfriends (giggle crew )hehehe . i think courtney should grow up and read this article 20 years later and realize what a pittyful joke this is and she fell for it hey whoopie cushion,hand shocker , itching powder , you no those jokes people pull off when you go to certain places where anyone can be lounging and looking for prey thats when you think defensevly .hey cortney i have some ocean front property in arizona everyone is trustworthy there no one will spike your drink .

Two Words...

I have two words for you...CHAUVINISTIC PIG! Oh, and one more thing...go get a life!


The audacity you have making negative comments about an innocent victim is appalling. Who are you to tell someone how they should spend their time when it's obvious you certainly aren't spending yours effectively. Instead of making stupid jokes about whoopie cushions, hand shockers, and itching powders (none of which are funny except to losers like you), why don't you go take a writing class? There's something called punctuation that normal people thread in an out of written communication. Maybe on the way to your next bingo outing or dungeons and dragons meeting, you could stop by the public library and get a book on how not to be a tool.


Hmm, batman your comments are rather rude. Are you saying that if married woman stayed home, that the problem would be solved? I think not! How do you know that these occurences don't happen in other establishments? Why knock the girl for sharing her story? She is trying to put the word out there, to prevent harm to others whether they are male or female...... regardless if they are married or not.

"what a pitty joke this is,"

"what a pitty joke this is," it is no joke both women and men are being drugged in bars. When your doing the labamba you should be watching your non-alcoholic drink, because someone could slip something into it. I'm glad in 2008 our society can cope with their wives going out with their girlfriends and having a good time. We, the women are sorry were not at home sewing your clothes for you, and then playing you a song on the piano. Courtney looks young, why would she want to play bingo with her grandparents? I think she is doing a positive thing, raising awareness, I commend her.

I guess it is all in how you

I guess it is all in how you were bought up...I was bought up in a home where my mother was at home taking care of her kids after she and my dad worked all day...She and my dad used that time to enjoy being with each other...Occasionally they went out but it was to a movie or friends house for cook outs.My mother spent time with her female friends at Avon parties or card parties..Sound boring, well they were happy for 49 years before my Mom died and I never heard her complain and I never saw either of them take a drink...Thank God for good parents

Good parents can go out and

Good parents can go out and spend time with friends separate from one another also...Ive seen it with my own eyes.

Good Parents?????

I am a wife and a mother of an 11 year old and a one year old. My husband is in the military. I use to be but now I am a SWAT police officer. Because I am not at home 24/7 taking care of the kids and having dinner on the table when my husband gets home, does that make me a bad parent???!!! I think not! I can count on two hands how many drinks I have each year. I do arrange to go out with the "girls" about once a year. Does THAT make me a bad parent? I think not! You people must have nothing better to do than to criticize this woman for making a problem, an awareness. Who cares about your family life or your religious preference. That's why we are in America...we have a CHOICE! If you want to be surrounded by people who dictate how you live your life and how a woman is supposed to live hers, then step up and be a man and go fight for your freedom in a country that exists that way. Maybe you'll appreciate your rights of freedom when you return (if you return).

Your missing the whole

Your missing the whole point. It doesn't matter how she grew up, what religion she is, where she was, or what she was drinking. She could have been drinking a pepsi at a gathering, not even at a bar, and it could have still happened. That is the point. It is happening every where to men and women. Stop judging and get the point.

No bloodtests?

I noticed there was no mention of her getting any bloodtests to determine what she may have injested. That would be the first thing most people would want to do to see if there was any dangerous drug(s) or chemicals in their system.

I'll take a coaster with

I'll take a coaster with some germs on it over a roufie anyday. I think it's very unfortunate that this happened and I am thankful its being talked about to increase awareness. It could happen to anyone, anywhere not just in the "swine" of downtown. Hopefully by increasing the awareness that this really can happen to anyone, authorities will take a bigger stride at preventing similar incidents in the future

Nice...unfortunate but if

Nice...unfortunate but if you patronize such places what do you expect? Putting coasters over unattended drinks...sounds about as sanitary as dicing garlic with your feet while wearing shoes.