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Locally filmed gang video found on YouTube

READ MORE: Locally filmed gang video found on YouTube
WILMINGTON -- Some videos popping up on YouTube are causing concern with police and local residents. The rap videos were filmed in Wilmington and involve young children. In one of the videos you can clearly see kids who look to be between 10 and 14 flashing gang symbols. The video was filmed in the Houston Moore housing complex in Wilmington. It was posted to YouTube about a week and a half ago. You can see young children are flashing gang symbols, wearing colors associated with gangs and waving what looks to be thousands of dollars. The New Hanover County gang task force says there are several reasons residents and parents should be concerned. Jon-Paul Gaurino with the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office said, "The biggest concern for me as a law enforcement officer is kids may look at this and say, hey, that's what I want to be like, I want to be on TV. Then they may be emulating things they do not understand. Gang hand signs, gang colors, they don't understand how dangerous it can be." Gaurino says the videos are common to the music videos many children see on stations like MTV or BET. Gang task force members are asking parents to keep an eye on what their kids are watching on TV, visit the websites their kids are visiting and if you see something you are not familiar with or think could be gang related, call the sheriff's office at 798-4260.

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Street scum

That scum is a prime example of why there shouldn't be public(welfare deadbeat)housing in the city. That trash would be forced to go elsewhere and have to pay their way for the first time in their deadbeat lives. Take away the welfare, foodstamps and other handout programs and they wouldn't know what to do. They are a pathetic example of humanity. It's pack mentality at it's best.

Your judging everyone in

Your judging everyone in public housing and thats on welfare by this one persons problem. Im glad your are not the Lord because you are blinded by one persons faults. For your info, there people that are on welfare and that do receive foodstamps because they really do need it. They are not fortunate like you maybe to make the kind of money that you do and live with an ok life. They need these benefits to help them get along and prosper in life. So you cant just one persons act and just put it on everyone who are in the system. Its Not True and everyone is not a DEADBEAT!!

And where do you think they

And where do you think they are gonna go? You think they'll go quietly? Or burn down buildings and rob whoever they can? And when they get caught and arrested, where do we put them all? Not saying its right, but this IS the society we live in. Cutting them off from civilization is only going to make your life scarier. Right now all you have to worry about is a few dollars out of your pocket that would get wasted elsewhere by the government anyway.

Where do they go?

That's their problem. Most normal people find places to live without a handout. If they riot, deal with them as you would any mad dogs. I think normal people are tired of the 'look for a reason to riot' crap and if it happens again, they best burn their own neighborhoods. If they venture out into civilization, they will be in for a rude awakening I'm sure.

You whites

You whites just hate the thought of us making a decent dollar without you passing it out through the government. Any proud black man would want nothing better than to provide for his family on his own.

Race has nothing to do with

Race has nothing to do with's the people themselves. And trust me, nobody was going to make any money off that sorry video. It looked and sounded like a bunch of punks getting together just to run their mouth. I'm sure their parents are sooooo proud

brother please

And this brother is a muslim? He is as real a rapper as he is a mooozlum. a shalom no likem.

Nice cars and plenty of cash

A slap in the face daring anyone to do anything about it. The gimme' crowd that's got plenty.

Sweep the area

Sweep the area and as you catch the kids in the video, charge the parents with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Then cut off the welfare funds given to the parent(s) that they get for these little punk delinquints every month. I bet you that things like this will not happens very much longer. In the age where a company can track a zillion packages, our government should be at least be able to process welfare handouts in a way that promotes good behavior. These are not people anymore, but just little animals on the "government plan" that have no other use in life. If I could direct the use of my tax dollars, I would be buying sterility kits for these little fiends and their parents. What right do they have to breed when they cannot even support themselves but by crime and the government dole.

It's a hard sell...

It's a hard sell to these kids to stay in school, go into serious debt for a college education, and maybe you can defy the odds, work hard and make it out. Or, you can stay in, have the govt support you, posess untracable wealth, sell drugs, sell sex, drive the best SUV's, wear tons of jewelry, carry weapons, laugh at law enforcement, etc.. Which one would you choose? Tour DC Virgo, Williston, NHHS, and the surrounding schools and see it first hand and close up. Kids with wads and wads of cash in their pockets on free and reduced lunch. I have dealt with and worked in these schools and let me tell you, these kids are truly on the highway to hell. Problem is though, St. Peter can't get to them quick enough before they send a whole lot of other people ahead of them. We need a whole new approach to urban renewal.

Wake up parents

To all the parents of these kids....WAKE UP!! Otherwise these kids will have end up having kids and all I can say is kiss your dreams of not living in public housing goodbye. To all the parents that see their kids in this something now with your kids otherwise you'll be the parents interviewed later saying "my kid was always so good and they'd never do anything like this" when they're either killed or arrested for killing someone else.

Houston Moore

I thought Houston Moore was subsidized housing. If it is, someone needs to go over there and collect some of that money for rent. Hard working people shouldn't have to subsidize that sort of crap.

Rap Video

Ok, three things come to mind right away. 1) 30 kids with all that money, smoking, acting like idiots...and no parents? Typical. 2) Flashing thousands of dollars, yet living off of the taxpayers? 3) So we have the video with all their identities, the house numbers where they "chill", so why not go check it out Mr. Police man? Maybe I'm just not thug enough.

this makes me sick to my

this makes me sick to my stomach and my heart ache, when will these kids realize this is not the way to make it in life? Youthful decisions can come back to haunt you in adult life if not cost you your life. When will the glamorization of the "thug" lifestyle cease? Posting a video like this for all to see severely limits future employment by any reputable company.


100% on that scally. It is very sad too see these kids and imagine what they will be later on. I can only wonder who raised them and how they were raised, they act like animals. sad, sad.

Blind and Stealthy Ignorance on the part of opinionated viewers

First of all I would like to say I don't even live in N.C.. I am a dubiously educated black male whom has an unbiased and less callous view of the root of the problemed and would I say ignorant (in a sense of the people who do not have knowledge of the "root") people who are criticizing and further shaming these most times poor and caste youth of American Urbania. And, second the man in the video's race whom "allegedly" commented intelligibly about the YouTube post is inexplicably irrelevant to the the outcasting of the youth of "America" as a whole. It is the American design for poor and most times African American youth to be destitute and dependent on a system which has historically for centuries erased the needed "Knowlege Base" for these youths to obtain as tools for survival in this stealthly wild and discriminant Western Civilization. If the government i.e.; "The Ronald Reagan Era" did not purposely eliminate youth programs and funding for extracurricular activities in the 80's these youth would not be on the streets selling drugs, robbing, stealing and acting like bafoons. Because this technological and violent age absorbs the precious time of working, concerned and caring parents and on the other hand eliminates struggling and poorly educated parents by design these youth have the least amount of guidance. Whereas the rich and suburban children have TWO working parents and the support and foundation of the American system the chances of them surviving the streets of their communities are greater, hence they have a greater respect for their habitat less themselves because children other than those of the African American creed do ignorant things on YouTube as well. Now if black urban parents could afford their children skateboards, bikes, ballet and gymnastic lessons maybe their would be less of urban children on the streets learning the lithless trade of "The Game". Per say, if suburban youth were not on their bikes and jumping around on trampelines driving up the costs of health care in America their would be an even divide between African American youth and those ever so privileged headed for the "Ivy League". NO!!!!!, I am not making up excuses for the self demoralization and bamboozling of SOME African American youth but if you weigh their options and put yourself in their skins you would realize that the American system has not been on their side side Brown vs. the Board, and Roe vs. Wade. Young African American urban women are on the bottom of the list when it comes down to education and are threatened by the plauge of the AIDS epidemic and drug abuse. So the fact that these young women are in front of you on WIC is not always by's by design. The American government built the welfare system due to it's expenses, deficit and pure greed as a world power. As far as African American males goes with "Wads of cash and expensive cars"....they would not have them if the American government didn't PURPOSELY funnel and regulate drug traffic into America i.e. "The Iron Triangle, The Carlysle Group, The Illuminati, The House of Bush etc., etc., etc. Look it up and do your research before you start criticisizing the African American and poor youth such as myself in this forever so proud and graceful America. If you let a simple home made video such as this "allegede" gang corale move you than the American media has YOU brainwashed. You ought to see what the youth of some of these third world countries are doing because we are ever so proud "Americans". Be glad you are able to own a computer, read and eat in this country everyday because some of the youth can use counsile from some of you "Opinonated Viewers"

long winded

Supreme Magnetic wrote: "If you let a simple home made video such as this "allegede" gang corale move you than the American media has YOU brainwashed."""Wads of cash and expensive cars"....they would not have them if the American government didn't PURPOSELY funnel and regulate drug traffic into America"... ??!!! Sorry, Mister Magnetic. You are wrong. I am not brain washed I have lived in NC for 40+ years. I SEE this everyday.... the media did not have to form my opinions. I see my kids going to the same schools with the same teachers, same opportunity offered to both, extra curricular activities offered for ALL (if the POOR kids cant pay the school pays),I see welfare Mom's that have ALL day at home with their kids teaching them NOTHING to give them a head start, I see ME volunteering for 10 years in the public schools teaching their poor un-nurtured KIDS how to read/do math!! So its the governments fault they are selling DRUGS too? HOLYCOW...You live in lala land. DO NOT blame this on the government. Blacks are GIVEN MORE FREE opportunities than anyone, some choose to be lazy and turn out loser kids like the ones on that video. BTW: You can not spell, do you need a tutor? WHY WHY WHY are there always people like you making excuses? I guess whitey is the easiest excuse for you all.

Ok... So everyone has their

Ok... So everyone has their own opinions to who, how and why they're are people on "government" aide programs... But the simple fact is that there is, indeed, people of all races receiving the same aide. Just because some "aspiring" rap star decided to make a video depicting the same stereotypes that so many other blacks perpetuate in every day entertainment is nothing new... As long as there is a way to be rewarded for the lack of motivation, education, and will to do anything in life there will always be these same discussions. Rather than putting the blame on the individuals or stereotyping a race, why don't we look at those who make the decisions on whether or not these people (both black, white, and who ever else)are on the programs that sooooo many of you have a problem with? Just something to think about....

its old

this is childish