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Mistreatment at restaurant leaves bad taste in man's mouth

READ MORE: Mistreatment at restaurant leaves bad taste in man's mouth
WILMINGTON -- A Wilmington man says he was mistreated at a local restaurant. Billy Brown had dinner at Dragon Garden, but he says the way he was treated left a bad taste in his mouth. Brown has eaten at Dragon Garden on College Road before. This time was different. He came in alone and was asked to pay for his meal before going to the buffet. He said normally he pays after the meal. "I asked him what was the reason I had to pay in advance. Is it because I'm black?" Brown said, "He said no, that's his policy. But I sat there and ate my meal and some white people came in. He didn't go to them and tell them they had to pay in advance." NewsChannel 3 spoke over the phone with Dragon Garden manager Ling Ung. He told us his policy is to require customers to normally pay after they've eaten. When asked why Brown was requested to pay before his meal, Ung said it's because he's recently had several customers, both black and white, who have not been able to pay for their meals once finished. Ung said he asks only certain customers to pay in advance. Ung also said he determines their ability to pay based on their appearance and his gut feeling about them. That doesn't fly with Brown. "You're running an establishment. You treat everyone equal," Brown said. "There's no one different when you're running an establishment and dealing with the public. You treat everyone the same." Brown's recourse includes taking his complaint to a number of government agencies, or filing a lawsuit. For now, though, he says he's just not going to eat at Dragon Garden again.

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I Resemble That Remark

After years of diets that never worked, I found out my fat condition was due to an under active thyroid. Now the pounds are starting to come off. I hope you don't met the same fate as I because as Dean Wormer so eloquently put it: Being fat and stupid is no way to go through life.


Ban obese people from buffets? Oh yeah that will fly. I see tons of younger people (college kids are worse), thin people, people with kids at buffets eating way more than obese people, wasting food, piling up food they took and can not finish just because it is a buffet. When I go to buffets I only get one normal sized plate of food. Period. I am satisfied from that and I am overweight so yall's little plan does not fly in real life. Most obese people do not eat more than average but their physical activity is less therefore weight gain. Not everyone can be thin and apparently the posters below are a few of the "I am special, thin, better than everyone else" group. Back to the subject, I do not blame the owner for standing up and asking for payment in advance. Perhaps the restaurant needs to make people pay first for the buffet. They do have a menu though so not everyone can pay up front.

Yes you can be thin. You

Yes you can be thin. You don't have to be overweight. Get back to all the "take responsibility for yourself" etc..... you regular posters are always blasting. Hey I have three kids and I have raised them to be responsible thin members of society........

Yes you can be thin

Yes, and you can be fat. Hope you do not have any problems that lead to a sedentary lifestyle or any heath issues that cause you to have weight problems later. Wouldn't that just blow.

Oh my gosh. I hope you're

Oh my gosh. I hope you're not saying that things happen to people that they don't have a responsibility to prevent. Problems??????


Obese people should be banned from buffets, just like smokers they are a health risk.


They are only a health risk to themselves. Unlike smokers who put everyone around them at risk. I find it annoying and disturbing that you even compare the two.


I find it annoying that they are causing my health care to cost more.


They are only a health risk to themselves. Unlike smokers who are harming everyone around them. I find it disturbing that you even compared the two.


AMEN to that

Mistreatment or just a chip

Mr. Mistreated The first question out of your mouth was "Is it because I'm black? I would bet that is the same line you use at other establishments when you feel the least bit slighted. Read the sign in the establishment. It say's Management has the RIGHT to refuse service to anyone! No matter their color I'm quite sure it applies to ALL. If you felt so mistreated that you ate there anyway and then you kept count of who had to prepay and who didn't. Well ya know you should have just left when asked to pre pay and don't go around feeling MISTREATED. So pathetic for you to whine and gnash your teeth. Please be a man, be the best, let this small stuff roll off you, cause I know this "ain't" your first rodeo. Or.. will you drag others to share in your tirade? You've already buzzed the press, who is next. oh let me guess..hummm Cause you will take it as far as it can go I am sure. Maybe the establishment will bow down and give you a refund and and say how sorry they are. And you as a gentleman will just suck it up and mark that restaurant off of your list.

Sounds like Mister Ung.... courting a lawsuit.....or worse, having Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton show up to annoy everyone. If Mister Ung has problems with people skipping out on the meal, it sounds like he needs to review the physical layout of his restaurant, i.e., channelling exiting patrons so that they can't skip out. It's preferable to showing the world that you're the Southern end of a Northbound horse.

I agree with you Brown

That is totally uncalled for. I am glad that you went to the local News Channel. Put that restraunt out there. They have no reason to treat anyone like that no matter the color of your skin is. If they want to change their policy of making all customers pay before they eat they should put a sign up in the front of the restraunt so all customers can see everytime they walk in. I fully support you Brown with what you did & I hope that restraunt feels guilty for what they did. Totally uncalled for. I think it's funny how the manager quoted they only charge certain people as they walk in due to some people walking out and not paying. That is totally the restraunts fault. They should have someone at the front of the restraunt the whole time and it would never happen. Think about it at every other restraunt you have & host / greeter!

dragon garden/brown

I wont eat there now! I might have taken that situation racist too, but then Mr.Ung narrows it down to "certain customers". He is stereotyping and judging people by what they have on or how they look. I am sorry Mr. Brown had to deal with that, people like Mr.Ung are the ones that keep racism going. This is the second time in two weeks a chinese restaurant has been on the news. I guess the bottom line is...they are filthy and judgmental. They wont get any more of my money!!! by the way, I'm white,married and we both work 40+ hours and if I had been in Mr.Browns shoes I would question it too.

Mr. Brown's treatment

Why are you all making this a black/white issue. With the number of homeless we have walking the street how do you know that Mr. Brown didn't look like someone that might be homeless coming in for a free meal. I agree it's bad that he charges some before and some after..everyone should just pay when they walk in and then situations like this wouldn't happen. I'd bet that then the tips would get smaller for the wait staff, but you wouldn't have people being able to throw the race card at you because of who you're charging first and then after. You would also not have the people walking out before they pay.

get over the black and white thing

Enough of the black and white. This place was wrong to ask some and not all. If it is a rule it needs to be any color. But, people need to stop using this excuse. Change your mind set and then you will see things change


The restaurant belongs to Mr. Ung. Not the government, you, me or Mr. Brown. He bought the place, pays the taxes, and runs HIS business the way he sees fit. So who cares what anyone, including whites, blacks or anyone else has to say. I had a horrible experience at Flaming Amy's and have not been back. I didn't sue or call the media. I guess the difference is that sometimes people want publicity and some don't. And it this day and age no one can breathe without possibly offending another. When did the world go wrong?

World continues to go wrong

World continues to go wrong when everyone continues the black/white issue.