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More local restaurants go smoke-free

WILMINGTON -- More and more restaurants in our area are going smoke-free, but there's a lot more to it than putting up a no smoking sign. Thursday was the second smoke-free day for the Original Salt Works restaurant on Oleander Drive. In order to make the transition owner Bob Hubbard had to close down for two weeks. He resurfaced the floor, replaced the tables, chairs, ceiling and ventilation system. Hubbard said, "The smoke from the cigarettes, you know, it just tears the place up. And to get it fresh, you know, you have to redo all that stuff." Despite the cost Hubbard says he has no regrets. He projects it will help his business in the long run.

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you can report them

Put this link in your phone and you can report them to the NCDOT who will send them a letter telling them to stop throwing their trash out the window. Swat-a-litterbug

smoke free

i dont think your business will be missed. you have the right to smoke and kill yourself, but i have the right to eat without smelling somebody's smoke wafting over to me. good riddance.


Man, you NON smokers are a self-righteous lot. I am sure you both have NO vices at all....bahahahahaa

I do have vices

Yep, I do have some vices but mine don't drift over onto you and stink up your clothes and hair. I don't force mine on you unlike smokers do.


I don't smoke in public places, its not my smoke in your hair. While we are at it can we BAN ignorant people who BLOW THEIR NOSES WHILE OTHERS EAT ????? ewwwwwwwww

sounds good to me

I'll agree with that Das. It is called a proper time and place for everything. You get up from the table and go to the restroom to blow your nose. Thank you for not smoking in public.

Yeah, but my tax dollars

Yeah, but it will be my tax dollars paying for all the health care you get when you are dying of cancer. Just think of all the health care resources that you will be taking away from all the little illegal aliens. And yes, it's a fact that smokers are sick more often and more serious condition than people that do not smoke.

Don't blame the smokers...

...for wasting your tax dollars. Blame the weak-sister, sappy mentality that thinks the taxpayers have an obligation to pay for anyone's medical treatment. I find nothing more offensive about paying for an indigent smoker that I do about an indigent non-smoker. Neither of them has any right to expect me to pay for his or her healthcare. We seem to have forgotten, or simply refuse to accept that we're all reaching the same destination anyway. Why blow trillions of public dollars on people who are going to die anyway? What you do with your money, or your insurer will do with his money is up to the person writing the check. But stop wasting taxes on healthcare. Build better roads and bridges for the living. Reduce taxes. Retire the national debt. Build some new prisons and schools. LOTS of better priorities...

tax dollars

Green: No it wont be your tax dollars saving me if I have cancer. I am not on the public system, never have been. I have VERY good private health insurance, always have. Guess the little illegals wont have to worry that a citizen is hogging their health care $$.


Nothing is private unless you have your own dang hospital and health care professionals that will take care of you and you alone. Are you so silly that you think that them taking care of your dying cancer ridden self will not take resources, man power and time away from someone else that could be having that care? You are living up to your name! Stupidity is a miserable place to be stuck in!


So you are saying that people with insurance are using your tax dollars? Man power, resources and time are NOT you tax dollars. At least the Doctors working with me would be getting paid unlike patients on the gimme free stuff system. Unless you are one of those freebie people dying in the same hospital you have nothing to worry about. Do you even know what my name means? (go ahead and look it up)....Looks like your stuck in the same place bud.

In the realm of there element the Non Smoker

The non smoker has 10 things to live for There undying desire to impose their self made indignation on others X 10 As I stand over your greasy hamburger eating body while they bury your superior corps I will take one more drag off of my legal to buy cigarette and proclaim all restaurants should be meat eater free!!!!!!!!

You're Right!

Mind if I share oders?



I am a smoker, and don't

I am a smoker, and don't mind not smoking inside a restaurant. No biggie.

Non-smoking establishments...

Gee...wouldn't it be swell if all of this intolerance and indignation were channeled toward the really IMPORTANT things in Wilmington such as; the maniacs on the highways, the ever-shrinking beauty of the historic nature of the city (due to gangstas & illegals,) the sewers that seem to be permanently above ground now, the cost of living that has killed the middle class here, etc.? What a concept !!