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New Hanover County possibly redistricting again

READ MORE: New Hanover County possibly redistricting again
Two new schools are expected to open in New Hanover County by the next school year. With new schools comes the possibility of new lines being drawn to redistrict the county. Redistricting the schools will help decide who attends a new elementary school and middle school. The big issues are what children will it affect, and will parents welcome the change? Some of the parents who do not like the idea have students at Holly Tree Elementary. Their children have a three-minute bike ride from home. They say redistricting may change their bike ride into a twenty-minute bus ride across town. “It was part of our choice and so to realize now that that might not be the case, that was a red flag for us,” said Christina Shaw. Three redistricting maps show a neighborhood option, where students would go to a school close to home; an economic diversity option to address the population of students on free and reduced lunch; and a compromise map that does a little of both. Some parents say with the economic diversity map, their children might end up at a school struggling to perform on exams on the other side of town. "There is a sense of community around that. That's one of the reasons why we wanted to have a neighborhood school,” Shaw said. Kelly Corcoran, another concerned parent said, "What I have a problem with is putting my children on a bus for twenty-five minutes one way to school everyday in a below average school." School Board Chair Don Hayes said this is the kind of concerns raised every time the district builds a new school. "I know the parents want their children close to home. It's not something we like to do, I can assure of that but when you build a new school it becomes necessary,” stated Hayes. Hayes said overcrowded schools and budget constraints to build more, is the reason behind redistricting. He just hopes they can find a solution all parents will agree on. "If you can keep a child close to home as possible and relieve the overcrowding, then that's really all you can do,” added Hayes. Christina Shaw has gone so far as to develop a website dedicated to keeping students in their neighborhood schools. She has an online petition with almost 400 parents who do not want to see redistricting happen. Tonight, parents on both sides will have a chance to voice their concerns to the school board. The public forum is at Coddington Elementary at 6:30 p.m. You can visit Christina Shaw's website at To visit New Hanover County Schools website go to

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School Redistricting

This is just one more instance that confirms our politicians lack the mental capacity to make these decisions. I live in one of the areas where my child will be bused to a failing school. I am livid! Livid I tell you! The more I read about the proposal, the more I laugh because it is an utterly stupid idea. The school board members need to consider the overall cost involved, the students quality of life and the impact to the community. The polititians need to stop and think what makes sense. Redistricting in this case, is like, whoops... Putting lipstick on a pig! Ha... I couldn't help myself... I have an idea for you, let's build a large elevated super overpass starting at the end of I-40, and have it go right over the City of Wilmington, and then hook up with Leland. Then we can have all the tourists toss change out their windows as they make wishes for a better school system when they drive by. We can collect the money and pay teachers more. It sounds like a plausible idea in the wake of the sewage spills into our waterways and that abomination called Titan! Please Please Please don't redistrict. All it means is that I will have to spend another two hours a day away from my family working overtime to afford private school so my child receives a good education because I will not allow my child go to the proposed failing school. Tell you what... In the name of diversity, I will drop my northern accent and start speaking to my child with a southern accent because, let's face it, we all need diversity...

Much More to the Story

Unfortunately, it's difficult for the reporters to get the whole story into a 3 minute video clip but the big picture here is that we're not doing what we need to do to fix the schools that are broken and accomodate the growth that is happening in our community. And with 6 of the 7 board members saying they are all in support of Neighborhood Schools, it leaves parents wondering why we are looking at three redistricting maps that include busing kids across town. Neighborhood Schools are better for kids, families and our community - for a million reasons. But only Busing students is wrong and doesn't help - for a million reasons. We need to get to the bottom of the issues - fixing Neighborhood Schools that are struggling and planning for growth to avoid moving large groups of students in the future.

My child attends Holly Tree

My child attends Holly Tree and they want to bus him to Sunset park ? What purpose does it serve to send kid "a" from Sunset to Holly tree and kid "b from Holly tree to Sunset Park? It is a waste of time,money and fuel . Why not take that money and pay teachers better salaries. The color of the kid ,or teacher should not matter if the curriculm is the same ,and the teachers are on the same level. Maybe if the school board did thier job by actively recruiting the best teachers from across the country or least state we would not have issues like these. I know that when we purchased our house we choose to pay more to live in a better school district we also choose a school district where our current afterschool provider picked up at. Changing the district lines for overcrowding is one thing busing a child past 2 or 3 other schools to give childern equal chances is wrong. Instead of focusing on moving the children , teachers and adminstrators should be required to move . They should also be held to the highest standard, of course if you do not pay well, you get what you get. I have also discovered as a youth sports coach , that if the parents are not involved the kids do not do as well in anything they try.


My child at this time attends Parsley Elem, which is 3 mins from my home. The school board wants to ship her to Sunset which is 20 or more mins in traffic from my home. Then the one proposal suggests to ship kids from the area of 2nd/Nun and 10th/Queen to Parsley. First off , the fuel prices alone should be a stop to that. Second , Parsley is a parent involved school. The parents help the school stay above standards, test well etc. We do this by getting involved with our children,making sure they do homework, behave,do the right thing. Busing a child from a "LOW" school to a "BETTER" one will not help their test grades. If a parent is not involved in a neighborhood school,do you really think they are going to go the extra distance to get involved in a school away from home. All you will end up doing is adding more schools to the New Hanover County list of not meeting standards. Way to go school board. I am glad I am voting this year.

Agree with the first poster.

Agree with the first poster. Keep the kids near home, saves fuel cost for the school and the parents.Redistrict the teachers to have a broad spectrum across the sysytem. Neighborhood schools are shown to increase parent involvement.

Re: I further agree

I also wanted to add that if students have to be bused from one end of the town to the other that can decrease a parent’s ability to become involved in the school.

No One Knows

For the first time in my 40 years of being in Wilmington, every single member of the New Hanover County School Board is oficially incompitent and has no reason nor ability for being on a governing board... I cannot wait until elections. Boot the board and elect a NEW board that actually knows what they are doing.

New school?

Where is the new school located?

reply to new school location

the new school in castle hayne is located on Holly Shelter Road between the RR tracks and I-40. If you go north on north college/castle hayne road to the main light in Castle Hayne. Make a right at the light (with CVS and Kangaroo station), cross RR tracks and school entrance is right after the church on the right. its a gravel driveway right now.

With the price of fuel being

With the price of fuel being so high, and the economy generally being out of control, please explain to me why it is not a good idea to send children to the school closest to them. If there is so much concern about some schools having lower standards, that should be easily remedied. Test the teachers and mix them in the schools so that no one school ends up with the "best" teachers. If the curriculum is the same at every school, it should not matter what color the child is who sits next to you. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn.

Mix up teachers?

I can't believe you said that. How about holding them to standards. Maybe they need more schooling themselves. I think that was a sad statment you made.