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New laws go into effect December 1

READ MORE: New laws go into effect December 1st
From reptiles, to school buses, to texting, a number of new state laws go into effect on Tuesday. Many of the new changes affect drivers; one of the biggest changes is no more texting behind the wheel. Violators could face a $100 fine and another $130 in court costs, plus it's definitely not safe. Many admit to texting while driving at one time or another. "I was texting while driving, and I ran a red light on Holly Tree and was t-boned,” said Wes Hudson of Wilmington. Even if you're stopped at a traffic light, after December 1st, if you're in the driver's seat, and the car is turned on, texting while driving is illegal. "I have actually texted while at a stop light, on my motorcycle,” said Chris Ebbe. The new rule also outlaws e-mailing and surfing the web behind the wheel. "I have enough trouble driving without talking on my cell phone or texting. I’m not for it at all, I think you should just be driving, that's it,” said Lila Moeller. December 1st calls for some other changes. License plate frames cannot cover the state name, or sticker displaying the year and month on license plates. Another law gives new car owners a 3-day grace period to register their vehicle and pass inspection as long as they have insurance. Another law requires reptile owners to keep their pets in secured containers and subjects the owners to prosecution if the reptiles escape and attack someone.

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Would this possibly help you?

Perhaps a couple of weeks in intensive care from the results of a auto accident? Perhaps the inadvertant death of a family due to your inconsiderate objection to obey the law and use COMMON SENSE? Could these type of events possibly persuade you to use that empty gourde of yours that housed a brain at some point? It is completely incomprehensible for me to see someone with an attitude such as this. The law may be somewhat unenforceable, but the point is that some people don't have enough basic sense to get out of bed with out causing damage. Your remark is absolute proof that there cannot be enough laws on the books to protect us responsible citizens against STUPID!!!

you r right

law's are there to them because you can't fix stupid


who is going to enforce it !!??? good idea though, i am all for it , about time !!! but i still don't think anyone will enforce it !! can't even arrest gang members in plane sight !! they have more rights than we do !!so what is new !! you see drug houses all over downtown wilington, so how come they are there ??!!

Enforcing the law...

dont worry friends it will be enforced and people will be ticketed. Talking on the phone while driving will soon follow. Believe me and I AM GLAD about that. In NY it is enforced and you do not see people dialing and texting and surfing the web. Just look at the stats of wrecks here. It is high and drivers will think before picking up their stupid phones in the car. Amen to this

I share your frustration

I share your frustration with not arresting gang members on sight. Problem is, it's not illegal to be in a gang. LEOs don't have the authority to detain someone just because they are a gang member and/or look like one. If you want that to change you need to write your congressman or repsentative to toughen NC laws on gangs.

Thank God! It is about

Thank God! It is about time, though I know this will not stop everyone. Hopefully ppl will think b4 texting and driving, now that penalties are actually involved.


They will know the difference between texting and dialing...HOW? ANOTHER DO NOTHING law on the books...THANKS!

New State Laws

I am in total agreement with the no texting while driving law, and it should be extended to use of hand held cell phones also. But the other law concerning the license plate holders is very silly, and is designed only to increase income from fines for the highway partol. Most of the holders support a person's school or provide some advertising for the dealers. While they should not cover the stickers or make the plate unreadable, surely the NC Hwy patrol can recognize the plate from their own state.


The license plate law may seem petty, but it's really just an expansion of current laws. It was already illegal to obstruct a license plate (i.e., the cover someone mentioned they were ticketed for). This law just further expounds on the concept. As prior LEO, trust me, it's a great tool for that drug/gang problem that was also previously mentioned.

Why would NC need a law so

Why would NC need a law so other states can read where our plates are from? Shouldn't that be the other states law? It's for one reason only, so North Carolina can use the traffic cameras...and increase fines and revenue. Thanks NC, for yet anther way to pick our pockets.

License plate covers that bolck red light cameras

The smoked license plate covers that cause the license plate not to be readable in the red light cameras are nor legal either. I have not heard of anyone getting a ticket for this violation. I not BLET trained and I can recognize all the North Carolina plates as well as most states. If your tag was installed by a dealership it most likely has a holder. The state should ban dealerships from installing holders. Then wait a year before enforcing this law, This will give drivers the opportunity to remove the holders when the tag is renewed. This is just another way to tax North Carolina drivers.

i got a ticket for the smokw

i got a ticket for the smokw screnn about 7 months ago...didnt even kno there was such a law

Robert, Just to let you

Robert, Just to let you know, the Highway Patrol does not make money off of the tickets it writes...If it did, they would never go home, and would be working every day, hour, minute unless they had to stop to sleep, shave or whatever. As far as this new law about covering sticker and states, North Carolina Legislature in their infinite wisdom have created so many personal tags with different colors, designs...the police dont even know what state it is from until they are right up behind them. So..with all the other laws out there...this one will be up there with the old "and did allow a stone mule to run at large" law....


State Police officers get $5 toward their retirement for every ticket they write (as of 1998 - last I heard)


Oh please, you must have heard that from someone that was mad becasue they got a ticket. If that were the case they would retire many years earlier ;-)

New State Laws

You're right, an officer most likely know his own state plate... but what about a witness to an accident or crime... I doubt most people could tell you the state just by the color.. not to mention NC now has several design specialty plates.

hope so

I feel sure the uncovering of the state name is for when we leave the state. Other state police may not know our plates.

Then shouldn't this be a

Then shouldn't this be a federal matter, not a state matter?