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North Carolina mom reports to Army with her children

A North Carolina mother, who reported for Army duty with her young children, will be discharged from the military. Lisa Pagan, shown with her husband and two children, was recalled to the Army four years after being released from active duty. She said she had no one to care for her children, so she filed several unsuccessful appeals. Monday she reported for duty at Fort Benning, Georgia with her children in tow. It is not yet clear if Pagan will receive an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions.

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I don't know about that

I'm a Marine and I agree that people are generally too lenient about our troops showing up for duty, but we don't know anything about her actual situation, it's perfectly reasonable for a parent to choose their kids over their country. The smarter thing to do would be get her a deskjob at a base big enough to have a daycare.

Children do not join the

Children do not join the military. The children deserve to have their mother. She was not even deployed the first time, so why break up this family. One other thing; the law is never followed or applied evenly!


First of all, she has a DUTY to her country. SHE decided to enlist, SHE decided to join. When I was RECALLED, I kissed my wife, children and family good-bye, picked up my boots and went. Did I WANT to go....not about what I PERSONALLY want...its about defending freedom and democracy. You are correct, children don't join the military...but they don't RUN the military either, nor do they run the parent. When I went...I went FOR my children, FOR my family and FOR my country. Without democracy and freedom....being here with my family and children means..NOTHING. Her DUTY was to stand up and be a soldier, but instead she failed her country. She deserves NOTHING but a dishonorable discharge. I don't expect YOU or most Americans to understand the DUTY of a's actually kind of sad...this country is FULL of spoiled little BRATS who don't REALLY understand what this country is about, what freedom is've never had to fight for it...I happen to UNDERSTAND the cost of freedom...and leaving ones family to fight for a VERY SMALL price to pay! So go back to your little world..and let the REAL MEN AND WOMEN of this country do whats necessary to ensure you can ignore and take for granted all of the things you have.....we don't mind the slaps in the all means more than that to us.

re: guest7969/ military mom

I am the wife of a veteran and the mother of an enlisted son. I agree 100% with what you said. I am proud of my husband and son. I am also proud of all our serving military people. Sadly, many do not appreciate the sacrifices given for love of country. We live in a SELF-INDULGED society. So many look only for what they can suck OUT of our government and what is in this for THEM. They would NEVER sacrifice ANYTHING for ANYONE unless it profited THEM in some way. I understand what it is to be a military mom. While stationed in Germany, I babysat a baby for weeks on end for a military mother who was on TDY. I was happy to do so, There were also other military moms who kept other children while service members were deployed. This mom could have found someone to watch over her kids if she had wanted to. Military families do watch out for each other because we know what kind of sacrifices each of us faces. For so long, women have demanded equal rights and equal pay for doing the same job as men, well, with that comes equal responsibilities. Just because she is a woman doesn't mean she should be excused. She should have served her time.

dear guest 7969

I just wanted to say that your response is truely heart felt. My husband is in the Army National Guard and was deployed December 1st. There are so many "civilians: out there who do not appreciate our military nor do they understand the commitment that they make to our country to protect the people in it. Thank you so much for your words. Army Wife

well said

Very well said and thank you for your service.