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ONLY ON 3: Now Berger's telling fibs; Says all commissioners support him

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Now Berger's telling fibs; Says all commissioners support him

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- One day before the run-off election, New Hanover County Commission Candidate Brian Berger is on the record saying all of the other County Commissioner support him and not incumbent Bill Caster.

This morning on "The Morning Beat with Chad Adams" on The Big Talker FM, Berger said, "All of the other Commissioners, including Jason Thompson and Ted Davis, who are Republican, have been very supportive of me... All the Commissioners feel that I'm more honest and would be more sincere and easier to work with than Mr. Caster, who has been very disingenuous during the whole taxing and spending issues."

Not true say Commissioners Bobby Greer and Ted Davis. Davis says he's not endorsing either candidate and Greer has openly supported Caster.

Last week, Berger accused Caster and his campaign of planting a letter to the editor in the Star News. When we asked Caster about the letter Wednesday, he said he didn't know anything about it. But after we found an email on the county email server from David Benford with the letter attached and encouraging Caster to find someone to sign it and send it to the paper, Caster fessed up and apologized for "misleading" us and blamed it on a busy week.

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How do you know Berger is not a crooked sleazeball?

No one seems to know much about Berger and he is making a lot of false claims.

We don't

We DO, however, **KNOW** that Caster is a crooked sleazeball.

What are the odds that we get two of them in a row?

Caster needs to go. I'm sure that he'll find gainful employment tomorrow, most likely with one of his development cronies.

Berger -Facts and Guts

I can't add much to what others have said-
Win or lose- I commend Brian Berger for having the guts to take on caster- the arrogance and the man's record. Caster's poor record and sleazy tactics-and his spending on this campaign which has reached many thousands of dollars from those who have done well with business from County-would be enough reason to vote against him.
Brian Berger answered my questions about his stand on issues and his past. I haven't had any answers to the many questions people asked about Mr Caster -both his record and his campaign funds.All we have from Bill is innuendo-no facts- lots of lies, but Caster is a master at that.
What matters most is casting aside the staus quo and caster and his style of politics.
Lots of us talked about it-Brian Berger went out and talk a stand---lets support him when we vote- Berger for Commissioner---

TWO words sums up Caster-

NO MORE CASTER- reject his lies and sleaze
Bill- you are right- we do know you and that is your problem!


TWO REPUBLICANS WITHOUT casters failed record.

Berger has Character

I was listening to the show and the point Berger was making is that Caster has lying, again, sending out mailers as part of his expensive campaign saying Democrat Barfield prefers Berger to Caster.

Berger said that Caster's own colleagues, of both parties, would prefer him, even though he disagrees with them more on policy, like taxes, than caster does, because caster is disingenuous and dishonest. We've seen that in abundance...caster is a lying weasel. so even though they dont necessarily like or agree with berger, they at least know where he stands because Berger is a straight shooter. He does what he says, and says what he does.

Caster is a desperate, corrupt sleaze...a selfish politician bought and paid for by special interests.

I ask again, HOW DO YOU KNOW!

Are you that naive to be so convinced from just TALKING POINTS. What is Berger's past? What makes him qualified for the job. Keep in mind he does not seem to be able to hold a JOB.

Brian Berger For County Commissioner

Look I'm bored by innuendo and Caster attacks-while he fails to answer the many questions about HIS RECORD and distorts facts for his own convenience. I know where they both stand on issues-and where they want County to go-- BRIAN BERGER IS SIMPLY BETTER AND RIGHT ON ISSUES WE CARE ABOUT and doesn't have Caster's questionable record or tactics to defend. The real issue when it comes to a job-is not the Caster innuendo--but making certain that tomorrow-CASTER LOSES HIS JOB.

One word sums up Berger, "NO"

He has NO JOB,
He says NO to questions of his PAST,
Vote NO to Berger!

Berger is rock solid

Berger's principles have not wavered one bit in the 4-5+ years that he has been active in local politics. Not one position has even been slightly modified. THAT'S integrity. THAT'S character. Caster's position's change depending on which way the wind blows.

Caster says "he's against all tax increases" - yet he has voted for tax increases; and he has consistently voted for every big spending item that has ever come along - which is by proxy a HUGE commitment to higher taxes.

Caster now says he's concerned about the environment - yet he championed the sweetheart deal Titan received from the county, and has been their staunch advocate on county commission since day one. Caster supports old, dated, heavy industry with no concern for the environment.

He talks about wanting a sound economy - yet he has for 18 years consistently supported a failed economic policy which basically consists of giving his buddies over at WID tons of our money every year, so that they can pay their CEO over $300,000 and do nothing to improve jobs in our area. The one thing they do accomplish is getting out the vote for Caster in every one of his many re-election campaigns. Unemployment still sits at 10% - and yet Caster continues to give away the store to these hidden entities that hide in the shadows, unaccountable to the citizen.

Caster says he's a conservative - yet when county commission spent $13,200 of our money on their little vanity poll (http:/ it was discovered that only 20% of voters considering themselves to be "conservative" support Caster - a whopping 80% of liberals support our current county commission and the direction they are heading in. Caster has tried to repeatedly make this a social issues race - with the tired rhetoric about drug legalization, illegal immigration, and so forth - he has spent thousands of dollars to avoid having to defend himself in the fiscal realm - which he is as liberal as they come.

Big government, big spending, and big taxes are the 18 year failed pathetic legacy of Bill Caster.

Caster has A JOB, feathering

Caster has A JOB, feathering his own nest on the public payroll for 18 YEARS.

Caster has EXPERIENCE, peddling influence and rewarding his cronies. The sleaze exposed about Caster would make Tammany Hall seem like a country club.

Caster has BACKGROUND, he's been a politician for 18 years...

Caster has a RECORD, asleep at the switch re the ABC Board AND a major "contributor" for the forming of the CFPUA.... he protected his "buddy-boy" developer cronies and hung responsibility for crap management of this area's development on the backs of the taxpayers.

The time is right for Mr. Caster to be sent home and the voters will do it tomorrow!

More Rhetoric! Berger supporters fail to talk of his PAST!

No answers! It's because they apparently don't know. All they say is Berger WILL do this, Berger WILL do that. HOW DO YOU KNOW?
They don't!

Does anyone really know...

what a newcomer will or won't do until elected? No they don't. What we do know is what Brian has said he'll do. If elected tomorrow and then again in November during the General Election, we'll have to hold him accountable. If he doesn't do what he said he'd do when campaiging...he'll get voted out by the same folks who supported him.

What Caster said he'd do and what he has done are as different as night and day. He voted against the 2010-2011 budget for the same reason McIntyre voted against Maobama Care...his vote wasn't needed to get it passed.

The great unknown

I'd rather vote for a man with no past than the past voting record that Caster has.

Are we better off- I think not with Bill

Are we better off now than we were four year ago?---- or eight years ago?
This run off is about the future direction of Republicans and the rest of us who live here. Do we want better County Government I hope the answer is yes. Brian Berger is right this is a time for change. Do we want to take on special interests like Titan or let them influence and buy politicians like Caster?Bill Caster cares about one job—his own! To say Titan will bring a few jobs ignores the consequences of their doing business in our community and the sweetheart deal they got.
Taxes- Bill has failed us on that issue miserably-while taking donations from many special interests over the years? That cries out for new leaders. We shouldn’t be willing to accept the status quo when we have a chance for a better leader in Brian Berger.
As for Bill- I just look at his track record-and I know that is not leadership that we should desire.

i don't understand a

i don't understand a candidate running an anti-incumbent campaign...only to tout at the last minute the support of the sitting Commissioners?

Bad move

Throwing the name of jason thompson as a supporter will not get you any votes. jason is a idiot.


I agree Thompson is an idiot, and I no longer support Barfield because he has turned into Jason's suck-up yes-man. I expected better from him, guess that makes me an idiot too.
Anywho, I'll be voting Berger. Hope I don't regret that later.

Support Brian Berger

I believe we can do better with Brian Berger- so I will vote for him. Looking at issues that concern me -more jobs- less spending-and better leaders- Berger is my choice.

no thank you

Berger says he is for jobs... Titan would bring jobs. Caster is for Titan as long as they met the EPA guidelines. Looks like Caster wants the jobs to me. How do you know what kind of leader Berger will be? What has he done????

This comes from Berger who has NO JOB!

Berger is just a lot of lip service.

Caster Desperation is Sleazy

So I supppose Brian Berger lives in a box. According to Caster and his rat pack Berger is a drunk, no-job having, tattoo-covered hobo.

So, obviously Brian Berger must live in a box or stairwell.

No, wait, wasn't Berger a lobbyist?

Your desperate attempts to attack Berger are laughable. You corrupt Caster supporters can't see how your desperate mudslinging is contradictory.

Brian Berger has ideas and issues he wants to address, like bringing jobs, and fighting crime and gangs, and illegal immigration.

All Caster and his childish, minimum wage mud slinging team have is desperate negative attacks against Berger personally because Bill can't talk about issues or his record during 18 years in office.

Berger has guts. You need to get a life. And a real job. Being paid pennies to post online for Caster is not a real job. You are patehtic and its disgusting the way caster and you evil minions are avoiding substance and issues and just slinging desperate mud at a good person, brian berger, hoping something might stick.

You are pathetic. Read a Bible.

Speaking of Pathetic, your post is a good example!

I do not have a dog in this fight. I am not a member nor am I paid to do anything for the Caster campaign. I have known Bill Caster for most of the 20 years I have lived here and know him to be an honest and caring person. You Berger big mouths were not present in the Commissioner chambers the 18 years you condemn him on. You didn't hear all sides of the issues as he and other Commissioners have. Yet you blame him only for everything you perceive to be bad. I ask one thing and have yet to get an answer from my posts. What has Berger shown from his past that he can do better? What is Berger's background? Please no more rhetoric!


Perhaps if you read anything about Brian you would know more about him. Brian went to one of the best colleges in the country ranked above Berkeley, UVA, and even UNC. He majored in Government and soon after started a very successful career in marketing. Brian's volunteer experience ranges from pro-life groups to volunteer fire fighting. Caster is an advocate of big government. He voted yes great "quality of life" votes but failed to fund them. He found it funny to make fun of the way his opponent speaks but perhaps this honest, caring man should read exodus 4:10. Lets give Berger a chance, vote for someone who is not a good ole boy.

Berger has a Record...of Integrity

Fact: Berger has a degree in government from a top school

Fact: Berger has worked for some of the leading companies and firms in the world, according to WWAY.

Fact: Berger has an MBA or something from East Carolina

Fact: Berger fought the Cape Fear Utility Authority, and he was right. Caster created the Authority and ignored Berger's warnings.

Fact: Berger has been outspoken and consistent in advancing conservative principles and values EVERY time he's run for office

Fact: Berger has opposed Titan's tax breaks from the beginning. He doesn't just say no, Berger has proposed great ideas to bring businesses and jobs - alot more jobs than titan's 40 menial labor jobs for locals.

Fact: Berger has proposed sound budgeting that belies an understanding of how businesses budget. We could use more of that in government.

Fact: Berger is a courageous man who has challenged the corruption and good ole boy cronyism in government, and the secrecy in our own county government

Fact: You are weak and evil firing lies about berger from your anonymous perch. Berger has put his life and reputation on the line to fight for conservative and common sense values. He has not sought profit for his political activities which date back years, not months, as you imply.

Berger beleives what he says, and he will get my vote Tuesday. All good people of New Hanover County would be wise to vote for brian berger. He's educated, experienced, courageous, and has a track record of consistent positions on issues and taking on the status quo. He's a breath of fresh air...not a stale corrupt polician like Slick Willy Caster.

Berger Shmerger

If you belive all that, after your done . . .I got a bridge I want to sell you also. Let me know . . . cause you can't even know the facts.

Here's how we'll know...

"How do you know what kind of leader Berger will be? What has he done????"

>Elect him and we'll find out. But to merely continue down the same path we've been traveling will lead us to the same place we are now...full of corrupt politicians who do the bidding of the special interest groups. The "special interest" group that is speaking loudly are those of us who are fed up with seeing our tax dollars all levels.

Let's only hope that this

Let's only hope that this momentum leads to some new faces in Wilmington City Hall.