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ONLY ON 3: We uncover email that proves Caster campaign not truthful about letter to editor

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: We uncover email that proves Caster campaign not truthful about letter to editor

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wednesday, we told you about a letter to the editor published Wednesday in the StarNews that criticized New Hanover County Commission candidate Brian Berger for being a former Libertarian. The letter was signed by Phyllis S. Smith.

Berger accused incumbent Bill Caster of having campaign volunteer David Benford plant the letter in the paper. Tricia Vance, who's on the StarNews's editorial page staff, said she spoke with Smith herself and verified her signature on the letter. Benford said he did not write the letter, nor is he a paid consultant, but only a volunteer. Caster confirmed Smith is a friend of his.

Today, we found an e-mail on the county government e-mail server dated June 8 from Benford to Caster with the letter attached. In it, Benford says, "Please find someone to send attached letter to editor in to the StarNews. The directions for doing so are printed in the paper."

The letter attached is almost word-for-word the same as the one printed in the paper Wednesday and signed by Smith.

We're continuing to work on this story and will have more for you later in the afternoon.

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Stand up and say no to caster -the disaster

Bill has a record of poor judgment and mismanagement-on so many issues that others have noted. Brian Berger had the courage to run against him knowing Caster would use thousands of dollars of special interest monies to try to buy run off. Bill will do or say anything to keep power--this takes the cake lying to WWAY3 and others- it is symbol of Caster politics. As earlier comment noted Berger on issues was better before-he is even better now. We shouldn't have Bill Caster on Republican ticket when we have a better candidate in Brian. I would hope wway 3 would ask his "volunteer" Bender how much money he has received from County or Bill for services over year? We wont get an honest answer on that one either.

Well, well...

looks like someone has been caught lying or mis-speaking as "they" call it. Wanna get away?

oh snap caster

So Caster is cooked. Can you really use the county email for campaign communications?

More Caster Lies

How many volunteers get paid thousands of dollars?

Caster paid David Benford's firm some $7500 at least earlier this year and probably alot more recently for running his sleaze campaign against Berger. And this is what the Republican Party has to offer New Hanover County? I'm sure the Democrats are licking their chops hoping Caster beats Berger because Berger is clearly a much stronger candidate with something meaningful to say and offer New Hanover citizens.

If Republicans don't turn out in force to vote for Berger, it will tell you exactly what the NHC GOP Party stands for - nothing but corruption. C'mon folks, fellow conservatives, taxpayers, let's get Berger on the ticket for November and make the Republican Party meaningful again. Get out and vote for Brian Berger!

What,bill lies?no kidding?

bill caster is one dirty s.o.b and always has 1998 he used his power to harass richard dixon who was running against him having mr.dixon pulled and roughed up 31 times in 28 days prior to the election by new hanover duputies loyal to corrupt bill he and other libertarians worked hard against corruption they where threatened and harassed nonstop.then bill caster used his power to block an abc permit mr.dixon tried to get for his store to sell beer.bill lies,cheats and steals his way around this county and must be stopped for the good of working sound like a cartoon but good luck mr.burger.and be careful as bill caster will stop at nothing to keep his power.

bill caster

Looks like we got our own "slick Willy"