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Parent wants others to be aware of seclusion rooms in school

READ MORE: Parent wants others to be aware of seclusion rooms in school
Five feet by seven feet wide, nine feet tall with a small window and padded walls. It is called a seclusion room. Kirsten Findley is troubled by the one found at Carolina Beach Elementary School; her son is in kindergarten. "He said he had very traumatic experience with a teacher. That he was threatened to be locked into a room with the lights off and the door locked," said Kirsten. Early this month, Findley said her son was having a bad day at school, and was crying uncontrollably. She said his teacher sent him to an empty classroom to calm down; a classroom for special education students. The seclusion room is inside. Findley said, "At first I thought that was kind of far fetched. I didn't really know of a room like that at my school. So, the next day I went to the school to speak to them about the situation." The seclusion room is used for some special education students who fall under the Individualized Education Program. After a psychological assessment, parents can agree to allow their children to be placed in seclusion if they are displaying dangerous behavior to themselves or others. It is not intended as a punishment. New Hanover County Executive Director of Special Education, William Trant said, "That's a component of a IEP, it's not for all children. It's for children with disabilities that may suggest that particular kind of need or that intervention." Findley's son was never actually placed in this seclusion room, though she said it was used to threaten him, which is not what it's for. Findley eventually filed a complaint with the school district. School officials replied saying, "The principal has assured me that they will no longer utilize the IBS classroom as an intervention for your son." School officials are still investigating the incident and told me they can not discuss the issue further, since it's a personnel issue. The State Board of Education permits seclusion rooms with strict guidelines and inspections. The majority of schools in New Hanover County have a seclusion room. Findley said her goal was to make other parents aware such rooms do exist. Many other states permit the use of seclusion rooms. Officials say teachers who work with special education students undergo intensive training, to learn when using them is appropriate.

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Whiney no parenting parents...

Whiney no parenting parents should teach their kids how to act at home, then these rooms wouldnt be necessary. You obviously havent seen how bad kids are nowadays...and the fact that they arent paddled or humiliated in front of other kids doesnt help. You all sound like such bleeding heart sympathists...that think its always society or someone else to blame for your kids misfortunes or acts. PUNISH your children parents...TEACH them how to act and how NOT to act and like I said, things like this wont be needed. SPANK them. RESTRICT them. Youre their parents, not their friends. Youre plain crazy if you think this room is medieval or like a prison. Its more to embarrass the kids and make sure they cant hurt themselves when throwing their little tantrums, to get what they want...because Ill bet it works at home on you Moms and Dads. Remember how stupid kids felt sitting in the corner when you were growing up? or having their names written on the board? Well, thanks to modern day people such as yourselves, thats not allowed anymore. YOU ALL have single handedly taken away all the ways to punish kids that have worked so well for the past 80 years. Thanks NO parenting Parents. THANKS!

reply to Anita H.

I hear ya, Know where you're coming from. Would've probably made the same comment if it was someone elses story. I'm not one to blow things out of proportion or try to find blame somewhere else for my own ploblems. It's not me. I want to say that my son is not bad, I know difficult children and they require more patience and usually it's obvious that there are parenting issues at fault. But this just isn't one of those cases.

I agree with you. God put

I agree with you. God put us here to parent these children not, be there friends.

seclusion room

so, put the kid in "the hole" instead of calling the parent. i would be outraged too. this is the kind of treatment schools were allowed to get away with back in the 50's when teachers hit kids.this is not a mental institution. could someone at the school stay with the child and calm him down until a parent or guardian came to get him? i applaud that parent for filing a complaint.

The child was never put in

The child was never put in the "hole". Please go back and read the article. The child was not jailed, holed or imprisoned. But sometimes teachers need to protect children from themselves and from harming others. Should we fire cops too?

Teachers have 20-30 kids to

Teachers have 20-30 kids to supervise during the day. Thanks to our new president and all of the teacher layoffs this number will increase next year. What teacher has time to sit with a kid to calm him down? Usually the children who will be sent to this room have crack-head parnets who won't come and pick them up anyone. Get a grip people. This is reality. Thank goodness Carolina Beach has a room like this. If it was my child who was misbehaving I say "Lock'em up"!

A teachers job is to

A teachers job is to educate, NOT incarcerate. If you would like to lock up people, get a job in the penal system, NOT the school system.

Teachers are required by law

Teachers are required by law to maintain order in schools. They must protect children from hurting themselves or others. THat is what the law says. Without this authority, your child could be harmed by another chld and perhaps seriously injured. Who is it that you would prefer keep order? Can you come to school and help? When? These teachers need all the help they can get.

I have 3 children and they

I have 3 children and they all have an IEP. Each of them have a learning disability and the 2 boys have behavior problems that stem from their learning disability. By the way, I'm not a crackhead. I'm a Registered Nurse who is a single parent though. (Any problem with that?) I wouldn't doubt for a minute that the seclusion room was used as a threat to this child. I have been very involved in all of my children's education and am very familiar with the different programs offered at the schools. Unfortunately there are teachers that are just there for a paycheck and could care less if a child learns anything especially a child with a disability. Parents aren't always at fault for there children's actions. Stop blaming them. I consider myself an excellent parent. Yes my children have misbehaved in ways I don't think is acceptable but they have problems that cause them to act that way. Having 20-30 children to supervise during a day doesn't give a teacher the right to just throw a child in a seclusion room. One of my children have been in a seclusion room in New Hanover County and at the time was needed due to his behavior BUT the teacher didn't intervene when she should have so this caused his behavior towards another student to escalate. Another student was mouthing at my son and my son told the teacher if he says another word about my mom I'm going to get up and get him. She did nothing and guess what happened he followed through. I can tell you from experience alot of these teachers who work with special needs children don't have proper training. I have had teachers provoke my children before. Sorry this isn't acceptable. You don't get in the face of a child with known behavior/emotional issues. Maybe you don't have kids or maybe they're just perfect. If so congratulations. Another thing a special needs teacher shouldn't have 20-30 children at one time anyway. The class size for these children is smaller maybe 8 students if that many from my experience. If they don't want to deal with it then they should find another job. As a nurse I get spit at, swung at, cussed at, and everything else but I like what I do. I also understand that people have all kinds of problems and I never know what they've been through. My job is to give them the same care I would give anyone else and be compassionate. That's why it's called a job. Yes, you have to work. I feel sorry for these children. The New Hanover County Schools don't offer enough services for special needs children but they offer everything for children who are advanced in their studies. What a shame! My 2 boys are both seniors and can barely read. Why? Because once a child is labeled as a child with special needs it doesn't matter anymore whether they learn. They get promoted no matter what because their work is supposed to be on their grade level and it's better for them socially. More or less staff don't want to be bothered. So what happens they never get past a reading/writing level of third grade. Also a child has to be so far behind to qualify for these special classes by that time they are just to far behind to catch up. This covers the subject and much more!

response to xxx comment

What are you talking about "crackhead parents"? My son wasn't misbehaving, he was just crying, his teacher said, "if he was misbehaving she would've sent him to the office or sat him in the hall. But he was not being punished" His father recently died and certain things trigger his emotions and he sometimes cries. He was simply crying!!! His teacher took him to the special needs room because there are beanbag chairs and blocks and puzzles he could calm down and return to class when he felt better. I WAS NEVER CALLED!!!! A letter was sent home with my son about him having a bad day but it never mentioned that he was removed from his class. The only person that told me what happened was my son. Not until I made an official complaint was what my son told me verified. My son came home from school and told me what happened when his teacher left him in the room with a staff member he had never known or seen before. Once alone he said the woman told him "one more sniffle and she would lock him in that room" she showed it to him and scared him terribly. He is still crying at night with nightmares that he is locked in that room and misses the bus and has to be locked in all night. XXX, you REALLY dont know what you're commenting about and you're reasoning is not logical, I'm sure all parents that DO have problematic children are not ALL crack-heads! Furthermore, the seclusion rooms are intended for the safety of special needs students and NOT as a punishment. And I'm sure child protection services will tell you that locking a child up, even in their own bedroom is abuse and against the law.

Actually I work with DSS and

Actually I work with DSS and it is not against the law to lock a child in a room for punishment. It is sometimes a safety issue. I never said that all parents with misbehaving children are crack-heads. I said that a teacher can not take the time to sit and calm a student down when there are 25-30 other children in the room, and that when some parents are called they will not come. I do know what I am talking about because I have a background working with special needs children. The seclusion room is a needed thing in many schools and I am outraged that you have brought attention to this. Before you made this a public thing you should have thought about the teachers, students and parents who have to use this room for problem children. You have made New Hanover County look bad by claiming that you wanted parents to know that such a room exists. This is a matter that could have been handled through administration but you have taken it upon yourself to bash a school and a teacher when you were not there and you are basing your information on the words of a minor child. You may not blow things out of proportion but, children certainly do. You have now opened a can of worms and probably feel bad for what you have done. You have tarnished the reputation of one of the best schools in NHC. Maybe you should homeschool or place your child in private school if you don't like the way things are done.

If you beleive that putting

If you beleive that putting your children in a locked room is perfectly legal, than please provide us with your name so that an investigation can be started on you. If such a room is legal and useful, then why would reveling its existance be harmful to the teachers or New Hanover County schools?

reply to Anita H.

It is against the law to lock a child in a room. The seclusion rooms at schools do not have locks for that reason. The school administrators told me the teachers have to use their body weight to hold them closed and prevent the child from leaving. I went through administration and my minor sons story never changed each time he told it to all of the different authorities. Not one single detail added or changed because whether YOU personally believe children or not He was telling the truth. I thought it could be a "far-fetched story" as I said since it was my 5 yr. old telling it. His story was comfirmed by the staff member. My issue IS with the school staff member who abused her possision and threatened my son and other children she even shouted at a parent once and changed her tune real fast when the parent turned around and she saw it was , SHE is tarnishing the schools reputation with her actions and lose of control. I'm not ashamed or embarrased at all. Unfortunately in all professions whether teacher, police officer, even preists there are sometimes those people like this teacher who abuse their position and tarnish the workplaces name for all the good guys. This is one of those cases. It's too bad the school looks bad for this but it's her fault not mine.

If you are the average

If you are the average social worker then it is no wonder that DSS is in the shape it is. Since when does a social worker NOT take the word of a minor child? Tell me, if you do not take the word of a minor child, then how do you investigate cases of abuse and sexual molestation? You need to be removed from your position. If you feel like every child who misbehaves or becomes emotional has crack heads for parents, then you are clearly NOT qualified to deal with children which I believe is the backbone of your job description. And what kind of social worker uses triple x (which in most circles means extreme pornography or profanity) for a sign in user name?


I seriously doubt you work for DSS, or maybe you do because you seem to have an issue about parents know of rooms like this in our schools. Sounds to me like you think it should be covered up and parents have no right to know what might happen to their children during the school day, or maybe you think it's ok for a child to be locked in a room either alone or with an adult. Who knows what might happen then. Why don't you just go away.

Thank you, Mrs. Findley. I

Thank you, Mrs. Findley. I for one appreciate your bringing this to the public's attention. I think what our resident DSS person is missing here, is that the school pretty much verified your son's account and agree that this should not have been handled in the manner it was. You and the little one will be in my prayers. Maybe the school district should pony up for a counselor for him. It's the least they can do. The fact is "XXXXX", the room has a purpose, but it is not meant to be used as a punishment. It also would seem (according to the article) that the room is to be used for a singular purpose. I quote to you from the article, "The seclusion room is used for some special education students who fall under the Individualized Education Program. After a psychological assessment, parents can agree to allow their children to be placed in seclusion if they are displaying dangerous behavior to themselves or others. It is not intended as a punishment." Did you get that last bit? Did Mrs. Findley's son have an IEP in place? Was there any assessment done on her son? Had she consented beforehand to allow the school to place her son in seclusion? I believe that the teacher HAD to have been aware that this little boy lost his father recently. I suspect she was having a bad day, lost her composure, and made a colossal gaff. So if you are going to accuse ANYONE of making the school, county, teacher, etc. look bad, you can start with chastising the teacher. She was wrong in this instance, and clearly the school administrators agree with that. Clearly, even THEY don't believe this is the way "things are done". So if they ADMIT that what happened here was WRONG, how the heck do you defend it?

seclusion rooms

I have worked in education for the past 17 years and I find this information very fortunate for teachers and students. Being as all of educators discipline rights have been taken away it is important to know that rooms like this do exist. Students who display harmful or violent behavior sometimes need to be in a controlled environment. It is a safety issue for students and staff. I am glad that this type of environment exists. Parents need to walk a mile in our shoes before they are so quick to judge.

Are you for real?

I can not believe a teacher would make this kind of comment! When a child misbehaves in class and is disrupting the students, the teacher should take this child to the principal and the parents should be called! This in my opinion is inhumane treatment for any child. The child that this article is about was in a normal classroom setting, and was threatened to be in this room. I can tell you that I would be at the school board in a skinny minute if this were my child. Please identify yourself and let everyone know what school you teach at, so they can make sure their child is not subjected to the likes of you.

you for real

If parents did their jobs, there would not be a need for this type room. Wake up and realize that teachers have to handle lots of unruly kids BESIDES TEACHING. Maybe you should try discipling your kid so teachers wouldn't have to. This might make it possibe for the teacher to do his/her job and allow good kids to learn. IT IS YOUR JOB TO DISCIPLINE YOUR BAD KID!

I have a child you goes to

I have a child you goes to this school and I have heard through the grapevine what teacher this is supposed to be about. I don't believe it for a minute! I think the mom took the word of a kindergarten student over the word of a teacher and it got blown out of proportion. Teachers need support not stupid comments from people who don't know all of the facts!

Word of a kindergarten student?

I would like you to answer one questin for me. How would a five year old know about this room had the child not been exposed to it? The only thing I do agree with you on, is that teachers do need the full support of parents and should be notified by the school if their child is misbehaving. Trust me, I had the school call me one time regarding my son, and he kept his mouth shut from then on. The one piece of advise I have given my children is if they do nothing else in class all day, they can at least keep their mouths shut and pay attention. I strongly DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS ROOM FOR DISPLINE PROBLEMS, special needs or not. Please don't say that I don't know what I am talking about because I have a cousin with special needs, and my Grandson has a step brother with the same needs.

THIS room is needed!!!! I

THIS room is needed!!!! I have used the room before, as a teacher of special needs children at two different schools. If you have seen the things that I have seen you would agree. When a child spits, kicks, tries to climb out of windows, hits, breaks furniture, urinates on themselves, deficates property and comes after you with scissors....what are you supposed to do? Oh yeah, honey could you calm down so I can make a phone call? Please! A seclusion room is the best choice. We used to try and hold kids down or use a blanket to calm them. The room is better. It is padded and the students can not hurt themselves. By the way most of the time the teacher goes into the room with the student unless they are too violent. The police are usually called too and they go into the room too. It is used as a last ditch effort. Get the facts before you are so quick to judge.

"Seclusion room"

I am outraged to see our public schools are allowing such a room to exist. I think this is the most ridiculous form of punishment yet. We wonder why our kids do not want to go to school. The fear of being placed in a padded dungeon for a small child has got to be horrific. Any employee of the school system that thinks this is appropriate for any child should be fired. I think all parents should visit the school and ask if they have one of these rooms and if so we should all contact the school board and have them and whoever is involved with them removed asap!

Are you kidding me?? Fire

Are you kidding me?? Fire them?? Good move. That helps the situation. The school board knows about the rooms dear. They voted to put them there. Don't spread your wishes when you have no idea what it is like to work in a school.

Praise WWAY!

Wait until your own child is attacked by one of these children and see how you feel about it then. I hope every school in this crazy, mixed up nation gets one of these rooms as a result of this newscast. Thanks WWAY.

Seclusion room

Snipes Elementary School has one! And believe me it is needed for ISB children! I would not be a teacher in that classroom! They fight, hit spit, kick, cuss the teachers and any other thing they can think of! These teachers need combat pay to enter that ISB room! My heart goes out to these TEACHERS and they need extra pay to work there. Use it to scare a child,"NO WAY", use it to keep from gettint hurt "YES". They need a School Resource Office in this classroom! GOD bless the teachers!

Parents, Investigate,

Parents, Investigate, speak up, and protect your children. Don't assume that your childs school doesn't have one. Most do. I can't believe there are rooms like this in ELEMENTARY schools! I thought those were in jails and psychiatric hospitals. I googled and yahoo searched 'seclusion rooms in school' and it was a horror show! What year is this? These rooms are being misused and should be done away with! Imagine the affect being locked in a small cell could have on young children 5-11 years old.... It breaks my heart to think of those poor kids.

Think of the poor kids who

Think of the poor kids who could be injured by the misconduct of another child who loses control. What if that kid who was injured was your kie? Who would the poor kid be then. Teachers are required to keep order in the classroom. Perhaps instead of the time out room, which I used at home as a dad, they just send the kid who is out of control home to the parent. That might work.

Please! Breaks your heart?

Please! Breaks your heart? Really? It is not a cell, it is a padded room! Get over yourself. I wish there was one in every classroom. Maybe then teachers would have some leverage to make kids behave! Kids have to many rights. I am sure you are one of the "timeout" parents. That is all the room is......a timeout room. Give me a break! If this story breaks your heart go sit in that classroom for a day and see if you change your mind. Make sure your bring protective gear, you will need it!

If these kids are that bad

If these kids are that bad and out of control, perhaps they should be the ones removed from the school and home schooled, not the well behaved children.