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Parents show concern over President Obama's speech

READ MORE: Parents show concern over President Obama's speech
President Obama's speech is titled "My Education, My Future,” but some parents are worried it is just a political push. He plans to deliver a national address to students throughout the country. “His main goal is to talk about the importance of education,” said New Hanover County Schools spokesperson Valita Quattlebaum. “That is what the department of education has told us it will be about.” But some parents are uneasy about the speech to their kids. “Some people have said that they think it's going to be political in nature,” Quattlebaum said. Due to concerns expressed by some parents regarding the content of President Obama's speech, New Hanover County Schools will send home a letter informing parents who do not want their children to take part in the event that they can opt-out. But parents we spoke with want their children to hear what the president has to say. “I don't see a problem with it. There are a lot of things the students might learn by listening to him,” said parent Janet Clayton. Pender County will also send parents a letter allowing them to opt their children out of the class during the speech. Columbus County schools will not send a letter home, but will make the speech optional, and Brunswick County schools will air the speech later in the week to give parents time to decide whether it is appropriate for their children. “It's a great thing that children should learn early in life because if they learn about education now, it will make a better future for them,” said Columbus County school parent Alexander Shellman. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction supports the address and has created lesson plans for all grade levels to help create discussion about the importance of education. This is not the first time a president will address students. The last president to do so was George H. W. Bush in 1991. For more information on President Obama's speech you can visit the website.

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It's the message not racism

The problem with President Obama addressing the children was not about him encouraging children to study and set goals for themselves. It was about them setting goals for helping President Obama. This was the original agenda sent out to the teachers, which has been revised because so MANY parents and TEACHERS objected to the format. The fact that the Department of Education ORDERED teachers was one of objections. "To prepare for this great event, the Department of Education orders teachers in Grades 7 to 12 to ask their students: Why does President Obama want to speak with us today? How will he inspire us? How will he challenge us? After the great event, the department suggests that teachers of younger students (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6) should instruct their students to write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. These should be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals." If all President Obama wanted to do was to encourage students to study and learn there would not have been any objection. But the original format was all about President Obama not about the students. That's why so many were against his original format. Reagan and Bush did address students, but the message was about students setting goals for themselves not about setting goals for the President. The objections had nothing to do with racism. So, please put the race issue to rest, it is tiresome and so outdated.

Has to be Racism

You're right, it has to be racism. It could not be the fact that he gets on television and lies over and over again and the mainstream(liberal) media does nothing to call him out. I'm sure this time would be different. Where are you Saul Alinsky? Oh, there you are in the Office of the President.

R A-C-I-S-M ... pure and

R A-C-I-S-M ... pure and simple - a white guy born/raised in north carolina

Please Enlighten

Please state what lies he has told. I'm just curious and not trying to belittle you. I'm not a Democrat or liberal either. If he has lied he needs to be held accountable.

You people amaze me! You

You people amaze me! You talk about lying to the country. The prior President and administration lied to the country and sent us to war. Cost us billions a day and the lives of our troops. Nobody from the right has said nothing. The prior administration should be charged with war crimes.This president has done nothing but try to fix what the past administration has blundered and he is being treated like this. Where is the respect 1st of all for the leader of our country. Now that our leader is black you want to disrecpect the position. The president is telling kids to stay in school,there is nothing political about that!

Respect has to be earned

You talk about people who disagree with President Obama not respecting him because he is black. That is really lame. How about you wanting to charge President Bush with war crimes, are you not disrespecting the Presidential position when you say that? You cannot be serious about charging the prior administration with war crimes. Have you given any thought how that appears to the ones we are fighting? They are sitting back and taking everything in. President Obama is putting this country at risk if he continues to proceed down that line with our security. You cannot maintian the national security with a set of rules that only we play by. Our enemies that want to destroy us, yes destroy us play by a different set of rules. If you cannot accept that than maybe you can accept living under their rules if they succeed. You need to see the movie about the Third Jihad. It will open your closed eyes and mind. Bush had policies that I did not agree with. But than again nobody is ever going to please all of the people all of the time. But just because I disagreed with him did not mean that I did not have respect for the office he held. So I think I can disagree with President Obama with out being disrepectful towards the office he holds. That does not make me or anybody else that disagrees with him a racist. So please get off the race issue it is a lame duck! As far as Obama fixing anything, he has done nothing but head this country towards hyper inflation with his spending money that this country does not have to spend. Get your facts straight, the Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac mess started with Clinton, which lead to the finicial crisis. There is plenty of blame to go around for all sides.

Sorry Obama...

I would like to say that the local boards of ed have finally made some good decisions. Obama, in his arrogance once again, assumes that everyone shares his views and feels confortable with him sharing his socialist-slanted agenda with the nation's most impressionable population, our children. Well, let me be the first to say that I do not share his political agenda nor do I want him to share it with my children. Obama can continue to develop his cult of personality with weak-minded adults until the cows come home, but it is wonderful to see that so many are showing a little forethought when it comes to our kids. It seems strange that Obama, with so many critical issues in this country, has decided to cause more controversy and division among the people. In my opinion, it is just another sideshow to keep people from thinking about the health care fiasco and his reckless appointing of his "czars". Again, I salute the local leaders of the schools for not bowing to the liberal pressures and giving parents a chance to opt out. Way to go!!!

Sorry Obama

"It seems strange that Obama, with so many critical issues in this country, has decided to cause more controversy and division among the people " This seems to be you,the members of the board of education and thoes who would even think of such nonsense .. NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES . Its all Racism .You should wake up and respect the Highest Office in the United States OF AMERICA even if it is held by a BLACK MAN.

Are they going to have to

Are they going to have to send permission slips home for regular classes to be taught now? Since when has education become political? Does this mean in classes such as current events they will have to send permission slips home as well? Where do we draw the line?

We've already drawn the line

Since you are new here, I'll make this plain. There hasn't been "regular class" taught in public schools in decades. Public schools are now seen as indoctrination centers with a short recess for fundamentals (reading, writing, math, etc). Ever notice how much of the day is actually spent on instruction? This is why some have found home schooling as an alternative (who on average are head and shoulders above publicly educated students). You can actually teach what is necessary in a few hours a day.

But to get direct on point with your comment, the difference is that you assume Obama's intentions are good. We don't, nor does the majority of Americans. He's lost the trust of the people, and that is a really bad thing. Don't believe me? Here's some educational material.

Washington Post: Obama, the Mortal

Sorry, kid

In schools, you have this thing called the North Carolina Standard Course of Study that covers grade k-12. It is State Board and local board approved. Therefore, when you attend a public school in NC, you will be taught by the guidelines spelled out in the NCSCS. Since this speech or the lesson plans that were included in it were not part of the standard approved cirriculum, it really should not be shown until it has been approved by the state and local BOEs even if it is the president. In this country, we have always held the belief that one person should not be held in a higher state over another (even though we have not always practiced it). It is why we decided not to have kings and queens. The founders of this country thought that a fine principle of government was that people have a right to choose. The local BOEs chose not to be mindless sheep and decided to give parents a choice. It is a good lesson for a young person to see that you do not have to bend to popular opinion and you can choose for yourself. Be glad that you are an American and that we still live in a country where you can make choices for yourself and your future childern.

I know why

I remember when I was in school watching the space shuttle and President Reagan speak, now we have a black president and it becomes a BIG issue. When God was taken out of schools students started shooting and killing their classmates and teachers. G Bush was reading a book upside down on 9/11. My daughter will be watching and if parents threaten to keep their children out of school beacuse of this it should be counted as an UNEXCUSED ABSCENCE. WOW what a racist country we live in.

No Form

My children are in two Pender county schools and did not receive a form to bring home. Where are we to get the forms or when? Anybody know? Thanks!

Permission slips for Pender Co.

I work in the school system and we have been told that we can show the speech as long as it aligns with our curriculum. If it does not pertain to our subject matter, we are to continue with our day, as the speech will air again and again and students can watch it at their leisure.


Did it make headline news with parents saying "No way my precious little overprotected baby will see this" when George H. W. Bush did it in 91? Really amazes me how some parents are objecting to this. WHAT do you think he is going to say?? Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Das, there would have been no uproar...

...had the accompanying proposed lesson plans not exposed the true agenda. Here's one suggested idea for middle-school children - write a letter to yourself listing what you can do ***TO HELP PRESIDENT OBAMA.*** Of course, when it hit the fan, they backed off and said that it was "inartfully worded." Excuse me, but that's a load of bovine droppings. It was worded to go along with their intended objective, to mold young minds into idolizing Uncle Ho...I mean, Uncle O. One of the basic tools of the Marxists has always been to indoctrinate the youngest of minds.


I wish these people that want to get their 15 mins of air time. Would show this much concern at PTA,PTO meetings. Or when some jerk has gotton the school grounds. Or when the state cut so much funding from the schools and cut teacher's jobs. Go to the school and watch it with your kids. Get the facts before you jump off the bridge...

Really what harm is it?????

I never took a slip home to talk about Washington. This is really bad when you can't even talk to the kids. He would not tell kids nothing he would not tell his own. My God he's a father first.

For those of you who voted

For those of you who voted BHO, you wanted change, you got change. Your misguided vote has added to the situation. 2012 can't come soon enough.

Obama speech

Why is it that the only 3 people you interviewed about the speech are ALL African American...the teacher, the parent, and the man out in the community. Of course they are going to say it is a great thing! You really should have asked people with BOTH viewpoints! Shame on you!! I will NOT allow my son to view the speech and I think my reasons are justified!

President Obama speech to children

It is absurd to think that any american would NOT want their child to hear a speech from the president of our nation. And certainly one that is tailored to them and their educational futures. President Obama is president of these United States, not just president for those that voted for him. It is time to give this man the respect he deserves,and to pray for the healing of our nation.