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VOTE 2010: Poll shows New Hanover voters back McIntyre; Pantano disagrees

READ MORE: Poll shows New Hanover voters back McIntyre; Pantano disagrees

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- With Election Day eight days away, the war of words among candidates continues to heat up, but many people have already made up their minds about who they want to lead southeastern North Carolina and what problems they want solved.

According to a recent poll, if the election were held today, about half of New Hanover County registered voters would choose incumbent Mike McIntyre over challenger Ilario Pantano to represent the 7th district in Congress.

"It's exciting," McIntyre said. "It shows momentum is building. People are interested. People are now starting to stop and compare and realize there is a great contrast between the two candidates."

The poll was conducted by the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership, but not everyone agrees with it.

"We know that that poll is inaccurate," Pantano said.

Still, while 55 percent of New Hanover County registered voters surveyed said they describe themselves as conservative, 49 percent picked McIntyre, a Democrat, to return to Congress compared to just 37 percent for Republican Pantano.

"All registered voters aren't going to vote. There's a lot of people who are sitting on the couch who haven't been involved in the political process," Pantano said. "Of folks that are going to vote, we're absolutely in the lead, and the proof of that is Nancy Pelosi has spent over $200,000 in this district buying commercials on your network and others attacking me. They wouldn't be doing that if Congressman McIntyre was safe. He's not. The voters are tired of it."

People polled say the biggest issue facing the county is jobs. McIntyre says he's got the upper hand on how to get people back to work.

"I grew up here, and I know friends from high school, friends in my church, friends in my neighborhood who lost their jobs because of these trade deals," McIntyre said. "(Pantano) doesn't have an understanding of that."

But Pantano says he has his own plan of attack.

"We want to lower taxes," he said. "We want to reduce spending because the spending has gotten out of control and that will bring back certainty. That certainty will allow the private sector to start hiring."

In the meantime, the battle continues and is likely to flare all the way until November 2.

The poll also shows 39 percent of voters disapprove of the way the New Hanover County Commission is doing its job. That's the worst rating for commissioners in two years.

Voters also picked incumbent Richard Burr over Elaine Marshall for US Senate by 14 percentage points.

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We know who the puppet is... McIntyre

McIntyre is the puppet. He has always voted with Obama and Pelosi and we know what he will do in the future. We see how that is working out since he only carries water for Obama.

I would say to anyone that has an opinion like you (doesn't know anything about Pantano) to do your own research independent of the 6 o'clock news. The only reason you don't know him is because you haven't looked.

Do you realize how you look? Your BIG REASONs for not voting for him is because he was a Marine and isn't wealthy is absolutely ridiculous. That is a great reason for us to vote FOR Pantano.

if you think McIntyre

if you think McIntyre "always votes with Obama and Pelosi," you may be the most uninformed person I have ever met. McIntyre votes with them half of the time, and against them half of the time. Do some research, don't be stupid and just go by the rating which includes secondary/roll call votes. When you look at the nationaljournal which measures the true percentages McIntyre is 52-48...right down the middle...and voting for our district.


"We know that that poll is inaccurate," Pantano said.

But it would be accurate if Pantano was leading it, in his mind. Obvious narcissist cant believe anything if its goes against him.

Good question, who is paying for his run out of nowhere?

Oh and Pantano is going to reduce taxes...... gee that idea sounds original. Typical political lies.


If you want continuation of the Progressive policies of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, then vote for McIntyre. If you want to return to a more conservative and smaller government style, then you should consider Pantano. It sounds like you have not done your research.



I know where McIntyre comes

I know where McIntyre comes from, and he is no longer welcome. Spends our money faster then he can get it. His agenda is clear; do and say whatever is necessary to stay in office.

One of R.C.'s boyfriends could do a better job. I sure hope you are not voting.

You can go with McIntyre

You can go with McIntyre because you are obviously one who cares more about whats in it for me versus whats best for the Nation. The JFK days of "Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what can you do for your Country" are gone and been replaced with Liberal Leftist Democrats who are only interested in what do I get out of it personaly. Shame people don't follow their government closer than what they do because where we are now is a direct result of decades of indoctrination by the media, who by the way, are 99.9% in the back pocket of democrats and you know thats a fact.

Where have you been??

Where did he come from?? You mean here locally? Well, he was assigned to Camp Lejuene and after he resignd his commission, he and his family stayed. He wrote a bestseller here, pursued and completed BLET training and became a New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputy. But that's easy to find out, just check his bio on his webpage.
How is he financed? Simple... By me and people like me that believe that he is the leader we need in Washington.

Cheryl, Cheryl...It was not

Cheryl, Cheryl...It was not meant literally where he came from, like his home or whatever, much broader...basically, how did he come from battlefield to politics in the blink of an eye. Jeez....they walk among us and they unfortunately vote.

Who are 'they'?

Sorry guest but what do you consider a blink of the eye? He's a 38 yr old man with an Economics degree, has worked on Wall St so he understands that operation, has been a small business owner so he knows the pressure of meeting payroll, OCS trained with combat leadership experience. That sounds like a lot of valuable 'real world' experience. Sounds just like the leadership we need in Washington.

Who are the 'they' that you reference? People that think America has strayed too far from our Constitutional Republic? OK, that means I'm a 'they'. Believes in the 2nd Amendment? I'm another one of 'they'. Clings to my religion? I'm one of these 'they' too. And I believe in a government of the people, by the people, for the people. I'm in this distinguished company of 'they' too. But you are right about one thing, I do vote and I cast my ballot today.

Youre absurd. Something is

Youre absurd. Something is not right with McIntyre and people like you are the reason why. Remember when McIntyre said he was only going to run for two terms and then get out of politics. HHHMMM wonder why he stayed....Convenient how after years of supporting Nancy P and her ridiculous spending now he changes his mind. Its too late to take back the damage that has been done. Im sure you voted for "change" last time around so perhaps you should stick to that and "change" McIntyre

Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

You must be like Ben David. Just about every question you asked can be answered if you would take 5 minutes to look on Pantano's website:

As far as campaign financing, Ilario wrote a best-selling book; he has funded most of the campaign with his own money. Where is Mike getting his money from? A US congressman doesn't make that much money to run the amount of TV ads that he has. He's got to be getting under-the-table financing to keep the airwaves plastered with his ads. The DNC has also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last couple of months trying to boost McIntyre in the area with a lot of sleazy ads. He says Pantano will eliminate social security, even though Mike has supported many pieces of legislation that drained the SS trust fund. Fact is, anyone younger than 30 will likely never see a dime of SS, so I'm all for phasing it out or giving younger generations a chance to entrust their retirement to something more than a ponzi scheme.

McIntyre promised that he would self-enforce a term limit on himself when he first ran for office. I guess that's what happens when you stay in Washington too long; you forsake your principles and renege on promises. And if anyone is a "puppet", it's Mike. He's a senior whip, which means he's responsible to cajole his fellow congressmen to vote how Nancy tells him to, which he has for the most part.

If Mike wins, it's just going to be more of the same. I've lived in Wilmington my whole life and I can say that things around here hasn't gotten any better because of Mike. Pantano has some fresh ideas to help get the economy and the country back on track. If he turns out not to do so well in Washington, then we can re-elect Mike the next time around. I'm willing to take the "risk" to try and break our district out of economic mediocrity.

Most of Pantano's money come

Most of Pantano's money come from New York, Nevada, and California. NOT NORTH CAROLINA.

Do you think Pantano will vote like we want him to vote? (NO) He will vote like his big supports want him to vote. FROM NEW YORK, NEVADA, CALIFORNIA.

Did you know the Attorney

Did you know the Attorney general of New york is looking into fraud on the Pantano charity. it just is getting worse and worse. How did the Republicans fall for this. He changed to a republican 3 months before running.He was a liberal NY dem before that. A failed employee of the big Godlman sachs outfit, No REAL job history at all. A total disgrace as a marine. I was going to say a failed actor but seeing what he has pulled off so far he is oscar worthy.

Who is funding Ilario Pantano?

I am. And so are some of my neighbors. I am from Texas. Mr. Pantano was invited by our Republican Congressman who is Ilario's "mentor" as a first time candidate, to meet some of his mentor's constituents in Texas. The Republican Party pairs "experienced" Congressmen with "newcomers" to help them navigate many of the issues they have not encountered before in a Congressional campaign.

Mr. Pantano spoke for about 45 minutes, then spent a couple of hours answering questions about his background, his service, (not once, but twice) in the Marine Corps. He told us that he left his "cushy" Wall Street job and rejoined the Marines after 9/11 for his second time through.

He told how he started a small media business hiring people to cover the war. He told of the hell of war, and the pain of the investigation of his service record. He told us that he would sign up, and defend his country in a minute, even after the experience that shook him to the core.
He told us about writing the book and defending his record, and thereby defending the record of every serviceman and woman who serves in the heat of battle. He spoke with conviction and a quiet strength about the enemies outside the country, and the enemies within.

He sees and understands attacks on our freedoms, internally through the social welfare state, which turn all of us into slaves, and the enemies with out, who have been jealous of our economic success, and who fear that our way of life will unalterably change theirs-Enemies who would rather kill us than understand us.

We believe he is sincere, genuine, and not afraid to do the right thing. We think he is not afraid to say what he needs to say, and to say "no" when he needs to. We need representatives with a spine. We need a lot of them. We believe Mr. Pantano has that.

So a few neighbors in Texas wrote a few checks to help this eager, smart, patriot run against an entrenched incumbent. We are not institutions or unions. We are families who are impressed with Mr. Pantano. NC7 is lucky to have such an inspiring patriot, educated and thoughtful candidate, to challenge a long-time "me-too" "bring home the bacon" democrat.

The small gathering of people of Texas who met Ilario are rooting for the People of North Carolina 7 to vote for the candidate with guts. Vote for the candidate who will help restore fiscal disciplne. Vote for the candidate who understands, recognizes and will stand up against tyranny both inside and outside the United States.

Thank you North Carolina 7 for sending Ilario Pantano to the U S House of Representatives to beat back the onslaught of "Progressivism"-progressively taking over your life through regulation and redistributing your hard earned dollars to the charities of the bureaucrats' choices.

This is like voting for

This is like voting for either Beavis or Butthead. One I don't trust with his fingers on my wallet, and the other I don't trust with his finger on "the button". What we have here is a choice between two self-serving narcissists, but what else is new?