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Republican primary may decide Brunswick sheriff race

READ MORE: Republican primary may decide Brunswick sheriff race

John Ingram filed to run for sheriff of Brunswick County today. It could be one of the most interesting local races this election season.

For the first time in 14 years, Brunswick County residents will elect someone other than Ronald Hewett to serve as their sheriff. The popular sheriff went to prison for obstruction of justice in 2008, and Ingram was appointed to fill his seat.

Ingram has worked for the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office since 1991. In 2008, he was one of more than a dozen deputies subpoenaed to testify about the sheriff's behavior. Deputies said Hewett did everything from coming to crime scenes drunk to having them do his campaign work while on the clock.

"It was a very unnerving time, difficult time for a lot of people," Ingram said.

After Hewett was convicted, the Brunswick County Democratic Party appointed Ingram to take Hewett's place as sheriff. Then in November Ingram dropped a bombshell, switching his political party and announcing his intention to run for the Republican sheriff's nomination in 2010.

"I wanted the voters to know who I am as an individual and what my views are and values," Ingram said, "and being a registered Republican would better reflect those views and values."

Ingram will face at least one challenger. Tim Daniels, a sergeant with the State Highway Patrol, has also filed to run.

"I think I have a lot to offer the department," Daniels said. "My integrity, my character, my professional education, my progressive experience in law enforcement and climbing through the ranks of the North Carolina Highway Patrol."

Daniels, a Brunswick County native, was a life-long Democrat, but recently switched his political affiliation as well. Like Ingram, Daniels says he took a lot of flack for changing parties, but says his beliefs more closely align with the Republican Party.

Unless a third challenger comes forward in the next few days before the filing period ends, these two Republicans will be the only two candidates in the sheriff's race. That means the election will likely be decided in the primary this May, and unless the county's 28,000 registered Democrats change their political affiliation, they won't be eligible to vote in the sheriff's primary.

"It would be a shame if people who want to support me wouldn't be able to support me because they're not aware that in order to do that they're going to need to be unaffiliated or a Republican," Daniels said.

Another interesting twist in this race, Hewett has announced who he's endorsing. We'll tell you about that tomorrow and take a look at the potential political baggage of an endorsement from a man who was just released from prison.

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You don't know nothing you

You don't know nothing you just saying this to help Salt Daniels, I know for a fact Sherriff Ingram is not doing what Hewett did,Salt Daniels just want Ingram to look bad,that all. Hewett just used Salt to get everybody fired up there to get back at them. They are doing good job up there.Salt got to many people out in the street now he always look the other way. Ingram trying to stop it.

You know "NO" such fact

You know "NO" such fact ...This isn"t the old days...When you were pushed to stand behind someone that you didnt believe in... because if you didnt stand behind that person then you were out of JOB

please cite your source!

If you know for a fact that BCSO employees are campaigning on county time, don't make false accusations, call the sherriff's office and tell them to stop. If you knew the amount of respect for the law that Ingram has you would know that he does not allow this to happen, I have heard with my own ears, from the sherriff himself,"campaigning on county time will not be tolerated, if you would like to help i would greatly appreciate it, but do it when you are off duty." Sometimes people aren't as dirty as the public makes them out to be! If you're just making these stories up keep it to yourself, don't spread false rumors. Thanks

This statement is simply not

This statement is simply not true and unfounded.


Remember a couple of months ago Mr. Ingram change his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican? Now how can a set of values change so quickly. Political expediency, that's how.
Who Ronald Hewitt supports should be a non issue. Look at the candidates running. Of course Mr. Hewitt would want someone other than the guy who turned him in to win the Sheriffs seat.

Tim/Salt changed parties too!!!!!

WOW! Are you serious? Tim "Salt" Daniels was a democrat. He was in the appointment process by the democratic party for Sheriff just like SHERIFF INGRAM!!! But wait he LOST!!!
SHERIFF INGRAM DID NOT "turn in" nobody, Check your facts and quit telling these lies!!! Ronald Hewett broke the law and that is why he went to jail!

Whoever you are PH, get your

Whoever you are PH, get your facts straight. There has not been any pressure or threats made to anybody. You just want to try and ruin Sheriff Ingram because you are obvisouly at Ronald Fan. This administration is 180degrees in the opposite direction of the former adminstration. If you do not have anything better to do than sit on here and try and stir the pot, go get a life.

I believe that "Salt

I believe that "Salt Daniels" also changed his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican before Ingram...I think that SHERIFF INGRAM made the right choice....

That may be true but...

Ingram was appointed by Democrats, Salt was not elected/appointed by anyone. I have switched parties before, but when you have been put in a position by a group and then turn on them you are turning your back on the ones who put you there. Which brings me to the other point, RE-elect Ingram??? He was APPOINTED BY DEMOCRATS!!! The actual citizens did not ELECT him.

Daniels For Sheriff!

Uhm, doesn't the Hatch Act

Uhm, doesn't the Hatch Act come into play here with Daniels being in NCSHP and running for office? A similar situation came into play when Bennie Corbett ran for Sheriff in Pender County in 2002, he had to resign from DMV because the agency received federal funds from the government....

Hatch Act

What about the Federal Money that the BCSD gets...By the way...lets hatch a new sheriff...I'm still hopefull that there will be a democratic candidate that will beat them both......avoid double standards.....I know one thing...We can think good ole Rex gore for getting us into this mess. He was the guy that went to columbus County to get this sheriff, when we had better democrats in the county.....Like Sloan, Daniesl, Dove....but Rex had to have Ingram......Now Butch Davis or Jon David will have my vote for DA...Thanks alot have messed up a lot of peoples lives and now you can retire back to columbus county......end the politics as used.......and be real......I didn't think I could vote for Rex and I thank Mr. Pope for keeping me from having to....Come May it's a no brain....question......Pope, and all you Republicans and unaffiliated voters should vote for Tim Daniels.....

Hatch Act Reply

According to an Internet search for the "Hatch Act" "The Hatch Act of 1939 is a United States federal law whose main provision is to prohibit federal employees (civil servants) from engaging in partisan political activity...The Hatch Act also applies by extension to certain employees of state and local governments whose positions are primarily paid for by federal funds." Since Candidate Daniels is employed by the state and paid by the state, I don't believe the Hatch Act applies. Additionally, the Hatch Act applies to civil servants and police officers are not civil servants.

civil servant

A civil servant or public servant is a civilian public sector employee working for a government department or agency. The term explicitly excludes the armed services(aka the Military) The term always includes the state's employees.
Nimrod!!! Cops have always been considered to be civil servants!!! also firemen, rescue squads, etc!!!

That DMV employee sued the

That DMV employee sued the state and got his job back, with back pay. Also, whoever Ronald Hewett chooses to endorse is his individual right and Tim Daniels can't help that Ronald is endorsing him. Let's remember that ROnald doesn't even get a vote. Why would Ronald endorse Ingram who signed an affidavit against him and yes the same thing is still going on with the current administration.

I would not want that

I would not want that convicted felon Hewett supporting me. And I sure wouldn't want a Sheriff that would want his support!


I agree. I do would not want that. It is my opinion if there’s ever been a county in need of a Sheriff with morals and principles it’s Brunswick county. John Ingram has already proven he’s a man of integrity and high moral standing, something that seems to have been forgotten by many in Brunswick County. He has shown excellent leadership and outstanding character. We don’t need another criminal for sheriff covering up and partaking in crimes. So far Ingram has set good examples for the citizens of Brunswick County. He has already done more to clean up crimes than any sheriff in years. For years the topic in all surrounding counties has been the corruption of Brunswick County‘s law enforcement. Not a reputation to make residents proud. I believe John Ingrams can turn this county around making the younger generation proud to be its residents.

You must be one of Ingram's

You must be one of Ingram's people. The best sheriff for this county is not the one who is in there it would be Timothy Daniels. Those of you who know him would know that. Don't hold judgment to something you know nothing about. Ingram is one of the people who pushed Hewett out so do you think he would have his support. No he wouldn't so there for Hewett would not want to go for Ingram he would endorse his rival. Any idiot would know that.

What's an ingram person? Im

What's an ingram person? Im just making a general statement...A convicted felon is not someone i want to associate with or a Sheriff running this county. Would you? What's Mr. Daniels do when he has his gun on him, cause last time i checked hewett can't be near a firearm or its back to the slammer.

To each his own!! We are all

To each his own!! We are all entitled to our opinions. The whole point here is that a man who plead guilty AND is now a convicted felon, who does not even have the right to vote is endorsing anyone, is totally insane. And to make ignorant comments like "robbed of the flag that I once held". Are you kidding me? Why would someone with this kind of background even want to make any kind of public statement. If it were me, I wouldn't want to show my face around this place again let alone speak publicly, like my word means something!! Mr.Hewett, while your word used to mean something to many people in this county, we are not picking up where we left when this whole mess started. You blew it!! As for Sheriff Ingram and Tim Daniels....well....may the best man win.

Brunswick County sheriff

I think it is rediculous that we will not be able to vote in the primary's for sheriff unless we our affiliated with the republican party.The run for sheriff should not be affiliated with any party.Where is our freedom to vote for the person and not a party.


You mean the same freedom that the Republicans had when the Democrats choose Sheriff Ingram? Each party decides who to put on the ballot, then you vote for your choice.