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Residents looking to close public beach access

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH -- A pathway to the beach is the focus of a major controversy for some Wrightsville Beach residents. The route known as Beach Access 33 has been around since the '60s. Until last year it was considered a public right-of-way, but once local residents discovered a legal right to the property, the struggle began. Residents disagree over whether the pathway meets the criteria for "prescriptive use" -- whether the path has become public property after years of use -- versus the rights of the property owners. Surfrider Foundation Spokesman Jim Mincher said, "I think Beach Access 33 should remain open. We've used it for 40-something years and I think it's our right to keep using it." The residents claiming ownership of the path are now seeking a permit to erect a fence to close off access to the beach.

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Ghost, YOU are a moron. How

Ghost, YOU are a moron. How about you do your homework and find out who owns the house and for how long. Then come back here with your veiled threats. I can promise you..that homeowner has NOTHING to fear, and I pity the idiots who retaliate over something this friggin stupid. "Ruin the beach for everyone else" - HAHAHA. The homeowner isn't ruining anything. They are exerting THEIR rights on THEIR property. Its not the only access on the beach, and you can walk your fat behind down to the next one if you have to come WB at all. Threats won't get you anywhere. I hope she locks that access up tight just on account of losers like you.

I hope there is not a right

I hope there is not a right of way easement on that property; by way of survey maps. Or mention to the trail on a survey map, if so she/he can't do __it!! Most of the access to the beach is clearly marked on a survey map, EVERYTIME!!!

Be dumb and by property on the water,

Does anyone think about that fact that their home could be washed away? People think it is so luxurious to live on the beach. well I remember when it was less crowded with homes and I could walk on Johnny Mercer's pier without being charged! I don't even go to Wrightsville beach anymore because there is no beach hardly. Everyone bought up the land and slapped a house on it. I rather go to Fort Fisher where you can still park and swim for free! Money eventually talks and people pay their way through problems. I used to love Wrightsville Beach when I wa little, now it is to complicated! I also remember showers by the pier, there isn't any hardly. It looks more like a tourist money maker there now.

sorry, u r wrong

this property owner is not a yankee,but a life long will be suprised to know that they are good christians also.think local, think big money,and think,own a largr portion of this area and it's polititons.

I love that yankees go home

I love that yankees go home comment. You prove so much the insecurity and hate for those who are not good ol boys and girls. The veneer of southern hospitality is nothing more than a Judas kiss from a bunch of phonies. Don't be made that productive peoples from the north are developing your third world states. By the way most people with a brain know that NYC and Jersey are full of a bunch of obnoxious jerks but at least they don't hide behind emails YALLLLLLLL

Hey American, what the heck

Hey American, what the heck does "Don't be made that productive peoples from the north etc...." mean? I guess you are one of them smart Yankee fellers.

Um, if you people want to

Um, if you people want to use it, you people pay the taxes on it. If it were my property I would be fencing it up too. With shock and razor wire.


"if you people want to use it, you people pay the taxes on it." WE do moron, when the frigging storms wash the beach away who do you think coughs up the tax dollars to push the sand back ?? duh. I can not figure out how they "owned" it all along and did not know. Where there no land surveys when they bought the house? Apparently the city tax vultures did not know either !! Sounds like a crock, if I were them i wouldn't pay back taxes on it, let the city have it or sell it to the surrounding neighbors across the street as a deeded private access, looks good when they all resell. Its not worth fighting over. One good storm and their house may be gone anyway.

Snobsville Beach

The snobs will probably get what they want eventually because the almighty dollar gets the attention of the decision makers. These folks want their island to be excusive. Just like Ted Kennedy doesn't want a windfarm in his Hyannis Port, Nantucket Sound back yard. Kennedy secretly arranged for a poison-pill amendment, never debated in either house of Congress, to be slipped into an unrelated Coast Guard bill. It gave the governor of Massachusetts, who just happens to be a wind farm opponent, unilateral authority to veto the Cape Wind project. These Kennedy type snobs don't want to share their Atlantic playground and will weasel access away from the "commoners" at any cost.

How many times will that fence be destroyed

I can only imagine how many times vandals and irate beach goers will destroy and deficate the fence before the "owner" who is a complete jerk and moron for doing this gives up. I hope his flood insurance cancels and his house falls into the ocean during the next storm ! But obviously with this guy... the wind isn't the only thing blowing....

wb closing public access 33

Typical. Just another way that the esteemed residents of WB are trying to close everyone else out. Why don't they just put up a gate on the bridge too and then open only when they want our money to help with hurricane clean up or beach renourishment.

Closing another beach access at Wrightsville Beach

Why don't we close all of the Public Access to Wrightsville Beach and make it another Figure 8 island. That way they want receive any tax dollars for re-nourishment projects, lets face it, the residents at Wrightsville beach do not want the public or locals using their beach. Notice I did not say locals when referring to residents, not many people at Wrightsville beach are Wilmington natives. I have been surfing since the seventies and this location was the only place the locals had to go without paying a arm and a leg for parking. Let them have it and take away all of the state and federal tax dollars!!!!

Beach access

He wants to close the access to the public, but the WB yuppies will scream for our tax dollars to fix something...jerks

petty owners

Give me a break. How petty of the owners to try and block the access. I bet your poop doesn't stink either. Get over yourself already. Let me guess: you're from either NY or NJ?

go home yankees



Why the hostility? Your blanket statement about Yankees going home is no more relevant than people "up north" who have never been to the south, yet believe the stereotypes they see on Andy Griffith and The Beverly Hillbillies. The same ones who think saying "y'all" automatically knocks 20 points from your IQ, but believe "youse guys" is perfectly acceptable. Try to get with the 21st century. Then step off your high horse and ask yourself why our fair city can't run the sewer system, or why we keep putting up power poles blown down in hurricanes rather than burying the lines. Just curious, have you ever actually travelled more than 10 miles from the family farm?

Go Home



Redneck Intelligence at it's finest

Reply to go home

I hope you don't look as ridiculous as you sound, by the way I was born in Wilmington.

No, they are longtime residents

Why these people are closing their beach accesses is beyond me. They are longtime residents of Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. I guess one too many beer bottles and midnight ramblers and they'd had it. But I think it is wrong to close the accesses. But quit blaming everybody on WB. We dont walk around your neignborhood raising h___at all hours of the night and day.

My neighborhood

Guess what..... you live on a BEACH. That's where people go to enjoy themselves all hours of the day and night. If you don't like the party atmosphere, I'll gladly swap houses with you. Yes, sadly many "adults" have forgoten how to simply go to the beach and enjoy it without making a$$'$ of themselves, but again I don't remember any sand or waves in my backyard, sooooo that is where we common people go to relax and forget how common we are for a little while. KEEP ALL PUBLIC BEACH ACCESS'S OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!


Poor Wrightsville Beach snob has nothing better to do with their time than try this trick. Let me think what you can do with your time, Um clean up the beach by yourselves and then go and raise some money to rebuild your houses when the rains come. Because like I have stated on here before your beach wouldn't be s__t withour Wilmington residents and the weekend travelers here for the week from out of town. Close this beach down and watch how it falls apart without (outsiders) and locals to help you put it all back together again. This person who wants to close this access needs to get a better life and find something else to raise hell over. How about this next time you have late night boosers making a mess just run outside and snap a picture of them and their license plate and turn them in. That should give you something better to do. A--HOLES.