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School board may face lawsuit after Lil Wayne concert cancellation

READ MORE: School board may face lawsuit after Lil Wayne concert cancellation
WILMINGTON -- After weeks of controversy surrounding a gangster rap concert at New Hanover High School this weekend the rapper never took the stage. After an uproar from the community over the concert, the contract between the New Hanover County School Board and concert promoter to hold the concert at Brogden Hall is why the school board was forced to let the concert go on. Issues over the concert were raised because of fears of possible gang violence. The rapper, Lil Wayne, has publicly admitted to being in a gang. The school board responded to the concerns by canceling the concert. But when the concert promoter agreed to beef up security, the school board said the concert could go forward. Now the promoter claims that between controversy and cancellation, ticket sales were hurt and led to Lil Wanye pulling out at the last minute. The lawyer representing the promoter says the way it worked out, they only had a week to sell tickets. Chas Lineberry is the promoter's lawyer. He said, "Our client did everything he could to make the concert work for everybody -- for the community, and for the performer, and he just wasn't able to pull it together because of the time constraints." Again, there is some talk of litigation, but it's not clear at this point whether the promotions company will pursue a lawsuit. Either way, a lot of those involved lost money in this deal, including the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office who provided dozens of deputies to secure the event. After this fiasco the school board says it will re-examine its policy regarding the use of school facilities in the future.

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Just sell your unused

Just sell your unused ticket(s) on EBay. People there will buy anything!!!

What's ironic.... The taxes

What's ironic.... The taxes collected from these ticket sales went to our government to help buy weapons and support war in the middle east.....the big gangsta's :-)

Wow...I didn't agree with

Wow...I didn't agree with this concert either, but some people can twist anything around! That is a pretty broad thought process.

Guess again, Albert

The taxes collected on these ticket sales went to the State of North Carolina and New Hanover County. Neither is engaged in any Middle-eastern war.

If you live in

If you live in are engaged in whatever your president volunteers you for one way or the matter what state/county/city you live in, like it or not home boy! Try and get the State Revenue Dept. and New Hanover county to refund the taxes on the tickets. The checks will be in the mail :-(

hey 1

You be messed up.

Mud On Your Face

Looks like Gov't schools are at it again. Lovely. We want to be the best nation on earth, and the best we can provide our youth are hip hop artists with a criminal record. The future is very bright for America, very bright indeed.

Boo effin' who. Everybody

Boo effin' who. Everybody here complaining doesn't tell their respective employers (if you even have jobs) that you would come in to work for free, so why should he? If they messed your check up when payday came you'd be pissin' and moanin' like you're doing now. So cut the bull and go get a tissue.

Who's fault is it?

It's not the promoters fault, the school boards fault nor was it law enforcement's fault that a bunch of people didn't show up. People just didn't want to come out and watch this thug "perform." He has an obligation to his fans to come out and sing. He knows there is no guarantee how many people show up, that is a risk you take being a singer.

"Gangster Rap", LMAO. Can't

"Gangster Rap", LMAO. Can't believe these people still use this term.

Lil Wayne

From what I read in the newspaper he was sitting in his bus in the parking lot but they did not sell enough tickets for his $30,000 asking price. If he is so rich he can walk off and not accept $25,000 then I say walk off He does that a few times he will not have any fans left and then we shall see who has the last laugh. He is on his way OUT...thank God

Weezy is one of the top 5

Weezy is one of the top 5 rap artist in the game today. A cancelled show at a high school in Wilmington is going to hurt his rep? ok.


It’s not the fact that he cancelled at some high school in Wilmington. It’s the fact that he made a commitment to his fans and the school that he would perform and then he pulled this stunt. I believe like everyone else that it was wrong of him to sit on that bus and acted like a BABY. He should have never agreed if he wasn’t going to hold up his side of the deal. My thoughts are that he shouldn’t get paid for something he didn’t do because he cancelled not the school. So the school owes nothing to him when it’s all said and done. Lil Wayne breeched the contract with the school so he is out of money simple as that. It’s not the schools fault that a lot of people didn’t buy tickets. If he was half the man he said he is then he would have done the concert regardless of ticket sales.

lil wayne

well think about it if you was him and you didn't have ya money say you wouldn;t do the same thing I know I would have but ya'll can't get mad at him yall need to be mad at whoever put the thing together for not having his money but if I was him I would have atleast perform one song but yall shouldn't getad at him

It was sold out

How many more people can you fit into a sold out event? Were they going to fill it beyond the capacity so that the fire marshall would have to close them down and then that would definitely start a riot. Gangs, Felons and Thugs do not need to be in our schools. There is plenty of land off of the I-140, why don't the city and county eminent domain and build something out there so that people can go to an event for easy access and not have to worry about traffic issues.

Pay the dude his money! then pay him more!

Yo now come on look this was a set up to make these promoters lose their money in a take away of constituional rights. Not only should the school pay but so should all the police that were there to frighten folk off. I know there were 2,000 tickets sold easy and only half showed up. Freedom of speech baby, cant take that away like you could in 1898.

1898 whitey tight

to start with nobody is around to see what was taken away or not taken away in 1898, but just looking at your post, let me guess, someone took away your hooked-on-phonics books....right? if for some reason our congressional leaders do decide to make certain individuals eligible for reparation payments i sure hope you are one of the lucky candidates. maybe you'll invest in another set.

Are you serious?

Tickets were being sold for $40 a piece. If 2000 tickets were sold that means $80000 was made. That money is made whether the people who bought the tickets showed up or not since you money is exchanged when you buy the tickets. Garth Brooks sold out his first two concerts coming back into the business in 2 hours. Lil Wayne had over a week and couldn't sell but a couple hundred tickets. And the only people the police scared off were those that were coming with weapons and drugs. Put the blame where it belongs...on this THUG that thinks he is something




This little BOY was any sort of man...which it is evident he ISN'T...he would have been there for his fans no matter if it was 100 that showed up. If it was me...I was there, they were there...I'd perform for the fans. Dat's how I'D roll.


you are not a major artist are you? lil wayne is one of the best rappers ever and everyone just talks bad about him. Lol at the gangsta rapper he does not sell drugs and now adays who is not in a game if you have a group of friends and yall have a name for it then guess what you are in a gang

WRONG! The gangs at my high

WRONG! The gangs at my high school were 4-real! You didnt walk around announcing it to everybody was just understood, if he was in it all serious, he would have kept his mouth shut about it...and as for the best rapper and all that, the boys at my lunch table had hotter beats than he's ever come up with.


I have come to the conclusion that people join gangs so they can make a group effort towards higher IQ's. If you add all the moron's IQ's you may get a decent borderline 70 which is about what it takes to plan anything they do.. Think for yourselves people. It is really not so bad.


dude, you're hard core. the gangs in your high school were "4-real"? Did they wear pink popped collars and threaten to egg houses? High school kids are not gang members. They're just non-parented punks that only live to impress other non-parented punks. It's a sad case these days. Whatever happened to people who went to school to, um, learn? Go to college? Get a real job? I guess these cool guys don't think past age 18.

You might want to educate

You might want to educate yourself a little more about gangs. We do have a gang problem here in Wilmington. To say these kids are not in gangs just goes to show you how ignorant you are on the subject. I've lived in Miami and the gang problem here is the same as it is there, just not to the same extent. And to the person who said Lil Wayne is not in a gang, it's hard to prove otherwise, but he has admitted it. There are gang members all over and in several different positions throughout this country. Several sports figures are in gangs. Politicians are in gangs. Lawyers and cops are in gangs. What you have to understand is that all gang members serve a purpose. Whether its support by giving money (athletes), legal troubles (lawyers), getting certain laws passed (politicians), or getting inside tips on drug raids (police). Our local government needs to realize we do have a gang problem before things get too far out of hand

rap concert

This kind of event should never be allowed as a school event in a building bought and payed fro by the tax paying public. Schools are for learning and cultural development and the only thing to learn from an event like the Lil wayne concert is how to be a criminal. A "artist" that is a confessed criminal should never be allowed to promote himself on publis school property. the liberally minded school board needs to do what is in the best intrest of the school kids and the community and quit thinking about their profit margins. I truely hope a lesson has been learned and the board will take steps to protect the scool children and not give known criminals a stage to spred their hate and ignorance.

Use of Facilities

The idea that "this kind of event should never be allowed s a school event in a building bought and payed [for] by the tax paying public" is valid. However, if we ban such events, we would have to ban church gatherings in schools (which some may find offensive), group meetings, wedding receptions, etc. We do pay taxes towards public education, but our taxes are not nearly enough to provide our schools with everything they need. If they can make a little extra cash by renting out facilities, then by all means they should do so. Consider it a part-time job!

I was there and I feel that

I was there and I feel that if I was Lil Wayne I wouldnt have performed either, what i crappy job of putting on a display for the "BEST RAPPER ALIVE"... It was a concert, a little less talk and a little more music next time. The decoations and music selection the whole time was poor, maybe the school should have showed a little more respect and actually played some of his music before the performance. Just thought I would exress the feelings of TRUE fan...... not saying what he did was wrong, I was upset that he did not perform, but I felt that we as a community should have publicized it more.....and held it in a dfferent location....maybe trask coliseum on UNC-W campus... ideal spot, and a college campus is a little more suitable for the explictness of the lyrics that the artist expresses

lil wayne

he should have played for the fans. it should have been about them.i think school facilities should only be used for a school related event like this weekend. i am having a concert with nationally touring ilyaimy,coon phat gravy and 4 individual performers. 6 substance abuse education speakers at eastern wayne high school in goldsboro and every penny goes to a uncwilmington scholarship for and eastern wayne high school student endowment. tickets are only 10 bucks and all goes to an endowment that will be here 200 years from now helping peolpe not even born yet..thats what its all about!!! d oh and everyone is donating their time. he needs to get over himself!

Get at Life

Seems like people need to mind there business, there is too much time wasted worrying about someone elses problems. Weezy is definitely getting money and you nosey ????? should try to do the same. I guess all the comments I'm reading come from perfect people. Right? Get a life.