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Search continues for Creekwood killers

READ MORE: Search continues for Creekwood killers
Wilmington police are still looking for two men who killed a woman outside a Creekwood apartment building on Labor Day. In the meantime, some Creekwood residents are wondering how safe is their neighborhood. Despite the recent murder in Creekwood there are safety measures in place to keep residents safe. Alfreda McDonald, a resident of Creekwood said, “It was a tragic thing that happened and prayerfully it was isolated, we just don't know yet.” McDonald has lived in the Creekwood neighborhood for ten years. “Not only was the victim's family affected but the residents and children of Creekwood were affected,” said McDonald. Residents said surveillance cameras don't work. McDonald chairs the Residents' Safety Committee. She said despite Monday's murder and broken security cameras, there are still procedures in place to protect her neighbors. For instance, I.D. badges are required for all residents 10 years of age or older “Whenever there is a crowd and the police are called out, and they need to find out who is who...they will ask the residents for their id's,” said McDonald. McDonald said people who do not have badges and can not verify their reason for being in the neighborhood, could be arrested for trespassing. McDonald said, “People just run to Creekwood it's not the residents. It's people not from this community that do their drug selling.” Residents hold monthly safety meetings, and McDonald said a community watch will be reformed. Police patrols are also frequent in the area. McDonald said despite the recent problems, Creekwood still has it good points. “Come out meet the people, and if you want to volunteer some time and get to know these people, because it's a wonderful group of people out here,” said McDonald. Police are still investigating Crutchfield’s murder. If anyone has information they should call the Wilmington Police Department.

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Well at least we agree that

Well at least we agree that there are major issues to be dealt with. I however, will not be the person dealing with it. That is up to the community of Creekwood and law enforcement.

Okay, let's compare the number of felony arrests and shootings

....over the past ten years in in Landfall, Figure Eight island.....and Creekwood. See? They're not "assumptions," they're statistical facts.

Yes, Creekwood is in need of

Yes, Creekwood is in need of help and change, however your invocation of two of the wealthiest areas in town as examples are only prove of your bigotry and ignorance. As a resident of one of those neighbourhood's I have seen domestic violence on a weekly basis, murder, child and sexual abuse, countless occurrences drug use, ods and arrest and several suicides a year. Just because the people committing the crimes have the lawyers (read money) to keep it out of the press and smothered in court doesn't mean that it does not happen. ALL areas of town have problems, to assume that Creekwood is the only one, or to assume that all of the people who live in Creekwood are bad or lazy is shear ignorance. Why not look to ways to change the situation rather than looking to razed the place to the ground. I will now exit my soapbox-- please begin you ignorant, ethnocentric ranting about me now.

Guess again

Oooh....sorry to interrupt your rant, but I simply listed two of the three communities that Informed listed earlier. As far as "changing the situation," it's not my job, my worry, or my care. I live nowhere near Creekwood, rarely have to go there, and am thankfully carrying a loaded sidearm when I do have to go. Don't misunderstand - I firmly believe in helping those who truly NEED help. That does not, however, include the lazy or stupid. In that regard, since this issue is all about "love and compassion" according to Informed, why don't the residents of Creekwood show the taxpayers a little love and compassion by getting out of our wallets? BTW, if you're seeing all that horrible stuff in your neighborhood, what kind of crowd do YOU run with? EEE-YUCCCH!


there was a heinous murder in landfall not that long ago. But regardless this is apples and Dump trucks because unlike other communities they have their own security force to patrol the commmunity to enable less crime. Make an analogy that makes sense. I was drawing attention to baseless assumptions about community members, not about easily obtainable statistics.

actually what?????

creekwood has a security force THE WILMINGTON POLICE DEPARTMENT well armed, well supplied if they spent more time in that area instead of OUR (taxpayers) police helocopter circling partys.@ uncw are we to belive that we (taxpayers) deem loud drunk students of higher education more of a threat than all of the outstanding arrest warants in the creekwood area?????


"job availabiltiy, training programs, upward bound experiences etc etc etc. This is a vibrant and responsive neighborhood that is active." All that and the thugs still are, well.....THUGS. Why is it that this place and others like it get all that and others don't? Guess when everything's free you take it for granted and do not use it. Love is not helping. In fact if these thugs had real love and caring from a decent parent they wouldn't be in the situation they are in.

Informed, what exactly are

Informed, what exactly are you trying to pull here? Seriously, I don't doubt that there are good, honest, hardworking people in Creekwood, but it ain't all roses and sunshine there. It's been a haven for illegal activity for as long as I've been in this town (15 years) and I understand it goes back farther than that. You think what you want, but don't keep fooling yourself and the rest of the community that knows better.

They're wondering how safe Creekwood is?

Did they just arrive from Mars?

They have to be from mars

Is it any wonder why the things are happening creekwood. When a crime occurs, the residents suddenly don't remember what day it is, much less the thugs that commit the crimes. When Law Enforcement does catch someone, they better get out quick, before the rocks and bottles fly. Creekwood heal themselves. Stand up. Cooperate with police. Get involved or don't complain.


I hope when these two peices of trash are found that they go to prison and are beat every day and night for the next 50 years. execution would be way to good for them. I would love to see them done the old school way back when public hangins were legal. maybe when they bust hell wide open they will meet their match. The sad thing is they are punks , i would like to put them in a room without their little guns against a real man and see how tough they are then, i guarentee they would cry like babies. they dont deserve to breath the same air they took from such a wonderful person . It makes me sick

Are they sure?

Who's to say there was ever two black guys that were there at all. Maybe the white guy brought his girl there to kill her and make up the story about the two black guys. It happened before and before and before and................Maybe the police need to check that story out!