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Second suspect arrested in Creekwood murder

A second teen is in jail charged with a Labor Day murder in Wilmington's Creekwood community. Seventeen year-old Thaddeus Boney is charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery in the death of 45-year-old Michelle Crutchfield. Fellow suspect Obrian Hester was in court yesterday. Police arrested the 17-year-old Hester last week and charged him with murder and armed robbery as well. Investigators say Crutchfield was shot and killed on North 30th Street September 1, 2008. Boney and Hester are both in the New Hanover Detention Center without bond.

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You said a mouth full and i agree..

Hester should get the Death penalty

Hester should get the Death penalty... These parents should also be responsible.... Same story all the time they think they are so hard and bad with a gun.... As a former detention officer for the NHCSD I can't wait to hear how those kids are going to get what's coming to them from the inside.... what bad parents of these kids... Creekwood is a really big problem maybe it should be shut down like some other areas like it's kind...

Easy to blame the parents

A-34 It's easy to blame the parents when your children have never been in trouble. Believe me, his parents are very upset about this situation. Contrary to what white folks beleive, Mr. Boney does have parents that love and care for him. Also remember that one is innocent until proven guilty. Stop believing everying on the news and in the papers.

"It's easy to blame the

"It's easy to blame the parents when your children have never been in trouble." Thats right. they will never know unless they have to live it,and let me tell you no one should ever think they are above this happening in their family. i dont care how great of a parent you think you are. this boys family are in for the worst time of their lives,and no dont even try to say they deserve it. no one does,not them,nor the victim. its all sad,and my heart goes out to all involved in the situation.

The "worst time"

These parents will get to go see their children if convicted and sent to prison. Her family never got the chance to say goodbye. In my opinion if you kill someone in cold blood you deserve everything you get and more if it includes seeing your family suffer so be it. Atleast you are still alive that much can't be said for your victim.

Same parents?

Are these the same parents that allowed a 17 year old to be out at 3am? If his parents love and care as you said, his butt would have been in bed. So now they want to be involved?? Too little way too late.

Same parents?

It is easy for you to say what the parents should have done. Blaming the parents for something their 17 year old did is not fair. You are just upset right now and not thinking straight. These parents are going through some hard times right now and they don't need your judgement on them.

The parents

His parents failed that job. A 17 year old has no business being out at 3am, much less just hanging out on the street. His parents should have taken a belt to his butt about 10 years ago and then maybe this story would not have happened. Be a parent to your children.

the same

No, but blaming them for a lack of up-bringing is fair. A properly raised person knows not to be out on the streets at 3am. A properly raised person knows you DON'T kill others unless yours or another's life is threatened. If they had whipped his butt about 10 years earlier, maybe none of us would be posting about this story. The moral: Be involved with your children, know who their friends are and don't try to be a buddy, be a parent.

Everyone Makes Mistakes?

How can you sit here and type, that one human being killed another human but its ok because everyone makes mistakes?!?!? And then go and tell everyone posting that they are IGNORANT? Look some of you are just plain dumb. Good Job WPD putting another one Behind Bars!!


What in the world would you expect... Look at where we are talking about "Creekwood". What good goes on in those neighborhoods, they should be demolished, the government is feeding the crime.

Second suspect arrested in Creekwood murder.

Lets take a look at where we are talking about, Creekwood, what else do you expect???? Stuff like this does not happen in Pine Valley or Landsdown. This is second nature for those neighborhoods, thats what they do in their spare time. All of those places need to be condemned... that would solve a lot.

Dont judge Creekwood!!!

That is COMPLETELY stereotypical!! yea its a bad part of town, but that DOES NOT mean that everyone that lives there are bad! It DOES NOT mean that there aren't families there that are trying to make ends meet to support a family. "What else do they do in their spare time!!" Are you kidding me! many of the people that live down in that area don't have spare time! Many work more than one job just to live! Just because you THINK that crime doesn't happen in Pine Valley or Landsdown, that not true either! Crime is everywhere! Even in Landfall, with that murder that happened there! DONT judge a part of town due to certain events! And I don't feel it should be condemned, maybe they should be helped by the government!!

Government help?

First, anyone working two jobs and living in public housing should be ineligible for subsidized housing. Second, the government is already "helping" by subsidizing the hefty portion of rent and utilities for public housing residents. Third, you can in fact "judge" if the facts are truthful. Let's begin: 1. It's not "stereotypical" if it is a true statement. 2. "Crime is everywhere!" This is a true statement. It is also a true statement that Public housing has disproportionately high crime rates. 3. "they should be helped by the government!! The majority of public housing residents have been helped to the point of being dependent on government and losing self reliance. 4. Not everyone in public housing is a criminal or leech. But, generational welfare is no substitute for self reliance, and puts an unfair burden on productive citizens. The WHA must be the only program where not many people improve their lives and move on to self sufficiency. 10 years on the govt dole is 8 years too many. Until WHA proves that it can manage cases, and move people to rejoin the public, it's just another free govt handout with little fiscal oversight. The culture of drug sales and use make public housing unsafe for anyone, resident or visitor. Until the residents want a life of their own, and not a life of dependency on govt, I fear they will not improve their situation.


Helped by the government....They are already helped by the government. Susidized rent, lower electrical bills, lower cable bills, lower telephone bills, welfare, food stamps, etc. What more help is there? I think taxpayers are paying for enough of this help. If you don't seek the help, then you don't want the help. There are parenting classes offered there, job preparation classes offered. How many do you think attend these classes? If was required attendance to stay in public housing, then they would be there, but for the wrong reason. Less government and more accountability for your own actions is the way to go.

This is funny how people is

This is funny how people is some quick to judge these kids. I grow up in Creekwood and I'm a Nurse at New Hanover. My mother move there when I was about eight. This was in the early 90's. This is not about where you live it's about stupid mistakes. Because I became a mother at a young age. I'm marry with two kids and i was one of the kids who you see out there now. I seen it all i seen people get shot and hit by cars. Crime is every where in landfall and ever where. So don't be so quick to judge. Because if you close Creekwood down where will people go. Because there could be some kid out there like me. I'm so sorry that people believe that all people in there are bad.


My goodness...I hope my survival is not based on someone reading what you wrote. How about spell check and punctuation? Are you sure you are a nurse and not a CNA?

Please use spell check

You attempted to stereotype an entire group of people and neighborhood and were unable to write a complete sentence or spell. Maybe you should enroll in some classes in your spare time.


I could not have said it better myself!


Please tell me why the govenment should help? Downtown is know for crime, esp. in government housing....

Care to compare...

...the number of murders in Landfall to the number in Wilmington Public Housing over the past ten years? How about just Creekwood? "Don't judge a part of town due to certain events!" "...maybe they should be helped by the government." So you basically deny reality and live in some Socialist fantasy world, huh? 1. People are going to judge you by your actions for your entire life. Get used to it. If you're doing things right, it won't bother you at all. 2. The government is not here to be your mommy. People need to be self-sufficient and responsible for their own lives. If you screw up your own life, YOU fix it. It's not the taxpayers' job.

Way to go

common sense, and VicM. You both are 100% right. Crime happens in the hood and the government is feeding the hood. People that are working their butts and not being supported by the government are tired and def. not out in Creekwood at 3am.

hate crime?

if the shoe had of been on the other girl, white guys... wouldn't everyone be squallin HATE CRIME?.personally i think the whites ought to be hollerin....HATE CRIME!

Hey rowp.... I'm with

Hey rowp.... I'm with you!!!!!

Are you a member of the KKK?

Are you a member of the KKK? Personally I think you are. This was no hate crime. This was a drug deal gone wrong. No, they didn't have drugs but that woman went to buy drugs. Oh, but lets not let people know about that because Ms.Crutchfield was such good simaritan. Yeah, well all people, good or bad will make mistakes and bad choices a few times in life. What mistakes have you made? No, don't answer that. Just know that all mistakes have consequences, be it murder or adultry.

When you look for something you will find it!!!!!!!!!

First of all everyone has their own destiny in life,as for as Ms Crutchfield goes she knew the hood very well and was not new to the drug game.She knew that it was dangerous were she was at,as well as her friend that was with her.When you look for something you find it,and as far as the black neighborhood is concern,the community didn't ask her to come out there and cope no drugs.She came out on her own free will. Didn't her mother teach her to stay away from drugs and the black community?

Pot calling the kettle black

The word you were trying to use was "tolerated"..

the voice

no i'm no member of the kkk but sure you are of the naacp....the klan with a tan! to start with bad choices are made when you don't seek a set of hooked on phonics. samaritan is not spelled simaritan. come on make your spelling teacher proud and go find you a set. then only will your ignorance be tollerated when you make a post. have a nice day!

Are you a mind reader?

How do you know this woman was there to buy drugs? Oh, she was white in a "black" neighborhood at 3am right?


I know you are not that naive. This was a drug deal gone bad.