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Should college students be allowed to carry weapons on campus?

READ MORE: UNCW students push for guns on campus
WILMINGTON -- A number of college campus shootings over the past year have many UNCW students concerned. Some of those students want people with gun permits to be able to carry their guns on campus. Interested students want to join more than 25,000 people who are part of the national organization Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. Fatal shootings at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University are examples of why UNCW student Tyler Millage and others want concealed weapons allowed on campus. Millage said, "In the hands of responsible citizens, there's no danger from handguns." Millage is spearheading an effort for the organization Students for Concealed Carry on Campus to be recognized as an official campus group. The group's mission is to allow people at least 21 years-old who have concealed carry permits to have their guns on them when on UNCW's campus, which is currently illegal. "Part of the beauty of concealed carry is that you don't have to carry to be protected by it. Other people can be carrying and they can protect you in an emergency situation," Millage said. Those in favor said campus would be safer. Those opposed, like David Dangelico and Aaron Ward, said they'd feel anything but safe. Dangelico said, "I'd feel more concerned about the person next to me, you know, if he's carrying a handgun in his bag and if I say something wrong to him and he's not exactly having the best day, if something could go wrong." Ward said, "I don't really think allowing more guns in the hands of students is going to necessarily protect us more. We already have an able-bodied police force on campus to deal with this threat." Millage said in the campus shootings that have happened, like at Virginia Tech, school police haven't responded quickly enough. He said, "If just one person in Norris Hall had had a handgun, they could have stopped it before 30 people had been killed in that one building alone." According to Millage, about 30 students have expressed an interest and in the fall the group will present its case to a review committee made up of five faculty members and five students.
UNCW released the following statement: As a university community, we respect the right of our students to express their positions on issues, including campus safety and security, which is an issue of vital importance to all of us. While allowing students to carry guns might appear to some individuals to be an option in deterring violence on campuses, it brings with it additional concerns for safety. One concern is the level of training and proficiency of the person carrying the weapon, including his or her ability to use it effectively and retain the weapon in a crisis situation. Many gun owners have been killed or injured with their own weapons while attempting an intervention. A second concern is the tactical complexity of introducing multiple weapons to a police emergency, which significantly elevates the probability that a well meaning citizen may be mistaken as an aggressor. Having multiple people carrying and using weapons during a situation such as an active shooter attack causes confusion about who is actually the perpetrator, which may result in additional injuries. We believe that there are other approaches and solutions to increasing campus safety and security that are more effective than allowing the proliferation of weapons on campus. The best protection for any potential emergency is to be informed and aware. It is important to have a plan in place in advance to deal with crisis situations. A plan involving options on what a person can do to escape, where to hide (if escape is not an option), who to notify and where to rally with co-workers or classmates when the “all clear” is given are all points that need to be considered. UNCW Police offers “community response to violent situations” workshops to assist students, faculty and staff with how to plan and deal with a violent situation on campus, which cover areas of law enforcement response and familiarization with campus-wide emergency notification systems. Students are also encouraged to report any suspicious individuals or activity to UNCW Police and to be vigilant about security measures, such as not allowing unauthorized persons to enter locked residence halls.

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Where would they store their weapons?

You see us everyday. People who have a concealed carry permit. We know where our sidearm is. It's hard to believe, but the whole point of concealed carry is exactly your question. Where would they store their weapons? Don't worry, just because you don't see it. That's the whole purpose. We are standing next to you

Dangerous people

That little thug of a wannabe gangsta with a knife in his pocket is much more dangerous than any law abiding citizen that applies, obtains and takes the training for the concealed carry permit.

Let them decide

Is there really a valid opinion if you are NOT a college student? Nope, so stfu :D

student w/CCP

How about the staff, the teachers, administrators and PARENTS of the students....taxpayers who foot a great majority of the financial burden in state schools. There are many people with a valid opinion so maybe you need to STFU

I couldn't have said it

I couldn't have said it better

Only out laws should have

Only out laws should have guns on campus. That way the out law can feel safe while he plans his attack.

The person that has gone

The person that has gone throught the concealed carry laws to be able to carry. Is by law; not someone else opinion allowed to carry. The others that made comments on some of this do not know how much you are checked out an taught, Just to get a concealed carry permit. As for taking the law in your own hands someone forgot to tell that person that by law you are allowed tO defend yourself!! Woe to those who expect the police or security to be every where to defend an protect them. Because the can not and won't always be there. But don't go by me check out the historic facts!!! How they doing like the laws are now!


Uhhh.....What? I can barely understand a single thing you are talking about. Are you drunk?

I would hope that they would

I would hope that they would store them in a holster on their person. What good is a firearm if you can't get to it?

Are you seriously stupid? Is

Are you seriously stupid? Is this what your idea of a good response to VA tech and Columbine is.....allowing students to CARRY guns around campus? I cant believe this is even an issue this is the stupidest shit I've ever heard of.


It is understandable some students don't understand Concealed Carry Permits. It is also understandable some students don't feel comfortable around firearms. But, you would never know if the student, who may already carry a weapon off campus legally, has one in class or not. You would never see it. There are many who carry a legal weapon, you see us everyday. It is illegal to display, or let someone see it.(flash it)You would never know it's there. The concealed carry individual does not treat his/her sidearm like you treat your car keys. He/she is fully aware of his responsibilities. He/she does not misplace his weapon. However, simple physics will tell you that your $80 pair of NIKE shoes will not outrun a bullet. Hopefully, that time will never come. But if it should, you would thank your lucky stars if you were near someone with a carry permit. Why is it we trust 21 year olds to drive. People need to take responsibility for individual safety. Campus Security does the best they can. But some things happen too quickly. It's unfair to blame them when the solution would make everyone safe. In North Carolina, concealed handguns may not be carried: * In law enforcement or correctional facilities such as a prison; * In financial institutions such as a bank; * In any space occupied by state or federal employees, including state and federal courthouses; * In schools or on school grounds; * In areas of assemblies, parades, funerals or demonstrations; * In any place where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed (such as some restaurants); * In any area where concealed handguns are prohibited by federal law; * In any place of business that has posted a sign banning concealed weapons on its premises; * By any person while consuming alcohol or while under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substances (unless obtained legally and taken as directed by a physician). To possess a concealed handgun in North Carolina, you must: * Carry your permit and a valid form of identification with you at all times. * Disclose the fact that you have a valid concealed handgun permit when you are approached or addressed by any law enforcement officer in North Carolina * Inform the officer that you are in possession of a concealed handgun. * Present both the permit and valid identification at the request of an officer NOTE: You should not attempt to display either your weapon or your permit unless directed to by an officer. Become informed.

Guns are expensive,

Guns are expensive, Concealed-carry permits aren't easily obtained, and most college students aren't rich, and most have no desire to carry a gun and most students are of age to carry a HANDGUN. So, it isn't like there would be a huge increase in the number of guns on campus. This issue has already been solved by the State law that allows citizens to carry. AND I just want to add that the issue involves the safety of people involved with UNCW, not your everyday Joe, so the Joe's should keep quiet. It's not their fight, they're allowed to defend themselves.

Guns are expensive,

"AND I just want to add that the issue involves the safety of people involved with UNCW, not your everyday Joe, so the Joe's should keep quiet." It's amazing someone in college (I assume by his statement) would deny others a constitutional right. The right to free speech. "This issue has already been solved by the State law that allows citizens to carry." The "issue" is allowing citizens to carry on campus. Present law prohibits this. The law can be changed, this is what this whole discussion is about. Just because there is a law in force now, does not mean it can't be changed by the people. Of, for, and by the people. Do they still teach this at UNCW? U narmed N orth C arolinians W aiting An education just isn't what it use to be.

I did not say I would deny

I did not say I would deny others their Constitutional Rights, I just noted that the issue was being argued by people who are not affected by the outcome. They're still entitled to their opinion, but their opinion is not relavent to the issue, as they will not be affected by the outcome. Futhermore, I am a student and MY SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT has been infringed upon, by the STATE of North Carolina.

Who pays the lawsuit???

Actually, those that do not attent the University could very much so be affected by a decision to allow students to carry a weapon. If students are allowed to carry concealed while at school and something happens and that student, trying to do the right thing, injures or kills another student, the University and that student will be sued for everything they've got. And who is going to foot that bill? The tax payers that do not even attend UNCW. So yes, everyone should have a say in what happens on the campus when it pertains to things that could affect them

I did not say I would deny

I did not say I would deny others their Constitutional Rights, I just noted that the issue was being argued by people who are not affected by the outcome. They're still entitled to their opinion, but their opinion is not relavent to the issue, as they will not be affected by the outcome. Futhermore, I am a student and MY SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT has been infringed upon, by the STATE of North Carolina.

I did not say

Consider this. If you pick up your child from middle school, that is a gun free zone. Concealed carry parents of every school child in North Carolina are affected. This is not just a UNCW issue. Delivery people, cooks, cleaning crews, painters, printers, anyone working in or for the school systems are affected. Anyone who has completed the concealed carry program, and background checks, finger printings, follows the state regulations should be able to go on school property (which is really public property) and pick up their child while carrying a concealed sidearm. I may be an average Joe, but I won't "stfu". Things may change regarding concealed carry. I doubt it. Too many people will "stfu" just because they're told to. I won't. "From my cold dead hands..."

I did support this, but

I did support this, but people like you have made me change my mind. You are so blinded by your desire that you cannot even see who is was on your side. You being certified to carry a concealed firearm does not make you certified to intervene in an active shooter situation. Self survival and adrenaline would cause you to fire your first 4 shots without aiming, and hit someone escaping. What if you or your child were shot by someone defending themselves, while you were trying to escape? Daniel Rohrbough was killed by Harris during Columbine, but there has been a huge controversy over him possibly being shot by officers who were engaging Harris. Daniel held the door open so others could escape more quickly, a hero in every sense of the word. OFFICERS are trained, to some extent, to THINK through their adrenaline, but you are not. And if your so sure of yourself, then what about other concealed carry holders? how capable are they? What if we put you and 30 other people in a room and gave everyone a gun, except you? Would you feel safe and be happy then? Do you want the gun, or are you just as satisfied if someone else is responable for protecting you. These shooting are nothing new. How effect were your intervening citizens against Charles Whitman? They were of little help and more lives were put at risk by them being there. You do realize that the weapons used at VT were obtained legally, don't you? The shooters at Columbine were of age and could have legally purchased their weapons. Warning signs haven't really existed in any of these events. MILLIONS of people show the same "warning signs" as these active shooters, but they never go off the deep end. There "standing next to you" while you pump your gas, as you like to say. The active shooter situation is unique in every way and should be treated that way. You have a right to defend yourself and others, but not when that right endangers me. AND finally, I have no problem with anyone discussing this issue, but it's sort of like having people decide what your eating for dinner, even if they aren't going to be there. If your child goes to UNCW then speak. Speak up if they don't, I mean it is your Constitutional Right, the very FIRST one at that! BUT, the article refers to UNCW and I understand your arguement that the issue extend way past UNCW, but the article is discussing the issue in regards to UNCW, like me. Now, we can use the State's laws to argue about the issue when discussing UNCW, but not UNCW rules to argue about the State's laws. UNCW is in the state of North Carolina, North Carolina isn't in UNCW. North Carolina laws affect UNCW rules, UNCW rules don't affect North Carlina's laws.

Very well stated

Very well stated

Why is this so stupid?

Letting trained, licensed individuals decide to defend themselves is obviously insane!/sarcasm CCW Permit holders are some of the safest, most law-abiding people around. They even go through legal hoops to gain the privilage of defending themselves. Why would you want to stop such a person?

Training...what training???

exactly what training are you talking about??? You certainly can't be talking about a concealed weapons class! A one day couple hour class is all the training you need to get a license to carry a weapon your entire life. After the initial "training" you just pay a fee to continue your permit. I agree that most the have a permit are law abiding citizens, but that isn't what this discussion is about. I also did not have any type of metal testing to determine if I was mentally capable of carrying a weapon. They did a background and that was it. As far as the class itself goes, my 10 year old could have passed that class

Who's to know who is licensed?

All kinds of people carry concealed weapons, permits or no. Who's to know that the person spotted on campus with a concealed weapon has a permit for it?

Who's to know

What if a "Person spotted on campus with a concealed weapon". You will not "spot" a concealed carry permit holder's firearm. It is illegal for a permit holder to allow his firearm to be SEEN by the public. A permit holder can be criminally charged if his firearm is SEEN even accidentally. If you SEE a person's firearm, you should call the police. Chances are he holds no permit and is carrying a weapon illegally. A permit holder ALWAYS has to disclose to an officer immediately that he has a VALID permit and if he is carrying his sidearm. A permit holder ALWAYS has to carry a VALID photo id and a valid carry permit and present them to an officer if requested.

good idea, but it will never happen

I of all people think that students that are qualified to carry concealed should be able to on campus. I myself having a CCW and being 24 never leaves the house without atleast one pistol. But it will never happen. to many risks involved with students carrying. not only would the student be charged with a crime, but also the school. I stand by my second amendment rights so I would love to see this actually happen but i know in this world these days it wont. keep it up thought, you never know!