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Soccer players, senior citizens face off

READ MORE: Soccer players, senior citizens face off
SOUTHPORT -- There was an unusual showdown today on a Brunswick County soccer field today. Facing off were young soccer players and senior citizens. It wasn't so much a battle as it was the place of a protest. The Smithfield Park near Southport is the site of a new senior center, but in order to build the senior center some of the soccer fields will be taken away which the players are not happy about. The kids and their parents protested as Congressman Mike McIntyre presented a $250,000 check to help build the new senior center. The center will take away three of the ten soccer fields there. Parents say those ten fields are already overcrowded with about 400 players. County commissioners say they will have temporary fields for players while the senior center is built and also try to get some money in next years budget to build additional soccer fields. Parent Kristi Leonard said, "While they talk about a plan for the youth, a plan doesn't equate to funds and until the funds are there nothing is going to happen for these kids." Brunswick County Commissioner May Moore said, "You just have to have some inconvenience sometimes to make progress." The new senior center will replace one in Southport which was built in the 1950s. Construction on the project is expected to begin this summer. The senior citizens say they have worked to get a new center for the area for years and some were not too happy to have the check presentation party crashed by the protestors.

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Follow up

I understand that I am far from perfect when it comes to english, Also I hate to criticize a persons english but geez come on check your spelling before you post....

Stealing Southport Soccer Field

The Southport Community needs soccer fields and a Senior Center. There is no reason to take existing fields that are already built and used, and destroy them for a new Senior Center. New fields will then have to be constructed at an additional expense in the future at a separate location. This meeting was not annouced in the State Port Pilot last week. The Brunswick County Commissioners tried to avoid any chance for discussion of this issue. They need to understand each soccer player has two parents that vote. Soccer Player Parent

Soccer Fields

Whatever people think about the county's plans, it was totally inappropriate for teenage girls to be kicking soccer balls right behind the Congressman while he was speaking.

Senior Citizens or Soccer?

Who cares about soccer so much, really?


Look I can see both sides of the argument here, but what is really funny is the passion at which this topic is being discussed. We are talking about soccer fields, with all that is going on in the world this article is receiving the most attention, that blows my mind.

Absolutly Disrespectful

I was at the event yesterday. The thing that bothered me was the way that the children acted. 1. Started playing soccer during Mike Mcintire's speech. 2. Kicked soccer ball into the side of the Meals on wheels truck during the speech. 3. Called an elderly person an old fart. 4. Left their protest signs strewn on the ground (soccer field) when they left. 5. Blew their horns and spun tires in parking lot when they left. 6. Then there was the soccer mom harassing an 80 year old couple while they ate. As a parent of three children ages 13,11,and I cannot believe the way that the parents encouraged the children to behave. Just remember that we will all be grandparents one day and you need to remeber one word "Karma"

Soccer game was a great idea

I think those that started playing soccer during the speach was an excellent way to protest the event. As far as harrassing the other people there, that is a bit much. They should have stuck to the soccer game.

Loss of soccer fields.

What should they have done in Boston? Stood there and waived and applauded as the ships brought the tea into the harbor? I guess we can blame the schools for teaching the kids to get involved and stand up for what they believe in.

loss of soccer fields

What better way to demonstrate against the loss of a soccer field than playing soccer? I think the high school kids that were there should be commended not condoned for their civic involvement.


Calling people names, harassing random couples, and pounding on a "Meals on Wheels" is commendable "Civic" action? This isn't the UK where Hooligans is an accepted part of soccer. However, I'm not surprised that these parents allow their children to act like ones.

I was there and the only saw

I was there and the only saw one soccer ball get any where near the meals on wheels cart. Hardly a pounding. The only heated conversation I did hear was with county officials after the presentation. I didn't hear anything they didn't desperately deserve to hear. I saw no harassment of any seniors and considering that the news reporters were there for the entire event, I think that that would have been news worthy and highlighted in both the TV and paper reports. The soccer players in the background were quite and other than the one stray ball and were not loud and distraction. The parents, grandparents and younger soccer players stood quitely through the presentation and waited until the presintation was over to talk to the county official.