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Students upset colleges stayed open during storm

READ MORE: Students upset colleges stayed open during storm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- At a time when New Hanover County is under a State of Emergency and officials are advising people to stay home, college students still had to go to class today.

Snow days are rare in the south. So how bout a rain day? Not at CFCC and UNCW today, even though public schools in New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick Counties were closed.

"It's horrible," CFCC student Arthur Lewis said. "I mean getting out in the rain, risking our lives to come up here because they want to keep their little schedule."

School was the last place some students wanted to be Thursday.

"You got to get out and risk losing your car and come up here and go to class when very few people showed up. They should have just shut it down," Lewis said. "Maybe a few teachers will lose their cars today and start revolting."

But CFCC spokesman David Hardin says the weather did not warrant a cancellation.

"The mission of the college is to serve adults and prepare them for the world of work," Hardin said. "We're a little different than the public schools that are closed today. They're dealing with young children, which, of course, is much different than working with adults."

Hardin says instructors drove around to test out the safety of the streets.

"When it came down to make the call, the majority of the streets were passable, so we remain open so we can keep providing the job training that everyone is looking for right now," he said.

Whether they were dressed for it or not, UNCW students were also out of luck.

"These decisions are always difficult to make," UNCW Environmental Health & Safety Director Stan Harts. "We made the decision based on information we received from the national weather service and emergency management and detailed surveying of the campus. We've been doing round-the-clock surveying of campus conditions."

Harts said the flooding wasn't bad enough to cancel classes.

"As opposed to other events, such as hurricanes that are much more of a threat to public safety, this is really a lot of water, an inconvenience, and a lot of standing water, something we all deal with every day in typical rain storms," Hart said.

UNCW did cancel classes last night because of flash flooding and gale force winds. Another reason CFCC and UNCW decided not to cancel classes today was because a lot of businesses were open.

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Waannhh Waannhh

I have to get up and go to school. wannhh. I'm a spoiled puss-boy; I have to get up and go to school. wanh waannhh

Of course while you're complaining, you know you would have been out shopping or some other WAIT JUST A GOLDARN MINUTE. RETAIL CLERKS HAD TO GO TO WORK IN THE RAIN. SHUDDER; THE HORROR!

We would have been out

We would have been out shopping? Absolutely not. I was too worried about my apartment flooding and having no power to go out and SHOP. Get over yourself. You people are whining just as much in the comment section as the students are, except we have an actual reason for it. Have you been on campus when it rains? Even with a typical rainshower, the place is covered in standing water. That area is much more prone to flooding than whatever retail crap you're talking about.

Try this crap when your in

Try this crap when your in the real world and you'll be looking for another job. Suck it up and go to class.

"As opposed to other events,

"As opposed to other events, such as hurricanes that are much more of a threat to public safety, this is really a lot of water, an inconvenience, and a lot of standing water, something we all deal with every day in typical rain storms," Hart said.

What a moron. Ya, just a typical rainy day. La la la. Let's skip through the puddles. You people are so out of touch it should be criminal.

If you even knew the hours

If you even knew the hours this "moron" put into this descision, you'd rethink what you said. Grow up.

As opposed to . . . .

Knowing how the media works, sound bites can be manipulated to suit the needs of the reporter. Ever hear out of context??????

I understand preparing

I understand preparing students for the workforce, but, in this case, what does today accomplish? A business that shuts down due to weather loses money because of lost sales or production. Is that a good reason? No, but at least understandable. What does CFCC lose? Administrators have to do some paperwork. (Probably the real motivation)

Then take into account some instructors cancel classes or state that they will not mark students absent. What message does this send? I don't really fault my instructor for having class and taking attendance I guess. But I am angry that other students didn't have to come to class without penalty. (Maybe this is the preparation for the workforce, to understand rules are not evenly applied. Of course CFCC teaches us this on a regular basis, so again, what did today accomplish?)

I understand it is my decision to assess my safety and decide whether it is safe to attend class and weigh this against losing a day of attendance per the 20% rule. Hardin makes it sounds like, oh, our instructors checked the roads, they were just fine. I'm sure they did. I guess the county adminstrators feel silly for issuing a state of emergency! Contact CFCC next time! Their instructors are a better resource for public safety! Come to my house retards.

The administration of CFCC has no idea what is going on with their students or where they live apparently, good lesson. They ignore advisories not to travel unless necessary, good lesson plus McKeithan is an egomanic. ...He was probably waiting to see what UNCW was doing. Of course Rosie was, like, I wonder what Eric is doing. (Sadly this may be the real reason the schools did not cancel) They have no control over their employees, yup, good lesson. To sum it up the lesson is Administrators are paid a high salary to be clueless about the place they run, ignore advisories, avoid common sense, and just make a decision and stick with it to the bitter end. FYI we knew all this already. So what did today accomplish? Nothing.



The real question that

The real question that needed to be posed to the CFCC administration was "why were classes not canceled Wednesday night?" Traveling the flooded roadways during daylight hours is one thing, but being out in those conditions after dark is another issue all together!


Well it is time for the students to become a part of the real world. Time to grow up and become an adult where a rain storm only means to be more careful and go to work!!

"State of Emergency" should have clear guide lines....

The State of North Carolina and New Hanover County both declared a “state of emergency” for the area. So CFCC and UNCW are exempt from Emergency Management agencies recommendations. The local media should request the attendance records for all staff of both institutions for today and Friday too see how many could not get to work. Local business reported a loss of business from the areas that were flooded. If one student or employee was hurt or injured, lost a vehicle to flood waters or experienced any financial loss the NC attorney general and the local DA should investigate. If they won’t a good personal injury lawyer could set the two institutions straight. Why even fund Emergency Management services if places of higher education ignore the advice of professionals? The best policy is to always error on the side or caution.

Why do college students pay

Why do college students pay for the instruction and then cheer when they don't have to go?

A trash bag over your backpack or books will keep them dry when traveling through the rain on foot.

Yes, but few college

Yes, but few college students travel to class strictly "on foot". For example, I had to drive 20 minutes to the park and ride, and then take the bus which was 15 minutes late due to all of the rain. Then I had to walk another 20 minutes in heavy rain and wind just to go to a class where the professor didn't even end up taking attendance or even teaching because too many people were absent.


I think both schools should add a curriculum in common sense but they would have to get someone offsite to lead it. Classes should have been cancelled. No reasonable explanation to be open. The students attending these schools are more important that anything they learned today and I am very thankful nothing serious happened to any of them despite the significant risks involved. Just pure genius to remain open despite a state of emergency.

Job training?????? Is he

Job training?????? Is he serious???? New Hanover and surrounding counties declaring a state of emergency, as well as emergency services begging people not to go out, wasn't enough?

And UNCW likening this storm to a "typical rain storm" is a joke. We've now broken Floyd's record.

CFCC Open!?

CFCC is a community college and has a wide variety of students, which include parents. How can they expect aprx. 1/2 of CFCC's students to be at school when their children are out? Daycare's and public schools are closed, who is going to take care of the children? The roads are flooded 3 ft deep and many are closed off in Brunswick County and there are many students that live there. Think about that college officials!!!!


I personally believe that operating on a delay may have been the best way to go. While this may be true, I also defend the college administrators as well. I can't speak much about to folks at CFCC, but I know for a fact that Mr. Harts, as well as many of the other UNCW staff, worked day and night to protect the students at UNCW. Don't take that for granted.

This guy has got to be one

This guy has got to be one of the biggest tool's I have ever seen interviewed. You give UNCW and WILM a bad name, man!!!

Passable doesn't mean it's

Passable doesn't mean it's safe, if you were so concerned with the future and serving the students, the school would have been closed. So we deal with 20+ inches of rain in typical rain storms? The 2nd (so far and still counting) highest total 4 day rainfall amount since Dennis/Floyd and this is typical? Ha. Wow, sounds like the educators may have a lot of book smarts but no common sense.

Ranting won't solve the problem

Get angry at the college administration all you want. They are not the ones who take attendance. Ranting online might make you feel better, but it isn't going to solve your problem. The news media doesn't run the college, either. Reporters love angry sound-bytes because they make good stories.

Not sure about UNCW, but at CFCC, students have a certain number of days they can miss each semester. It's different for each class. The instructors set the attendance policy.

Here's a solution: If you don't want to go to class because your road is flooded, you get sick, or you just don't feel like going, just don't go. Missing one day of class is not going to hurt you. If your instructor penalizes you for being absent the one day that we had a record-breaking amount of rainfall, you've probably missed too much already.

However, most instructors will probably understand because they had to come to work that day too. I'm pretty sure they drove on the same roads and some live in the same neighborhoods as the many of the students.

Relax and welcome to the real world. Life isn't fair. Things are going to happen that you can't control. It takes practice, but once you figure out how to deal with the unexpected, life will get a whole lot easier.

I'm the original poster, you

I'm the original poster, you think I'm mad at the administration? I'm a grown man, graduated from CFCC and have a career... you think I'm a student complaining b/c my instructors might dock me a point? This isn't about roll calling and getting deducted points, it's about safety. I'm concerned b/c my wife attends CFCC, and no matter which way she would've had to go, there was standing water everywhere, which believe it or not, is dangerous to drive in. Think what you want, but people who think like you are the ones who will go out in that sort of weather and endanger others. If others weren't involved, ofcourse it would just be natural selection.

I am a CFCC student and I

I am a CFCC student and I think that the school made a bad call.#1 Yes you might have driven around downtown and Cape Fear's campus but you don't know if some students leave in Pender county or other surrounding counties that had roads that were impassable.Yes you have to be responsbility on a job,but I am also going to be responbility for my life.