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Town Hall meeting held by Constitutional Patriots

The Wilmington Chapter of Constitutional Patriots held a mock town hall meeting Saturday morning at the Northeast Library. They invited Senator Kay Hagan to attend, but a spokeswoman from Senator Hagan's office said the Senator couldn't make it due to a family commitment. Constitutional Patriots said they stand against the rising tide of socialism and fascism. They claim it is a movement that is destroying our constitution and our country. Most speakers voiced their concern about the president's health care plan, but all issues were open for discussion at the meeting. "Our main purpose is to give citizens an opportunity to speak to Senator Hagan their concerns and to ask some questions,” said Mary Kay Mason. “This video will be sent to Senator Hagan so she'll be able to understand how we feel in New Hanover County." The Constitutional Patriots have a conservative constitutional ideology. Their goal is to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States against all threats, be it foreign or domestic.

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Does your dad have a family?

'Nuff said. When did we start expecting strangers to take care of our loved ones?

I agree with your assessment and goals, but have to ask....

...where were you when Bush and the Republicans came up with that looney-tune "No Child Left Behind" law, and the administration decided that they could suspend habeus corpus for American citizens just by pronouncing them as "enemy combatants?" Right now it's more apparent and more alarming. Obama and his crowd make no secret of wanting to create an America in THEIR image, rather than what our founding fathers envisioned. But what's the difference when someone pleads, "Oh, it's for the kids" while slicing the Tenth Amendment out of the Bill of Rights. What's more acceptable about someone claiming he can suspend the Fifth and Sixth Amendments for an American citizen, "....because he's a danger?" ANY chipping away at our Constitutional rights needs to be stopped, reagrdless of who is weilding the mallet. It's not only liberal Democrats who want to defecate on the Constitution. Addiction to big government and ignorance of our intended federal system crosses party lines.

Commonsense has common sense

Someone speaking of the 10th amendment...finally! Where was I? I was campaigning for Ron Paul. It seems slowly the words "necessary and proper" and "promote the general welfare" mean more than the bill of rights or the rest of the constitution for that matter. Well said commonsense. For what it is worth, you are not alone.

why so anti-socialist?

All these people do is erode the public school system and give reason to take from schools. Every policy is a balance between capitalism and socialism. these people are exttremists looking to hoard cash.

Looking to hoard cash????

Try, "..wanting to hang onto THEIR OWN money," Einstein. "Socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people's money."

Read Again

they support and defend the Constitution. They look for our system of government to follow the principles of the Constituion. Even the ACLU supports the Constitution. Where does it mention schools or hoarding cash?

How to get information on political activity

I learned about the "mock" meeting when someone posted it on I then called the library to confirm and got a name of who had a room reserved and did a google search. Check out the MEET UP groups for Wilmington to find information, just click the blue lettering. I am also a local resident that wants to be heard. It is time for us to stand up! Please consider joining the Tax Payer March on Washington September 12th Thank you for reading and God bless! =)

Senator Hagen

Kay Hagen promised the people in North Carolina that she was for us regardless of our party. Like her president, she to is a lier. She could not attend the meeting in Wilmington because she was on vacation according to one of the people who answered the phone at her office. She has no interest in what the people have to say. She got the office she wanted, (by hook or by crook), and that was the last bit of interest she fabricated. The only person holding Town Hall meetings in NC is Butterfield and he is in favor of the healthcare plan. I would like to attend one or two so I can see what is going on, but folks, that is not going to happen in this state. Sure hope everyone remembers Hagen,Burr and Ethridge when it comes voting time again. Might as well throw ol Bev in that mix to, she is another puppet on a string. But who is the Puppet Master???


How can a person find out when these are being held? I'm like alot of people that have just let things fall where they may and I'm ready to be active! Thanks

Too Bad

they did not better advertise the event. Commonsence and I could have attended. Who knows, we might have learned something.