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Troubleshooters: Pet daycare owners had criminal record
Submitted by WWAY on Wed, 09/26/2007 - 4:33pm.

videoA New Hanover County woman says she didn't get what she paid for when she hired a local pet sitter. Nearly a month after coming home to pet feces all over her house Kathy Page was still waiting for a refund and the key to her house.

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Troubleshooters: Injured woman can't terminate gym membership
Submitted by WWAY on Wed, 09/19/2007 - 5:14pm.

videoIf you haven't dealt with this problem yourself, you probably know someone who has: getting stuck with a gym membership you can't use. Frances Covington says even after a debilitating foot injury she couldn't get out of her membership at a Wilmington martial arts center.

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Troubleshooters: Taking cases to small claims court
Submitted by WWAY on Wed, 09/12/2007 - 5:25pm.

videoHere at NewsChannel 3 we get a lot of calls from folks who have been ripped off. Many of these viewers could probably resolve their problems in small claims court, but they may not know how.

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Troubleshooters: Security device sparks fire in home
Submitted by WWAY on Wed, 08/29/2007 - 5:44pm.

videoA Wilmington man called our newsroom recently to tell us about a fire at his home. Gary Pace says the fire started when his ADT home security system malfunctioned. Now, he wants ADT to pay for the damages. But does he have a case?

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Troubleshooters: Navassa Animal Control
Submitted by WWAY on Thu, 08/23/2007 - 10:36am.

videoSherri Jones called our troubleshooters team recently after a sick dog wandered onto her property. Jones lives in Navassa and says she couldn't get anyone to help. A town police officer even told her just to bury the dog if it died.

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Leland man upset with pool company
Submitted by WWAY on Wed, 08/15/2007 - 4:44pm.

videoA Leland man is upset with a local pool company. Don Ruttan paid Tarheel Pools and Spas thousands of dollars to install his pool last year. Now, he's having problems, and says he can't get the company to do anything about it.

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Neighborhood feud gets ugly
Submitted by WWAY on Wed, 08/08/2007 - 5:22pm.

videoIt's a neighborhood feud going on right here in Wilmington and it's gotten pretty ugly. Neighbors are calling police on one another, videotaping each other's every move, even harassing their neighbor's pets.

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Co-owner of Leland flooring store under investigation
Submitted by on Fri, 07/06/2007 - 5:25pm.

videoA consumer alert tonight: a growing number of people tell us they've been scammed by a local flooring company. This story had not even aired yet and we were already getting numerous calls into the newsroom about the man being investigated.

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Brunswick County man wants answers, money for damaged shipment
Submitted by WWAY on Mon, 05/21/2007 - 9:33am.

A Brunswick County man wants answers and his money. He says a package shipped to a customer was damaged in transit and the store it shipped from won't take responsibility.

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