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UNCW says no to downtown party shuttle

WILMINGTON -- UNCW students said yes, but school leaders said no when it came to supporting a bus service that would bring students back to campus after a night partying downtown. UNCW leaders are making a statement that they do not promote drinking after hours. Students are disappointed by the university's decision. UNCW student body president Daniel Thorp proposed the idea to start the shuttle service. He felt that it would keep students safe, by giving them an alternative to drinking and driving. Even though 76 percent of students surveyed said they wanted the service, university leaders decided otherwise. UNCW senior Carlos Marra said, "I remember when I first heard about it I was pretty excited about it, I figured if they did have a decision on it, they would let it go because of the amount of students that do want it." UNCW senior Russell Jaskot said, "When every kid comes to college they're going to drink, it's going to happen, whether they want to ignore the fact or not, it's up to them but I think it's a good way to keep students safe" UNCW Vice-Chancellor Pat Leonard will discuss the university's decision with the student government tonight around seven. She said Tuesday she wanted to meet with students first, before speaking to the media.

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i agree with you!

i agree with you!

Sanity prevails

Taxpayer money will not go to subsidize drunks.

Wow. Has any one of you

Wow. Has any one of you anti-bus nay sayers ever been out of Wilmington and visited a large city? Or possibly even visited abroad? Public transportation saves time, resources, and in this case can even lives. Maybe legally UNCW will never be able to run this service but in that case why doesn't the city? How on earth can you say that you have common sense but you would rather see "a few thousand people die a year" from drunk driving related incidents?! Your short-sighted. Get a grip!!! This world is full of things we may not all agree with but public safety is in all of our best interest. People shouldn't drink and drive, but it happens for various reasons on a daily basis. Now it's easy to point your ignorant finger until you or someone you love is killed or injured in an accident that could have 'possibly' been prevented. Drunk driving will never end permanently but if there is a way to lower it's frequency then by all means it should be done. WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY! That means we need to support changes that promote a safer environment for all regardless of our personal value system.

"possibly" prevented?

Do you mean possibly, as in, someone could have possibly taken responsibility for their actions and either: A) not gone somewhere to necessitate operating a vehicle they wouldn't have the capacity to drive legally or morally, or B) decided on an alternative plan beforehand, one that didn't take money from someone else. Grow a pair. Take responsibility for a change, dammit.

Thanks, but it's not about public transportation

This argument has nothing to do with the merits of public transportation. It's about setting up a special bus schedule to accommodate drunks, many of whom can't legally drink. I would personally take little comfort in knowing that the drunk who ran a red light and hit me wasn't a UNCW student, but a forty year-old contractor, or a sixty year-old restaurant owner. That's because the root cause of the problem isn't a lack of transportation for drunks. The problem is a society that does not HAMMER drunk drivers with punitive measures that will make them weep and pay for a long, long time. It happened when we tightened the laws in the early Eighties, and it can happen again - make the law a total bear and the DWI rate plummets. The fines haven't kept up with inflation, and the jails are overcrowded. Tough. Make them MORE overcrowded. A $5k fine and a mandatory one-year suspension might make people take some responsibility for their actions. BTW, loved the Sesame Street/Barney sentiment at the end of your post!


Why yes UNCWalumni, believe it or not I have been out of Wilmington and abroad many times. BIG difference is I do not get drunk(ever)like the students do at UNCW most nights of the week and look for a free ride home. This is NOT a big city so if you all are so worried about the buses not running 24 /7 maybe you should all move.

In response to "All partiers apply to NC STATE"

"All partiers apply to NC STATE Submitted by Guest345435 (not verified) on 16 January 2008 - 7:00pm. All partiers apply to NC State where you can ride the WolfLine." Do not bring North Carolina State University into this. Our Wolfline runs from 7AM until around 8PM. Not normally the times "us as irresponsible students get drunk...unless its the weekend" WHICH is when it does not run. There are the Wolfline night shuttles but they run to park and rides etc. Either way UNCW's system of only having a shuttle run in the 1 mile radius is the worst display of public transportaion out of all the 16 UNC institutions. All you people who get on here and post and do not have a College Education, PLEASE keep your comments to yourself. To those of you transplants who aren't originally from Wilmington ( I am BORN and RAISED ) please keep your mouth quiet because we didn't ask nor do we can you here in the first place. I am tired of all you elders(if you are really even that) talking about how you shouldn't drink, you shouldn't experience college, etc. There are ways to get a good degree, drink, be responsible, have some careless fun and you all are trying to keep that from even exsisting at UNCW. I receieved my undergraduate degree from there but I am sure as heck glad I got out and am at a finer University for my Masters. Most of the "right side, rich people you look down on and talk so badly about" well I gues those same are coming from colleges and getting the education to run the country the right way. Anytime they have anytime to take a vacation or go out for drinks you people freak! Get a job paying more than 30K a year and maybe you can enjoy vacations, other fine things and OH MY GOODNESS a night out on the town occasionally!!! Who would have thought?????????!!!