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Video of Officer Matthews's fatal car crash

READ MORE: Video of Officer Matthews's fatal car crash
The video from the recently released dash cam of WPD Officer Richard Matthews’s patrol car shows how quickly things happened two weeks ago when his vehicle spun out of control. This is real time video as Matthews sped up on Shipyard to assist fellow officers in a drug chase. The box he tried to avoid comes up very quickly. He pulled hard to the left to avoid it and ended up in the trees. There is also video from an officer who was following shortly behind Matthews. She encounters the box and then turns left where she sees Officer Matthews’s car in the trees. These tapes will be part of the case prosecutors are building against the suspects in the case. The WPD released them now in response to a lawsuit filed by the Star News. Police Chief Ralph Evangelous sent a memo to department staff, and to the media. It reads, in part: "The Wilmington Police Department has a proven record of complying with requests for public information. We have gone above and beyond what the law requires by making incident and accident reports available online. We routinely release detailed information on high-profile incidents, sometimes even before local news organizations are aware that the incidents have occurred." "Ideally, the members of this Police Department would have more time to reach closure and begin the healing process before being subjected to constant replaying of videotapes from the events of February 18th. But we are releasing the tapes today to end the pointless controversy." WWAY received seven DVDs from the WPD. We chose to air a small fraction of the video available to us that we felt helped tell the story of Officer Matthews's response, and the events that led to his tragic death.

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I can't believe the news sunk so low as to threaten to sue for these tapes. Anything you can do to make a story right?? Shame on you for exploiting a fallen officer's death just to get ratings. Let him rest in peace and let the investigators do their job and take those jerks down.

WWAY, You make me sick

In what way does providing this link benefit society in any way, but to sensationalize this horrible loss. You do your viewers and our community no service. I will NEVER watch your program again, and will NEVER visit your site again. Whoever made the decision to go forth with this is a disgusting individual.


The fact that the news wanted these tapes is tasteless. An officer was killed, and the investigation is still ongoing. Rather than respect the family, friends, and colleagues of Officer Matthews, you go as far as to threaten to sue the WPD for these tapes? This act alone just shows how inconsiderate the media is.

I think it is very

I think it is very disturbing and innappropriate for news organizations to post video showing the moment when somebody's loved one is killed. While it is video which is legally available to the public, it is the news organizations choice whether to show the video or not. I think it was a poor choice to post the video. Consider the family of this officer. The entire world can watch the moment he was killed, would you wish that upon one of your loved ones?

Dash Cam Video

You guys are rediculous, you bash the Morning Star for asking for these videos. But answer one Question, what can the newspaper do to air the videos nothing, but WECT and WWAY were sure quick to air these videos, guess it was just so important and newsworthy to see a Police Officer DIE way to go. I will never buy another Wilmington Star News or watch another second of WECT or WWAY. RIP 313.

So where will you get your

So where will you get your news? Or is it better to be uninformed? Really. How long do you think your boycott will work?

WSN is one of the worst

WSN is one of the worst newspapers I have ever seen...I can't count the number of times they have gotten a story wrong and had to go back and re-edit or repost a story. If you want to get the information right...try going to CNN.

Take this video off of this

Take this video off of this site. This is wrong and taking it too far. He died in the line of duty. Why are you making his death entertainment?