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Who is at fault, drug dealer or consumer?

READ MORE: Who is at fault, drug dealer or consumer?
A Wilmington woman said she lost her brother to drugs in October, and now she wants the person responsible for supplying him with the illegal narcotic to pay too. Nicholas Murray was 24 years old when he died. His family says it was from an overdose of illegal methadone, although the toxicology report is still not back yet. His sister Crystal Lewis said, "You know no one twisted his arm. Yes they did it on their own, that's fine, but they paid for what they did. Now somebody else should be paying for their part." But the laws of our state say if the defendant contributes at least one percent to resulting damages, in this case the young man's death, no one else is responsible. However, that's not good enough for his family; they want lawmakers in Raleigh to change the law. Nicholas Murray died at his apartment at The Pines of Wilmington on October 3rd. His mother got a call from one of his friends saying he had taken prescription drugs. The family believes the dealer who sold Murray the prescription drugs that lead to his death is still out there on the streets, and they want her behind bars. In another similar case, John McIntosh lost his 21-year-old daughter Renee to drugs in November. She ran into an old classmate, and two days later was found dead in his apartment. "My daughter left the house with him after work, at 11:00 at night, and at 2:00 or 3:00 Sunday morning, when we were wondering where the hell she was, she was in fact dead,” McIntosh said. Police say it was heroin that killed her. Sands is considered the party that reported her death, even though Sands is currently facing unrelated charges including heroin trafficking and armed robbery. As of now, nothing links her old classmate to her death. Both Lewis and McIntosh say the North Carolina statute called the Law of Contributory Negligence is affecting their cases. They don't want revenge, just punishment for a party they say is responsible for the death of their loved ones.

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Isn't dealing drugs still a crime in NC?

The last time I checked, it was illegal to deal drugs and therefore they should be punished. If they know who did it, they should be prosecuted for distributing if not voluntary manslaughter or something.

But then..

I agree that the drug dealer should get in trouble/arrested for distribution., as all drug dealers should. However you can not start charging for manslaughter or murder because that would mean alcohol companies could begin to be charged when someone dies from drinking too much, or tobacco companys be charged when someone dies from cancer!


No one is innocent in this. I know my daughter had her ghosts before she started to get better. She must take responsibility for not being able to say no, and she has, HOWEVER, there also must be a concerted effort by The District Attorneys Office and Law Enforcement to force dealers to have cupability for their crimes especially when they result in a death. If I were to go downtown at luch time and ask 1000 people to shoot me in the head with my 45, I doubt anyone would because they are comitting murder, even though I asked them to. In both of the cases the police did almost no investigation at all. That is not the way the rest of this state works.(and you can read about the 2 ladies arrested last week in Mebane as an indication of what is done everywhere else in these instances. These ladies provided or injected a young lady in her home and they have both been charged with manslaughter). It seems it is only in New Hanover County that these sorts of crimes are not being punished. Which is why New Hanover County is rated as one of the highest crimes areas in the country per capita. It's not rocket science folks. Dealing drugs is illegal, a death that is the result of dealing drugs should be punished as well. The person who killed my daughter was arrested in April for trafficking Heroin, bond was 2 million reduced 10 days later to ten thousand dollars. He was again arested for Armed Robbery 3 weeks later. He was let out again. He was then arrested in July for Cocaine maintaining a dwelling and having packaging materials as well as needles. He was let out again. He was arrested again for trying to elude police and motor vehicle charges.2 months later he killed my daughter. Not only werr there no charges pressed but Mr Mike Sands was let go to kill another day. That is the crime here,and it is happening weekly

How about car manufactureres

How about car manufactureres and car dealers for allowing these cars to be on the street?


Cars are not illegal, nor is alcohol or cigarettes.

You are right, but what your

You are right, but what your "daughter" had was and she chose to take those illegal drugs. While I agree dealers should be dealt with, and a lot more heavily than they are now, they are not ultimately responsible for a persons death. Somewhat responsible, but not completely