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Wilmington Housing Authority running into problems

READ MORE: Wilmington Housing Authority running into problems
The Wilmington Housing Authority is asking for a few volunteers to prevent some financial troubles down the line. They are asking people to move, but some of the options are not very appealing to some people. Section 8 helps offset the cost of rent for 1,600 people in our area. But higher than expected demand for the support has the housing authority asking some recipients to move to public housing instead. The Wilmington Housing Authority receives funding from housing and urban development based on the number of people that used their services in previous years. While the voucher program, also known as Section 8, usually operates under that capacity, WHA's Michael Krause said that's no longer the case. A letter sent to current Section 8 residents says the WHA is spending its housing assistance payment money at a rate much greater than it's been funded. To be sure some people continue to get the help they need, Krause said some families have already volunteered to give up their Section 8 vouchers. “We've had at least 10 folks, 10 families who were interested in considering moving into Wilmington Housing Authorities public housing developments.” Subreia Hunt has received vouchers for about a year, and while she is willing to move to public housing, there are places she won't move. “I would not move to Creekwood. No I would not go there.” And of the 86 vacancies the housing authority has available, many are in Creekwood. Still, those homes are far from ready for people to move in. With 4,000 people on a closed waiting list, and others volunteering to move into public housing, landlords are worried about what'll happen to them. Krause says he doesn't want people to panic. The housing authority intended to use volunteers as a back up plan if it does not receive an expected increase in funding to meet the increased demand. The next funding period begins in January.

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The Government can't get the trash out of Creekwood without the assistance of the residents. The Government didn't let the trash in, the residents did, so when the residents want the neighborhood cleaned up, they can start helping. Until then, the gov't will just lock up the trash they can find.


I am a mother of three and we live in Creekwood. if you tend to your own business and just live your life the way it need to then there is no problems in the neighborhood. i have lived out here for almost 10 1/2 years and i have not had any problems with no one. Yes there maybe guys hanging out but that is the police part where they should get them off the streets. There is no problem with the neighborhood just there are people that brings trouble there that don't need to be there at all.

101/2 years

why are you still their after 10 1/2 years you are why people like me are fed up! after 10 1/2 years you can't stand on your own let me guess in 10 1/2 years did you go to school what did you do to help yourself your family and your community? what did you teach your children? 10 1/2 years it didn't take that long to figure out how to get to the moon and back

101/2 years

now that's just ridiculous unless you are diabled and can't work. everybody thinks that people on section eight is worthless these people have to pay bills, taxes, and other things just like the rest of you people who always want to voice your opinion on the people who live in creekwood. don't judge those people unless you have walked in their shoes.

you missed the point

there have been several posts from citizens who used Public Housing or Section 8 Vouchers to deal with short term issues. They went to school; got educated in order to provide for themselves and their families. They were taking action so they could get out of public housing. So in 10 and a half years, what was being done to get off the public dole and become self sufficient? Did one go to school or avail themselves of vocational training opportunities? What is one doing to get off the public ride and avoid creating a second or third generation of public welfare receipients?

I've walked in those

I've walked in those shoes....Giant is right, 10 1/2 years you should have been gone, get off your sorry butts!!!