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Wright hearing begins after attorney claims racial bias

RALEIGH (AP) -- A state attorney says Rep. Thomas Wright repeatedly engaged in unethical and criminal conduct by misusing more than $340,000 in loans and campaign contributions while in office. Special deputy attorney general Bill Hart made the allegations during opening arguments before a legislative panel on Monday. The six-member committee is considering seven counts of ethical misconduct that are nearly identical to criminal charges against Wright. Wright's attorney said his client has been unfairly targeted. Douglas Harris said the allegations against the eight-term Democrat equate to racial bias. He told panel chairman Rep. Rick Glazier that a special House committee wasn't created to consider ethics charges against a white legislator who faced similar allegations last year. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Playing the race card is

Playing the race card is becoming sort of a cliche

Wright is just Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deception. Betrayal. If they said Hillary threw the kitchen sink, we have yet to begin to see Wright fight. He, through his attorneys will continue through the criminal trial (slated for the week of Spring Break for many of us) will continue to 'name drop' in an effort to dilute the charges against him. And though I know its a defense attorneys job to defend his client, I thought it was quite sad, that Wrights attorneys spent really the day attempting to make a farce of the system, and discredit each and every witness, while also claiming that they did not get certain peices of evidence, all but seeming to forget that when "Wrong" first went to court Willoughby gave copies of the evidence to "Wrong" - I mean Wright - and that is what was unequivocally wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh PLEEEZE. Is anyone actually surprised by this latest action? I have been predicting this for about a year now, and I am not alone. When you don't have a defense, claim racism. In reality, this defense speaks volumes about Mr. Wright's own racism. It is called projection and it is a very infantile form of defense. And his actions and tone on the news simply reveal his own narcissistic rage and self-righteous indignation at the mere thought that someone fails to recognize that he is, indeed, a black 'man' who is above the law. He feels no shame because he has no conscience. It's called sociopathic thinking. I feel sorry for this man's family and the black community that he is a 'representative' but it is clear he is only out for representing his own interests. Is any one really surpised at all?

Re: Pseudo-Man

There is one thing that we all have to remember. Thomas Wright's dishonesty reflects on the whole of Wilmington. I live in the 18th district and am ashamed to say that Wright is my representative.

Not mine!

He is NOT my representative. He lost that right when he broke the law! What made it worse for me was the fact that he refused to step down even after he was censured! What good can he do for my city (and I can honestly call it my city because I was born and raised here) when he cant even introduce legislation?? He is not doing me or mine any good if he cant do the job he was elected to do. IF he is re-elected, then Wilmington has become full of the fools who continue to be blind to what our city, state, and national governments are capable of doing and getting away with it.