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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of famous evangelist Billy Graham has written her first ever children’s book. She read it and signed copies this weekend right here in Wilmington. We sat down with her to talk about the new book, her faith and her father.

“I wanted to just offer hope and peace and joy and God’s love to little children and the adults that love them,” Lotz said.

Her first ever children’s book, ‘Heaven’ came about when she was trying to explain her mother Ruth’s death to her grandchildren. Lotz read and signed her book Saturday at the Saltshaker bookstore in Wilmington.

“There’s lots of angels,” little Scott Moore said about the book.

Lotz said it helps to look past death and look at Heaven. She said while the book is mainly to help children understand the death of a parent, classmate or friend, it also makes the conversation easier for parents, grandparents and teachers.

Many adults came out to hear Lotz read and described it as enchanting.

“I think that they are just the ultimate role model for Christians,” said fan Abigail Mann who has followed the Graham family for many years. “They’ve lived a life that has been exemplary. As their family has grown, they have just continued to preach God’s Word.”

Lotz said she admires her father most for his humility, faithfulness and focus. Graham has led over 3,000,000 people to accept Christ as their savior; something Lotz’s book about Heaven explains.

“You have to ask Jesus to go to my heart,” Moore said.

Lotz said her dad didn’t help write this book but has certainly played a huge role in her own life story.

“The home that we had was a home where Jesus was believed in, where He was loved, obeyed, served,” Lotz said. “I grew up in that atmosphere, but I had to make my own decisions.”

Lotz has decided to further God’s kingdom, and her new book helps children learn more about it.

Lotz also just released a book for adults called ‘Expecting to see Jesus.’ She said she loves Wilmington and always comes here when she writes a new book.


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