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Their stories are untold. Often they are stories that do not add up. Stories with missing pieces. Each Monday on Good Morning Carolina, Hannah Patrick is telling their stories in the WWAY series #UNSOLVED. Check back here for extra information on the cases profiled and how you can help investigators and families find answers.

#UNSOLVED: Retired law enforcement volunteer to solve crime across NC

There is a group of retired and active law enforcement in the state who volunteer to help solve crime known as the Carolinas Cold Case Coalition.

#UNSOLVED: Man shot during storm, power outages in Wallace

Michael Lamb, 25 was shot and killed at a convenience store in Wallace on October 4, 2015.

Candlelight vigil honors missing persons

Saturday the annual national candle light service was held at river front park on water street in honor of missing persons in Wilmington and across the country at the 15th annual National Missing Persons Conference.

#UNSOLVED: Hundreds to travel to Wilmington to honor missing people

Hundreds of families around the country will join in the Port City this weekend to honor and remember missing loved ones and loved ones who have been murdered. 

Investigation into North Carolina woman’s 2011 death is revived

Police in North Carolina have revived an investigation into the death of a woman whose body was found in a ditch nearly a decade ago.

#UNSOLVED: Murder victim’s family thinks social media played a role

While police are still looking for answers in his unsolved murder, his family has done some of their own searching leading them to one idea they just cannot believe.

#UNSOLVED: Father of 2 shot to death while getting into car in Wilmington

Wilmington Police are looking for answers in an unsolved deadly shooting in July of 2018.

#UNSOLVED: Man found dead on Thanksgiving Day in 1979

On Thanksgiving day in 1979, a former sheriff's deputy found the body of Paul Rouse while hunting.

#UNSOLVED: 5 people missing from Wilmington for more than 20 years

Wilmington Police need help finding answers in five missing person cases. 

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