WPD: Missing mom last seen at police station, not apartment


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As investigators continue to look for a woman who has been missing for more than three weeks, they’ve announced a new reward.

A WPD spokeswoman said Crimestoppers, along with WPD, will be offering a $5,000 reward for information on Ebonee Spears’ whereabouts. Captain Jim Varrone spoke to the media this afternoon about the investigation. He released some new information, including the last place she was seen.

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Previously, WPD said Spears was last seen at Taylor Estates. Today, Varrone said she was last seen at WPD Friday, January 15 around 8 p.m. Spears asked for a phone at the front desk and left, police said.

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“Right now this is still very much a missing person’s case, but we’re very much concerned because so much time has gone by and no one has seen or heard from Ms. Spears,” Varrone said. “So we’re very concerned about her welfare and our ultimate goal is to get her reunited with her family.”

A $3,000 reward was announced by Monica Caison at the CUE Center for Missing Persons earlier this month. That reward was set to expire tonight at midnight. A WPD spokeswoman said they will keep the reward at $5,000 until the case is resolved.