Senate bill proposes Sunset Beach deannexations, town leaders respond with resolution


SUNSET BEACH,NC (WWAY) — Sunset Beach town leaders passed a resolution this week opposing Senate Bill 875, a bill that would deannex three plots of land from the town.

Sunset Beach Mayor Ron Watts said he got a call from Senator Bill Rabon, the primary sponsor of Senate Bill 875, the day after the bill was filed.

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“We’re surprised, we’re disappointed, upset,” said Watts.

The bill points out three Sunset Beach properties in different areas within town limits to be deannexed or removed from town limits. The properties are Palm Cove on the east end of the island, the Sunset Beach West development on the west end near Bird Island and Sunset Commons apartments on Seaside Road.

“The three properties involved all have some history with the community. We thought we had worked through most of the issues with them,” said Watts.

Watts said there have issues between the properties’ developers and the town but he said working through those issues should be done at a local level first before reaching the legislature.

“This is local legislation that typically would be discussed at our level before it got filed in the legislature,” said Watts.

Watts said if the properties are deannexed the people who live there could potentially benefit from the public services of Sunset Beach but not pay taxes to the town.

“If the properties are deannexed and then they are off our property tax rolls and the town is basically not getting funded for it,” said Watts. “If they are out of the town’s jurisdiction then they are out of rules and regulations.”

We have reached out to Senator Rabon and we are expecting to talk to him soon.