WPD: Woman shoots and kills home invasion suspect


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Wilmington police say a man is dead after he was shot and killed during a home invasion.

It happened just before 11:00 p.m. at the Colonial Parke Apartments in Wilmington.

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Kay Dickinson told investigators she was returning home from work last night when Willie Franklin Stith, III, 35, forced her into her home at gunpoint.

“As soon as I got the door unlocked he grabbed me and pushed me into the apartment,” Dickinson said.

Once inside, Dickinson says Stith beat her then tied her up in the bedroom with a cell phone charger and broken belt. However, Dickinson’s gun was not far away.

“I got loose from the belt. And I had a gun sitting on a bible on my headboard. I jumped up on the bed, grabbed the gun, turned around and just pulled the trigger,” Dickinson said.

When police arrived they found Stith near the front door. Dickinson says she did what she had to do.

“I’m just glad I’m alive today. I mean that’s really the big thing. Ya know it was a scary experience, one I really never want to go through again. Never want anyone else to have to go through. And ya know I mean from what I’ve heard about the guy he’s notorious for robberies and everything so. Ya know, I mean I may have saved somebody else from having to go through anything,” Dickinson said.

Actions her boyfriend, Lawrence Murphy is calling heroic.

“Well I mean I think if somebody come in your house the way they did hers… I think ya know that she did what she felt like she had to do to survive,” Murphy said.

As for now, Dickinson is healing from her injuries and hopes to find a new home.

Police say no charges have been filed at this time.

According to the Department of Public Safety’s website, Stith had a criminal record dating back to 1998.  He had been arrested multiple times for breaking and entering. larceny, burglary, assault, and possession of stolen goods.