Surf City launches new community policing program


SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — The Surf City Police Department has launched a new community policing program and anyone with a surveillance camera can participate.

It’s called “More Eyes to Deter Crime.”

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The goal is to encourage residents and business owners who have external surveillance cameras, to register their cameras with the Surf City Police Department.

According to a news release from Surf City Police, registering surveillance camera systems can help deter crime and help police in overall crime prevention.

Police say many business owners and residents currently use surveillance systems.  As crimes happen nearby, they might not realize their systems may have captured video that could help solve the crime.

Police say this program will also help them identify nearby video surveillance locations that might have critical video evidence. Registration is voluntary and video surveillance systems are not monitored or controlled by the Surf City Police Department.

Community members who are interested in registering their cameras in this program will receive a sticker to be prominently displayed that the property is under constant surveillance and is in partnership with the Surf City Police Department.

You can register online, or submit a completed registration form at the Surf City Police Department.

Registration can be cancelled at any time.