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Kejuan Tizom Shabazz Smith

WILMINGTON – A Wilmington gang leader is sentenced to 30 years for several charges.

24-year-old Kejuan Tizom Shabazz Smith was convicted of conspiracy to distribute heroin and possession of a firearm by convicted felon.

An investigation by federal and state law enforcement agencies revealed that Smith was a leader of the Nine Trey Gangsters, a Wilmington-based subset of the United Blood Nation “UBN” street gang.

During July and August 2016, law enforcement conducted a wiretap on Smith’s cell phone and found he was communicating with other gang members on a daily basis in heroin distribution and gang-related crimes.

On August 4, 2016, Smith stockpiled firearms and ammunition at a Wilmington home in anticipation of traveling to Goldsboro the following day with other gang members for the purpose of carrying out a hit on a rival gang member. That evening, law enforcement executed a search warrant at the home. Officers seized 13 firearms, assorted ammunition, and a military grade ballistic vest.

Multiple co-defendants were charged and have already been sentenced in federal court in connection with this prosecution:

Khalil Djour Truesdales was convicted of conspiracy to distribute heroin and sentenced to 78 months imprisonment.

Theodore Pierce was convicted of heroin distribution and firearms offenses and sentenced to 102 months imprisonment.

Theodore Hardy was convicted of heroin distribution and sentenced to 84 months imprisonment.

Daenzal Murphy was convicted of heroin distribution and sentenced to 14 months imprisonment.

Alicia Rashawn Johnson was convicted of heroin distribution and sentenced to 13 months imprisonment.

Darrel Tykwan Atkinson was convicted of heroin distribution and sentenced to 14 months imprisonment.


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  • Royal Winston

    Will they ever learn!!!!!

    • guest45


  • Heimie Schmelter

    “Tizom Shabazz” already has 6 felony convictions for drugs, robbery, burglary and felon in possession of firearms. He’s going to enjoy his extended stay at the Greyrock inn and resort. O’l Big Buck is going to really like his cutsey smile and hairdo! Maybe 30 years will turn into 75. Not a bad accomplishment for a 24 year old! Way to go Tizom!

    • guest45

      he should have been taken off the streets a long time before now, out justice system is failing us.

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