Columbus County school board approves resolution to consolidate with Whiteville City Schools


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —  The Columbus County Board of Education met Monday morning and unanimously approved a resolution to consolidate with Whiteville City Schools.  Click here to read the resolution.

According to the resolution, approximately 75-percent of Columbus County and Whiteville City schools facilities are over 50 years old and that a gradual decline in enrollment has emphasized the need to consolidate.

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The resolution also says that capital funding has been inadequate to maintain older dilapidated buildings, and that state and federal grant funding formulas have been complicated by the condition that the Board of Commissioners must fund two districts proportionally when grants are awarded.

But not everyone is on board with the merger.

Whiteville City Schools Superintendent Charles Garland says the merger would not save money and would reduce state funding. Last week, Garland told us it would be a significant loss of state dollars coming in to a poor economic county.

Whiteville City Schools will meet tonight at 6:30 with anti-merging on the agenda.

A final vote will come down to commissioners.