Carolina Beach lake dredging project likely to be terminated


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Three months of sitting idle. Carolina Beach’s Lake dredging project has been a topic of conversation since late August, ever since work was put on hold.

“I’m not real happy about that whole situation. Cause originally last thing I had heard is they were going to finish in January of 2018. With the job, it was going well. Then all of a sudden I found out that they were not allowed to dump anymore,” Stan Blair, a resident, said.

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The project aimed to prevent flooding during heavy storms and hurricanes. Besides issues with the contractor and no designated spot to dump the spoils, one problem in particular stuck out to Town Manager, Michael Cramer. It was a major contributor to halting the project.

“I would have to say more so the arsenic and the findings of the environmental studies. Because that impacts where we can place material. And that changes the costs and the length of time and things of that nature that go into the project,” Cramer said.

While some council members are in favor of terminating the contract, some residents feel it’s better if council recollects and reorganizes this plan.

“Since they haven’t come up with a solution that maybe stopping everything and re-negotiating and researching maybe a little deeper for somewhere to put the toxic soil. I think that it would help us. I think it would help the lake,” Shaor Blair, a resident, said.

Town Council will discuss the possible contract termination at their next meeting on December 12.