Queen Azalea tours the Wilmington area


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It was a busy day for Queen Azalea as she toured many locations throughout the area.

Even though she was under the weather, Beth Troutman visited Blair Elementary School, the Cape Fear County Club, New Hanover Regional Medical Center and the Brigade Boys and Girls Club. She hopes the children do not see her as something out of a fairytale, but as someone they can learn from.

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“I got to speak with and interact with the children and I hope that they don’t just see this kind of fairy princess idea. Hopefully, they see someone who’s trying to empower them and help them become the leaders that they are destined to be,” Troutman said.

She spoke to hundreds of kids about the importance of kindness. Others on the Queens Court agree with her message.

“I really think it’s extremely important that we take even one moment out of our day to really go out of our way to be kind to someone else because you never know how much that will affect another person’s life and your own,” Miss Wilmington Carli Batson said.

And her message is already resonating with some kids in the community.

“It’s good that they want us to be kind to other people because it helps other kids be a better person,” Boys and Girls club member Josiah Jones said.

Troutman says a festival like the Azalea Festival really helps showcase the message she is bringing to these kids, thanks to the community’s collaborative efforts.