Residents along popular Surf City shortcut begin enforcing tolls

A resident of Cedar Landing and Creek Estates near Surf City collects a toll from a driver (Photo: Justin McKee/WWAY)

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Plenty of potholes and makeshift speedbumps dot Cedar Avenue and other rods in Cedar Landing and Creek Estates. It’s a popular shortcut to Surf City.

Neighbors formed a road maintenance organization to fix the issues, but with extra traffic, it is becoming difficult for the residents to maintain the roads on their own.

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“They miss all the stoplights and all that stuff by coming through here,” resident Roy Ward said. “The volume of traffic has gotten so bad that for us to maintain it with the meager funds we have, it’s just almost impossible now.”

So now they’re asking tourists and other non-residents for a $5 toll at the corner of Cedar Avenue and Ashley Lane and the intersection of Landing Drive and Driftwood Drive.

According to the Pender County Sheriff’s Office, there are no laws prohibiting the residents from charging a toll because it’s a private road.

“We’ll ask them to pay, and if they don’t want to pay and they refuse to move, then the sheriff’s office is aware of the situation,” Ward said. “All we have to do is call 911, and they’ll send a deputy out to get them out of the roadway.”

The residents can press civil charges if a driver does not pay the toll.

The residents met around 4 p.m. to decide if they would continue to enforce the toll for the rest of the afternoon.

About 15 cars paid, 15 turned around and four went through the checkpoint without paying at last check.