Shelter deemed unsafe for storm evacuees, forced to move again


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Nearly 150 people moved from the shelter at Hoggard High School to a factory building in Brunswick County. But after just one day, they are heading to another shelter.

Those staying at the factory on Mercantile Drive are going to Harbor United Methodist Church and Christ the King on North College Road back in Wilmington.

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The Red Cross moved 142 people from Hoggard High School in New Hanover County to Leland Tuesday because school in New Hanover County resumes Thursday.

“We did not go through the county other than to communicate with them that that we were going to occupy this as a temporary shelter for our residents,” American Red Cross Durham Chapter Executive Director Vicki Labelle said.

Brunswick County told the Red Cross Wednesday morning they cannot shelter people in this facility on Mercantile Drive and ordered they move out.

The property is zoned industrial and an inspector noticed several safety concerns.

“I knew we were probably going to wind up in another place. It always happens,” Elizabeth Hubbard, who is said.

Some evacuees say you just have to go with the flow while others are furious with this process.

“I’m wondering like, ‘Are we really going to be okay the next place we go to or are we going to have to pack up and move from there too?'” Bridget Williams, who is staying in the shelter, said. “I mean, I appreciate everything they’re doing but I think they’re a little unorganized and they weren’t prepared for this. None of us were, but I don’t think anybody has a clue at the moment and it makes everybody nervous.”

Buses transported the people over to Christ the King on College Road, while some people packed their cars to get to the new location. The Red Cross provided dinner and brought the rest of the people to Harbor United Methodist Church. Now, the Red Cross says their next mission is to get these people back on their feet.