Experts record 128 sea turtle nests on Topsail Beach, still counting


TOPSAIL BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The sea turtle nests this year just keep getting more impressive.

Experts says topsail beach has more than twice as many nests as it did last year and they are not finished counting.

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The director of the center says sea turtles do not nest every year, but once they are in nesting mode they will lay one every two weeks.

Director Jean Beasley says turtles lay four to six nestsĀ  and at least a 120 eggs in each nest. She says this year is one of the highest for nesting.

Beasley says loggerheads are the most common kind of turtles that nest on our beaches
she says it takes loggerheads about thirty five years to be able to nest.

“We began our conservation program to protect the nests and the little turtles as they went to the water just about 35 years ago,” Beasley said. “So what beats in my heart is, I hope that what we did all those years ago is beginning to pay off.”

Beasley says they know some of the turtles they tagged back in the eighties are now nesting.

Beasley says they have found nests with as many as 200 eggs.