911 call released after woman crashes truck in pond

A pickup truck is damaged after crashing into a pond. (Photo: WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — How did a driver end up crashing through a row of bushes and into a pond off Sanders Road in New Hanover County? 911 calls are possibly shedding some light on the crash.

The crash happened Sunday afternoon near Bellamy Elementary School. One man called 911 and said a black truck passed him on the right, then swerved across in front of him, and then drove through the bushes.

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Another woman called 911 and said a driver was out of control and nearly hit them before crashing into the pond.

“This lady is so freakin’ messed up on something she about killed us. She came past us and about killed us,” the woman says. “Oh my god.”

“The car is in the water?” asks the 911 operator.

“The car is in the water,” the woman says. “She nearly killed three bikers, crashed into us, all over the road going 100.”

The callers say they got a dog and a woman out of the vehicle. The North Carolina Highway Patrol told WWAY on Sunday that one person was taken to the hospital.

We have reached out for more details but have not heard back.