Animal rescue battles over donor’s will


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — There is a ongoing dispute in Brunswick County that involves hundreds of thousands of dollars, more than a dozen cats, and a contested will.

Margaret Taylor’s friends say she was an animal lover who wanted that love to continue after she was gone and that is where the dispute begins.

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In her handwritten last will and testament, Taylor listed Paws-Ability, an animal non-profit, as the primary executor of her estate and provided six pages of instruction.

Her instructions say to support Cat-Tails, the shelter that inherited her family–her 13 cats.

The will also lists her neighbors as beneficiaries if Paws-Ability did not exist at the time of her passing.

Those neighbors are now challenging the will and Paws-Ability has been removed as primary executor.

“Not one person through this entire court experience has said ‘What did Margaret Taylor mean to happen? What was the intent of the deceased?’ Not a judge, not a lawyer and not a clerk of court,” Paws-Ability President Janie Withers said.

At this time the estate has been frozen, leaving Cat-Tails with no additional money while caring for Taylor’s cats.

“It’s not just food, water, and litter,” Cat-Tails President Trish Kelley said.

Six of the cats have since been adopted. Seven remain, awaiting to be placed in their forever homes.

Paws-Ability has filed an appeal on the ruling.

Their next court date is December 6.

We have not been able to get a comment from the neighbors on the opposing side.