Presidential hopeful campaigns in Wilmington

2020 Presidential hopeful Jacob Hornberger is running under the libertarian party (photo: WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A presidential hopeful went door-to-door in Downtown Wilmington on Saturday.

Jacob Hornberger is running for the libertarian nomination in the upcoming election.

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Along with the support of the libertarian party, Hornberger took to the streets of Wilmington to spread the word and attempt to gain support for his campaign.

Hornberger says he wants to take America in a new direction.

“A direction of liberty, peace, and prosperity,” he said.

Hornberger says he chose to campaign in Wilmington to make sure all voices are heard.

“We’re going to be campaigning in some neighborhoods here with some very poor people,” he said. “We think those are neighborhoods sometimes people forget or even ignore. So we’re coming into these neighborhoods saying, ‘you matter to us, we want your vote.'”

Vice Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen joined Hornberger in canvassing the downtown area.

Cohen is running alongside Vermin Supreme in their 2020 campaign.

Although Cohen is running on a different ticket than Hornberger, he says the libertarian party values working together.

“We’re on your side and if we’re going to be on your side, how can we say we’re on your side if we’re fighting each other? So we absolutely work together,” Cohen said.

Cohen and Hornberger had similar responses when asked their plans. Their number one answers: end the war.

“End the wars, stop the fighting, and bring the troops home,” Cohen said. “So that people can start healing from the damage that’s been done from that.”

Voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballots in the primary election on Super Tuesday, March 3rd.

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