Petition started to remove former Dep. Superintendent’s name from football stadium


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As the allegations of sexual misconduct in New Hanover County Schools continue to come out, the community is trying to bring a new petition before the school board to remove former Deputy Superintendent Rick Holliday’s name from the Laney High School Football stadium.

Holliday spent 37 years working in the district, but retired in August, just days after former teacher Michael Kelly pleaded guilty to sex crimes.

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Although it may be a small symbol, the man who started the petition, Chris Sutton, says it means a lot more.

“Unfortunately, every single time you see a name on a place, it should stand for something,” Sutton says. “What he stands for is not what you need inside of a high school, and I really, truly hate to see it up there.”

Community activist Rebecca Trammel, who signed the petition, agrees.

“We venerate what we value, and what Rick Holliday stands for right now is not consistent with the proud traditions of Laney High School,” Trammel says. “We have some phenomenal people who have come through these doors. Some phenomenal teachers and administrators who deserve recognition, and Mr. Holliday is just not one of them.”

Sutton went to Laney High School and says he wants to see Holliday held accountable for the allegations that came out during his time in the district.

The petition currently has around 1,500 signatures.

WWAY has reached out to New Hanover County Schools for a comment.