NHCS school board votes on scenarios for reopening schools


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Plans for reopening schools in North Carolina are still up in the air, but Governor Roy Cooper is expected to make a decision next week on the matter.

At an interim meeting held Friday morning, the New Hanover County Board of Education voted on how its district would reopen depending on which plan the Governor chooses.

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The district came up with possible scenarios for each of the three reopening plans – Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. The state’s Plan B is a hybrid plan for reopening, with both in-person and remote learning.

New Hanover County came up with three scenarios for how it would reopen Plan B. At its meeting Friday, the school board voted to implement scenario 2.

Under this scenario, students in grade Pre-K-12 would go to school on a three-week rotating schedule. This means one week of in-person learning, then two weeks of remote learning.

The district says a fully virtual K-12 option will be available for families if they choose.

Along with that, the district says daily special education services will be available in-person, and English learners in second grade or below will go to school in-person every day.

All of this is still dependent on whether Governor Cooper moves forward with Plan B or a different plan.

The school district says it’s also been discussing different scenarios regarding the state’s other two reopening plans, and is waiting to hear the Governor’s decision next week.

At the meeting, the school board also voted unanimously to move forward with an application for a virtual school. The district says plans are still in the works, but it would give families the option of long-term virtual learning.

A school spokeswoman says staff is moving forward with an application, and the school board will discuss it again at its regular meeting on August 4.