‘Save the Loop’: Dozens protest rezoning on Middle Sound Loop Road

Many gathered outside Ogden Elementary to protest rezoning on Middle Sound Loop on July 11, 2020. (Photo: Sydney Bouchelle)

OGDEN, NC (WWAY) — Dozens gathered outside Ogden Elementary School on Saturday to protest a rezoning request.

The lot across from the elementary school is currently zoned for 6 homes and Demarest Pointe, a proposed development, would hold 24 townhouses in 6 buildings.

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“This is a peninsula and we only have one way on and one way off and it’s our roundabout,” Terrie DePew said. “The roundabout is directly across from the school.”

DePew designed the website Middle Sound Lookout to spread the word about residents’ concerns for the neighborhood.

DePew’s family has lived in the area since the 1930’s and her mother was among the first to attend Ogden School.

She says the new project would cause more harm than good.

“Adding a lot of dense development is just going to add traffic, it’s going to be potentially unsafe for children, bikers and pedestrians,” DePew said. “We just want to make sure everyone is safe and the loop is protected.”

Heavy traffic on the loop is already a concern for many residents, young and old.

“We live two minutes away from this school and usually because of traffic it takes 30 minutes and with these new houses coming in it’s probably going to take an hour just to get here,” said rising fifth Grader Micah Poulos.

Micah Poulos and his brother, Zach, attend Ogden Elementary and Noble Middle.

Zach says buses to Noble are already late on a daily basis and this project is going to cause him to lose even more learning time.

“We’ll be late for everything,” Zach said. “It’s going to ruin everyone who lives on the loop’s schedule and that’s why we can’t let it happen.”

Micah, Zach and their younger brother Dean say there’s one solution to the problem.

“Save the loop! Save the loop!” they said.

New Hanover County Commissioners are scheduled to take a final vote on the project on Monday, July 13.

DePew and other Middle Sound Lookout residents plan to attend the meeting to present their concerns for traffic, safety, water runoff, pollution and more to commissioners.